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The majority of my friends do not frequent GiantBomb, and Only a handful play games as a hobby, but I have been trying to get them all to love GiantBomb as much as I do with little success. I managed to get my sister to love the P4 endurance run (thanks Mooroka!) and a friend watched a bunch of Tested's "Bricked" and the finale of the Chrono Trigger ER with me. But thats sorta the only success i've had. So I ask you; what are the best & most accessible videos on GiantBomb? I find that alot of what i find funny about a given video is usually referential to something only regular visitors of the site would notice. "Don't Shake the Baby" & "The Ripper" have also been universally successful

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I think the xpantherx channel works pretty well. It worked with at least one of my friends.

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Despite the fact that I find the whole staff really likable and entertaining, I don't think that much of this site's content would resonate with someone who doesn't care about video games. Maybe try the TANG videos? Those are basically just Ryan doing movie reviews, and who wouldn't like Ryan Davis?

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Start here.

I also find this in-depth analysis of Disney and Dogg to be thoroughly entertaining - and I couldn't care less about "Lion".

Out of my favourite Quick Looks, I think Noby Noby Boy, Motion Sports, Cargo: The Quest for Gravity and Roller Coaster Rampage are probably the easiest to enjoy sans GB knowledge.

It seems somewhat redundant to introduce people who rarely play games to GB though. For example, Vinny and Jeff's sports QL's are always enjoyable, and I find Flight Club videos to be fantastic, but without context (either games or GB personalities) I don't think the appeal would remain.

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