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here is a design I made while watching the latest Murder Island stream.

(the GB logo is obviously not something I made, took it from the tshirt store ;)

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Holy shit.

This is amazing.

Looks like I have a new phone wallpaper.

Thank you so much.

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Looks great, duder!

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This is spicy and delicious. Nice work!

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Man, that's spicy. Good work!

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I'm choosing to believe the pepper isn't big due only to perspective. I want to believe that the spicy spirit of giant bomb is bigger than an AC-130.

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This looks so good it'll probably be stolen for somebody's bad homemade hot-sauce.

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Very nice.

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That's super excellent duder! Hot!

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That's fucking awesome!

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Bad to the bone

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I fucking love this

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Spicy Moves! Or...uh...Spicy Design!

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@slaps2: But not as big as a chicken dinner.

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This post is extra spicy.

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@graboids Sweet work friend and thanks for sharing!

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Very cool looking!

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That is outstanding. I would buy that on a t-shirt

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We need this on a t-shirt pronto