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#101 Posted by Captain_Insano (2808 posts) -

Holy hell.

I know it's been said in here but, for those of us with no ability, I would greatly appreciate seeing a Civ V mod with this.

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#102 Posted by Evilsbane (5568 posts) -

Simply fantastic

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#103 Posted by armaan8014 (6141 posts) -


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#104 Posted by Wraith1 (610 posts) -

Most amazing thing I've seen all day

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#106 Edited by kishinfoulux (3263 posts) -

Pretty awesome looking.

On a sort of related note I've been hearing "Get Lucky" all the time now on the radio or elsewhere, and literally never heard it before the Harmonix tribute stream.

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#107 Edited by chocolaterhinovampire (1447 posts) -

Awesome work duder!!

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#108 Posted by Seauton (160 posts) -

@rexcellent: This is easily my favorite Ryan Davis tribute I've seen thus far. Well done sir.

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#109 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8881 posts) -


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#110 Posted by c_rakestraw (928 posts) -

Astounding. Damn good work, sir.

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#111 Posted by BrokenPoem (39 posts) -

Incredible job.

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#112 Posted by DukesT3 (2095 posts) -

Fan fuckin tastic!

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#113 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

Great, deserves a golden frame and mounted above a fire place.

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#114 Posted by Etaber (176 posts) -

I'd follow that man through hell. Great job!

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#115 Posted by Accolade (544 posts) -

This is amazing

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#116 Posted by plop1920 (538 posts) -

Great job man! Would be awesome framed and hung on the set

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#117 Posted by NelsonKaiton (27 posts) -

I salute you, General!

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#118 Posted by beritbunny (33 posts) -


It has that je ne sais quoi--sort of an Absurd Gravitas.

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#119 Posted by Renrawr (30 posts) -

Could of been a lot better, where's the washed out effect on his face? wheres the textures over his face? It looks like you just cut and pasted a face on there without any real effort at all.

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#120 Posted by Jedted (2894 posts) -

Nice Art Work! I feel like you literally captured Ryan's soul in that portrait.

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#121 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Is the picture from when that psycho killer guy stared at him?

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#122 Posted by gbrading (2911 posts) -

That's pretty great. Reminds me strongly of portraits of Simon de Bolivar.

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#123 Posted by peritus (1129 posts) -

It's really nice. :)

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#124 Posted by Rudy (131 posts) -

@rexcellent: Well done!! This is absolutely worthy for the wall at Giant Bomb offices!! Thank you!

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#125 Posted by hippocrit (290 posts) -

Generalissimo for sure. Awesome portrait duder

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#126 Posted by DoctorTran (1596 posts) -

I would totally dig a print if this.

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#127 Posted by racebelly (28 posts) -

Wow! Fantastic job!

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#128 Posted by Pepsicolaboy (356 posts) -

AMAZING post and wonderful work!

I hope this isn't tactless but I wanted to address the colour balance between ryan's face and the rest of the painting as well as the blend between ryan's head and the body. Here it is. feel free to ignore it, I just wanted to contribute to this great idea. Lovely tribute to the General.

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#129 Posted by Rexcellent (13 posts) -

@pepsicolaboy: It's all good, I have some basic knowledge and just trying to give it a shot.

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#130 Edited by LegendaryChopChop (1375 posts) -

Amazing work. Fantastic art.

I hope you don't mind but I decided to make this card for any Magic players here or anybody who might enjoy a showcase of how powerful Ryan really is.

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#131 Edited by HalfDane1975 (240 posts) -

Amazing. Really cool picture. The Magic card was kind of nice too!

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#132 Posted by thomasonfa (355 posts) -

Nice work, so how do we chip in to get this sent to GB crew?

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#133 Posted by ChrisTaran (2039 posts) -

I love all of this. I would totally hang this up in my office :)

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#134 Posted by Fattony12000 (8300 posts) -
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#135 Edited by Dimi3je (486 posts) -

CHINA DON'T CARE - General Ryan Taswell Davis

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#136 Edited by Marterfarker (42 posts) -

I love it. Do you have a version more suitable to use as a desktop image?

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#137 Posted by GaspoweR (4858 posts) -


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#138 Edited by Cashewual (221 posts) -

Loving it, you have some truly amazing talent, job well done!

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#139 Posted by redcream (833 posts) -

This is amazing!

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#140 Posted by BrokenPoem (39 posts) -


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#141 Edited by Rexcellent (13 posts) -
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Okay so trial one, turns out this one came out a little short, so I painted the backing of the frame black to see how that looks. I will probably end up keeping this print and getting a new one done.

It also came out kinda yellow or darker off of the large format printer, also need to figure that out too...

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#142 Posted by Darson (530 posts) -

This is super beyond awesomeness. The Civ should have a bonus perk in which China is indifferent to all of General Davis' actions because China don't care.

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#143 Posted by lockwoodx (2531 posts) -

I seem to recall Ryan already being a general from that massive thread in the hamburger forum...

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Regardless amazing job on your first post. Love oils and you nailed it.

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#144 Posted by benjo_t (292 posts) -

This could only be improved by having Ryan's face be as equally faded and distressed as the rest of the portrait. As it is, though, it's still really great.

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#145 Posted by jakkblades (423 posts) -

@csl316 said:

I was hoping they'd put up a photo of Ryan on the live set (where black and white creepy Jeff is currently framed).

This would be perfect.

I don't know man. I think you're confusing the state of grief you're at with the crew's state. Probably not there yet.

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#146 Posted by MasterRain (370 posts) -

@pepsicolaboy: Haha yeah I was just about to mention the neck blending thing, I think you did a nice edit there.

Awesome idea Rex! a great photo of ryan in a very regal pose.

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#147 Posted by Uberjannie (355 posts) -

Vir bonus, dicendi peritu! Salute!

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#148 Posted by DpwnShift (8 posts) -

This is great!!! Once absolutely PERFECTED (I'm a perfectionist and would tweak it 'til the end of time) and sent, I hope they hang it. Private DpwnShift reporting for podcast, SIR!

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#149 Edited by HeckItsMike (3 posts) -
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Itching for this search to return something playable. However my lack of brainitude prevents me from contributing it.

Edit - I forgot to add "Hey Rex this is fricken awesome!"

Hey Rex, this is fricken awesome!

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#150 Posted by Fattony12000 (8300 posts) -
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