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I never had a gamepad controller for PC. What gamepads made you happy and reached your expectations? Is this actually too much money for PC controller with Mass Effect theme and Xbox mark ?


the mouse looks good too http://www.razerzone.com/me3/imperator but that's too much money. I've done some research (and keep searching), that Logitech wireless mouse are quite good and the battery can last for months. I am a hardcore video game player, a wireless mouse wouldn't be a good option for me, right ? aaaand ! I always had Phillips headphones because their bass never disappointed me, now I have a cheap pair of Sony MDR-ZX100 I'm going to get rid of them and I want a new brand (you know, trying new better things) of headphones with better performance. From your experience, what do you recommend me ? I want to invest a little bit of money in these things, since I'm also an avid gamer so I want to give myself a good treat.

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This is pretty much the controller for any non-M+KB game. I installed the drivers once and have never had to do anything with it ever again. It's detected by most games and just works. With some jiggery-pokery, and third-party programs I can make it work with any game.

If money is not a big deal, then I'd recommend Astro A40s without reservation for all your gaming headset needs.

I prefer not to mess around with wireless mice for various (mostly dumb) reasons. I've got a Razer Deathadder and it works fine for my needs. Barebones as far as gaming mice go but I like the weight and it fits nicely in my grip. Despite what others may say, I don't think you can really go wrong with any mid-tier Razer mouse.

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I have a Razer Onza and love it. It's not the ME edition but it's still the same thing. The face buttons have a lot less travel and are clicky instead of spongy, and the tension on the thumbsticks is adjustable. Great controller. Ergonomics are pretty similar to a standard 360 controller.

However - the major issue with Onza controllers is that the left thumbstick tends to have problems, like creeping. I had to take mine apart because it was out of warranty and adjust it, there are videos on YouTube showing how to do it. Evidently it's a widespread issue...other than that, no problems.

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I used to use a PS2 controller until they became difficult to configure for most games. So I use a PS3 controller running an emulator of a 360 controller. Works pretty much how I enjoy to play games. Emulators are perfect since I need a d pad.

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@CommanderGarrus: If you don't want to fight with anything just pick up a "X360 controller for windows" kit off newegg (it comes with a receiver to plug into the PC, etc).

Mice mostly meet whatever spec they have listed. Pick up something with 2400dpi or so sensitivity (I don't think more than that is particularly helpful vs. human capacity for precision). I'm pretty fond of the Gigabyte mice for decent ones at a lower price. E.g. this one is on at newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826146033. I think audio is more of a preference thing - I'm a bit of a Audio Technica fan for headphones, and Plantronics for headsets, but most of them are fine.

As an aside - I kind of wonder how many people are really weird ed out by seeing hard core gamer as a personal description. Not many hobbyists stick "hard" as a extra-emphasis for being an enthusiast in whatever they are into (e.g. hardcore dog show lady).

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Headphones: I spent the money on A40's last winter and I wish I never did. They are an awful set of headphones for the price Astro is asking (This is an opinion that comes from someone who spends time on Head-Fi, owns a dedicated headphone amp, and spent a little over $600 on headphones), with a mic and an external sound card attached to the device. If you want 3D positional audio you should just buy a Creative sound card, a stick mic, and a great set of headphones. You will get noticeably better sound and versatility from a dedicated set of headphones than you will from ANY gaming headset. The Astro's have the sound quality of an under-$100 pair of headphones, and they charge you $250 for them.

Controller: Get a 360 pad or wait a month and pick up a PS4 controller. It might take till 2014 for the drivers to be ironed out, but I hear that the PS4 controller is more comfortable than a 360 pad.