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#1 Posted by danauer (47 posts) -

Hey folks! The design team working on Giant Bomb has some questions we'd love to get your help on if that's ok.

  1. How would you explain Giant Bomb to someone?

  2. What video or show would you show to someone to help explain what Giant Bomb is?

  3. Are there any specific clips (not a full video/podcast) from any of the videos or podcasts that would help accomplish this?

Thanks for your help!


(not that Dan, the other one)

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#2 Posted by STE89 (94 posts) -

It’s a website about video games. That’s probably the best way to describe it in a single phrase. Without using the obvious example from the video thing video, I would say it’s a personality based website with playthroughs and lots of different content regarding lots of different types of games.

Metal gear scanlon or thirteen deadly sims is pretty good examples of the different types of series giant bomb does. You have a full play through guiding and entertaining you through the play through. Then you have thirteen deadly sims which is a concept of what would happen with all the giant bomb people in a house together... in the sims and killing all of them. The best enjoyment from that series is your experience with the giant bomb crew. Which is something I feel only giant bomb can do.

I think the clip with euro truck simulator when the car is turning round the corner and falls to the sounds of Adele is incredible. Sleeping dogs year of the snake quick look when the car just flys up in the air for no reason at all. Also the game which I can’t remeber exactly I think it’s ravaged where brad and Vinny watch an expert with a helicopter. There’s so many more videos/clips to pick out but the best of giant bomb videos could easily help with any of that.

I honestly couldn’t pick any podcast clips as there have been so many over the years but if I had to choose it would be when the crew are talking about duke nukem forever and doing impressions of duke. It really brings to the forefront of why this site is so good. It’s not a great game but it makes you wanna watch the quick look or even check out the game.

Hope that gives you some ideas anyway!

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#3 Posted by Oodli (246 posts) -

1.It's a website (mostly) about video games with a laid back attitude and some cool dudes.

2.Either Quick Looks or Metal Gear Scanlon? Not sure about that.

3.Probably this one (though it's a fan made video) :

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#4 Edited by Moderp (237 posts) -

1. (Y’all gonna fucking hate me for this one...) I would say “imagine twitch streamers and night shows had a baby.”

2 & 3. I would pull Mario party party when Jeff and Dan are going at it in the jump rope mini game since everyone knows what fucking Mario party is. Either that or Breaking Brad Mario feature because Mario and the laughs are immediately distilled into, “yes you laughed at that because video games or no you didn’t laugh at that because you don’t find them funny or know what a video game is”

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#5 Edited by PistolPackinPoet (307 posts) -

1, It's a video game website about video games.

2. I showed people who don't watch Giant Bomb the "Best Of Giant Bomb" series and they enjoyed the content a lot.

3. I think "Best of Giant Bomb" series does the short clips very well. I think the Mexico rules, Hitmas was the pinnacle of giant bomb post-Ryan.

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#6 Posted by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

1. Is the "it's a website about video games" line overplayed? Ugh, fine, it's a "personality-driven comedy website that mostly covers video games in the form of videos and podcasts along with a welcoming and robust community". I can't really draw a direct comparison to anything else out there. Maybe "Uhh Yeah Dude"?

2. Probably one of @turboman's best ofs because Derek usually takes the most popular clips.

3. There's really too many to choose from. Maybe ask @szlifier to tell you what the most popular highlights from QLcrew are and that might give a better idea.

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#7 Edited by fledeye (260 posts) -

1. It’s a website where people play games, review games, cover games news, do anything else that has to do with games and occasionally does other bits of fun stuff too.

2. If it’s not someone who’s already super into games, maybe Contradiction or 13 Deadly Sims. And if they are into games, a Metal Gear Scanlan or a UPF.

3. I can’t think of a specific clip, but one with Austin (when he says “I love this” during Contradiction it was the sweetest thing, but you’re not looking for sweet) or “Horse meet rider, rider meet horse”.

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#8 Posted by aristophocles (12 posts) -

1. I definitely use "a website about video games" and I also mention the Bombcast/Beastcast.

2. Best of Giant Bomb, hands down. I've started people on those videos and then expanded into Quick Looks (Bequest, Human Fall Flat, or I ask for a game they are personally interested in or like) and series/playthroughs (Contradiction, Until Dawn, Hitman, UPF, Murder Island). But even my friends and family who aren't into video games and have no desire to watch dedicated video game related content have loved the Best of Giant Bomb videos. The rollercoaster video is also a fun one.

