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Comon GB we will all love to see you guys do a weekly show or events and im pretty sure everyone would love to see that and get all the latest news thats is up with you guys, yes i do listen to the bombcasts but sometimes words need faces! lol anyway just a thought,

p.s looking for friendships! just add me i will be a weekly blogger :)


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Added you, I'm looking for active friends as well. Keep in touch.

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I'm pretty sure this thread could have been handled a little differently (less self promoting) but I agree with the sentiment.

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Yeah I'd like to see a weekly show, even if its just something of a quick 10minute recap of what happened this or that week, with some fun editing.

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Once the site gets out of the beta stage i can imagine more live videos, perhaps points? or a GiantBomb "OnTheSpot" style of games coverage with guests?

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well not exactly on the spot, not taking ideas from GS which i read on a earilier post people would like that to stop so i will stop talking about that righttttt now.

but yes weekly shows would be nice

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weekly show, yes please.

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Sure, why not?