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Hey duders, I'm working on a few personal projects a few of which require a display. After spending a couple of painful hours trying to create my own library for my microcontroller to communicate with this damn screen, I finally worked out all the bugs and got it working.

Helpful tip for anyone working with AVR microcontrollers who decide to make/edit libraries. For i2c, clear the start bit at the exact same time you clear the write bit. If you don't, things will act like they're working ok but they aren't and it can cause hours of frustration.... trust me.

Anyway, after spending all that time I decide to test it out but wasn't sure what to draw. So I decided to put the GB logo on it and see if comes up clear. Ended up copying the logo, scaled it down to the proper aspect ratio, filled it with white and black and found a real nice online converter that takes an image and converts to hex values for you; so I didn't have to do all the tedious work of trying to map it myself.

This is what I got.

The pictures don't quite do it justice, since it comes up a little blurry due to the screens brightness. The actual image is a little easier on the eyes and a lot crisper. Either way, I'm just happy the damn things works. Now to just finish the rest of the design....

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That looks pretty friggin cool. Nice job.

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Looks very cool but I'm not sure I'd leave a small screen hooked up to a bunch of electronics labeled "Giant Bomb."

At least not if this is in a publicly accessible location.

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@bigsocrates: haha very true and I should probably remove the countdown after the logo then too ...

@myketuna: Thanks duder!