3. The axe throw in Hitsmas. Vinny VR barfighting in UPF. Pretty much any of the short clips in Best of Giant Bomb.

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#9 Posted by TheHT (15859 posts) -

1. A personality-driven video games coverage website that deals in long-form unedited videos with commentary, as well as a variety of charmingly garrulous podcasts.

2. Unprofessional Fridays, GBE Playdates, a recent Quick Look, Best of Giant Bomb.

3. Hitsmas Vinny Run (or highlights from it).

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#10 Posted by JoeDangerous (593 posts) -
  • How would you explain Giant Bomb to someone?
    • It's like hanging out with your chill, video game friends while everyone lounges on a sectional sofa and occasionally takes drinks off and on the maple table in the middle.
  • What video or show would you show to someone to help explain what Giant Bomb is?
    • Video for the Bombcast. Watching body language as they talk about games really sets the tone for the website.
  • Are there any specific clips (not a full video/podcast) from any of the videos or podcasts that would help accomplish this?
    • Whichever most recent Bombcast video exists. Honestly they're all pretty chill.
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#11 Posted by DaMoo (81 posts) -

1. If I were explaining it to my mom in about one sentence, I'd say it's a company that produces talk shows (podcasts), and short comedy videos around video games.

2. I think a good introduction would be the first episode of Steal My Sunshine. It explains the base premise to a person who may not be intimately familiar with video games. It has comedic value and sets up the premise for a long-running series, and involves a widely recognizable video game series / character.

3. Don't have anything specific, but I would gather a lot of the clips that make it into the weekly "Best of" compilations and clips from videos on the 10 year page would make good candidates.

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#13 Posted by mfpantst (2659 posts) -


Giant Bomb is that place your buddies from high school created. In a sense- that’s not true for me, but I look at it like there was this group of people who all so intensely liked this one thing that they just decided to make a living out of it. I don’t come to Giant Bomb for video games journalism or news (either phrase most distinctly describes the business “genre” that Giant Bomb is). I come to Giant Bomb for the earnestness that the people behind the site bring. I come to Giant Bomb because the video guy that everyone thought was funny but quirky now runs his own podcast. Giant Bomb is the people, almost more than anything.

How would I pull a clip or video to describe this? I’d clip from many of the people focused videos in your 10 year page. Selected lines from the Rogue Warrior ql, some of the candid moments you’ve captured in various office tours or podcast moments. Anything that shows the relationship the faces of Giant Bomb possess with one another really.

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#14 Posted by danauer (47 posts) -

Holy cow, thanks for the responses folks! really appreciate it.

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#15 Posted by snaggleboot (20 posts) -

1- I'd describe Giant Bomb as a video game site that has a lot of great personalities and series.

2- As far as a video that I'd recommend to people who've never seen one, it would have to be Mario Party Party. I know it's long as hell and maybe not the most ideal entry, but it's just so good at showcasing the personalities you all have and relationships of Giant Bomb. Also Dan is the perfect heel.

3- I would say it's this:
Now I Gotta Go Get A Fuckin Pizza

but I've actually already shown multiple people who don't know Giant Bomb this:

Ghost Cup!

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#16 Edited by rgdraconic (77 posts) -

1. People in the know, knocked out of the know, now they are the know. Now you know.

2. If I had to sum up Giant Bomb, it would be take everyone that's been through the ringer before, and will be honest as hell with you, that's GB.

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3. But if you want me to be honest..

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The song.. never goes away.

In all honesty, as someone that sadly subscribed after Ryan passed, it was jarring to watch current stuff and then go oh, Ryan, right! But it didn't take me long to really miss him even though I never knew him. Be sure to include a lot of him, if you would.

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#18 Posted by soulcake (2786 posts) -

I think gaming comedy would be a Nice word to desricbe gb. As for video's best of giantbomb is a great on plus that upf where they play bioforge is also a amazing look on what Giant bomb really is.

