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EGM NOW: Hip Hop Gamer: The Getaway Playstation 4 Footage? This Could Be A Game Changer If Revealed At E3’13

I'm wondering how HipHopGamer got a hold of this footage. I guess he's just a good personality and they gave it to him. ~ Anywho. Its HHG watermarked. But, it has funky music. I just don't know if its funky enough for The Getaway. 'Never played the series. Also, I just thought about Bulitt, when I started writing this. Maybe you can get some good chases in here. There's obviously no gameplay, just some B-Roll stuff.

Anyway, I just can't tell if this is fake. What is this? ~ Thoughts?


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Hip hop gamer is breaking news? Wha...

Oh wait, no.

Take a gander at the top comment and you'll see that it's fake.

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check the top youtube comment


Sorry to break it to ya, but this is fake. :\


Was made by a group of a few artists. Still really impressive, but not Getaway."

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@mrfluke: You're probably right! You just have a shitty link..

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yep that footage is FAKE

here is the original footage.

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never change giantbomb, glad they dont stoop to this level

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@mrfluke: Weird! I still don't know what this is. Just some resume stuff, I guess.

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@blu3v3nom07: you're probably right,

but mann that kind of disgusting that hip hop gamer trademarked the video and is passing it off as a getaway sequel

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@mrfluke: Ahh, He's easily excitable. He said he had sources. I guess they just lied to him! Just, weird all around.

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@blu3v3nom07: yep, definitely a weird scenario all around.

who knows, maybe that bulgarian studio that made that movie, is a studio that sony is outsourcing 3d modeling for a getaway sequel to, there been talks that next gen, game studios are outsourcing a lot more.

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So... Hip Hop Gamer is still a thing.

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Hip Hop LIAR

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Remember back when Hip hop gamer was a source for anything and anything but a joke?

Me neither.

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HHG. Never heard of it.

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It's a shame that the footage is faked. I really wanted to believe that was a new Getaway game.

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People seem to be a little harsh on Hip Hop Gamer. Granted, he gets overly hyped about everything with absolutely no ability to discern their real value and he often is used as a sort of dog-wagging-his-tail-for-a-treat mouth-piece for game companies, because he almost never seems to have anything critical to say about anything (unless you're gay, of course, in which case he seems to have plenty to say).

However, I do think that the gaming community owes him the same leeway and respect that the rest of the gaming industry seems to. They look past his disabilities and accept and encourage him for his unabashed enthusiasm. Something you don't see a lot of, these days. I think it is kind and generous of some of the publications and many of the game companies to not merely disregard someone who is mentally challenged, but to embrace them and offer them opportunities to participate in and even cover something they love with total glee and delight. I'm not suggesting that someone should be given exceptional treatment just because of their handicap, but even the most shallow degree of human decency should demand that we maybe approach criticizing him with the same harshness and cruelness we would lob at someone else who is fully aware of their enthusiastic bias and actual brown-nosing as actual journalists.