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#19 Edited by Big_Denim (840 posts) -
  1. A video game site run by various internet personalities with comedic, sarcastic overtones that aren't worried about focusing on hot gaming trends. They won't force out quick looks or reviews they don't want to do. They won't litter their homepage with Fortnite articles because that's the hot, new thing. Instead, they'll only talk about, write about, and review what interests them most, and it's all the better for it. Everything feels genuine, fun, and engaging.
  2. Honestly, I know it's a boring answer, but show them an episode of both the Beastcast and the Bombcast. The Bombcast gets a tad bit more serious at times and stays a bit more focused on the topics at end. The Beastcast is the loosey-goosey, 'hey, it's Friday' style podcast. They scratch two different itches, and do a good job of introducing you to the various members of the website.
  3. The weekly 'Best of Giant Bomb' videos do a good job of showing you the cast's sense of humor. If I had to pick one clip that's a personal favorite of mine though, it's absolutely 'Handy Bot' from the RecRoom VRodeo video. That was the clip that won over my wife who now follows Giant Bomb because of it.
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#21 Posted by Dude_Dudenstein (37 posts) -

I would say this video

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is one that exemplifies the group chemistry the best

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#22 Posted by DurMan667 (136 posts) -

I only have one for 3, but it's this:

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#24 Posted by reubencosmo (13 posts) -

1. A big-tent (wide coverage) gaming culture website staffed by a bunch of cool weirdos.

2. You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again.


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#25 Posted by cheato (51 posts) -

1. Simply put: a game review and commentary site run by a bunch of cool/chill people

2. Probably some sort of combo of either the Bombcast/Beastcast and UPF. I think those do a great job highlighting the overall feel of Giant Bomb and its personalities, although there are Quick Looks that might be good candidates too.

3. Without a doubt:

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#26 Posted by Nodima (2614 posts) -
  1. How would you explain Giant Bomb to someone?
    A comedy website primarily composed of elder statesmen of the video game press. Its content is centered around video games though they cover a decent variety of (generally) nerdy topics overall. The site specializes in podcasts, freeform live stream content and episodic long plays of video games past and present, as well as providing historical context for innovations or lack thereof throughout gaming history.

  2. What video or show would you show to someone to help explain what Giant Bomb is?

I would probably still show them a random episode of a Happy Hour, as that most clearly exposes the diversity of interests and voices Giant Bomb is interested in exposing, though a close second would probably be either any Big Live Live Show segment or Day 3 of E3 video, since those tend to similarly drift away from typical video game conversation.

  1. Are there any specific clips (not a full video/podcast) from any of the videos or podcasts that would help accomplish this

I think this has already been solved in large part by incorporating the Best of Giant Bomb Youtube channel into the site proper, as he does an excellent job of capturing the most compelling video game footage the site puts up every couple weeks while also mining for the inside jokes, pop culture references and awkward tics of friendship that makes the site unique.

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#27 Edited by dudeglove (13751 posts) -

  1. What video or show would you show to someone to help explain what Giant Bomb is?

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes Quick Look. It's literally one of the best videos this site has ever made from every single angle. It has drama, comedy, shows off the interaction between the staff, shows off the game incredibly well, the production is top notch thanks to Drew, and hell it's even short by QL standards.

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#29 Posted by Notkcots (113 posts) -

It's a website run by old-school, well-informed videogame journalists that covers new releases and industry news, as well as highlighting older games that are especially good/bad/interesting. These people also happen to have incredible comedic chemistry and can riff more-or-less endlessly on games, pop culture, wrestling, and whatever else comes up. Also, they don't chase social media popularity or shamelessly self-promote, which is an important caveat these days.

I second the Best of E3 2016 video that someone posted. Seeing the GB crew mock the insane hype train surrounding all these often times indistinguishable or underwhelming sequel reveals gives you a good sense of how the site's attitude to industry news is different to other sites.

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#30 Edited by verysexypotato (293 posts) -

  1. Industry veterans helping me keep up with games culture at large, as well as smaller, weirder projects, sans toxicity.
  2. Either the Giant Bomb @ Nite video series, as the GB crew has access to a lot of developers in a more casual setting, or Unprofessional Fridays as a good source of the weirder games and toys the crew digs up.
  3. Any GB at Nite interview with Cowboy, Phil Fish, or Ed Boon.
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#32 Posted by NickMitch (26 posts) -

1. Giant Bomb is THE source for videogame entertainment. Composed by GB West and GB East with a stellar cast of great personalities and industry veterans - You can enjoy endless hours of entertainment as well as an amazing fan communty housed on their website.

2. Unproffessional fridays or VR Rodeo

3. Hitsmas. No doubt. Hitsmas: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/holiday-specialtacular-2016-hitsmas/2300-11776/

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#37 Posted by BasketSnake (1819 posts) -

In the words of Ryan Davis: "Get it out there!! Cuz CONTENT!"

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#39 Posted by simonk83 (17 posts) -

Last inane comment, sorry