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So, long story short I might soon buy a capture device deciding between the Avermedia Live portable and an El Gato the biggest thing is I want to be able to capture PS3 footage but I recall that it still has HCDP on it right? There has to be a way to setup the feed to bypass that right? Anyone who has any experience want to share with me?

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You need to get an HDMI splitter that will strip out the HDCP. I'm sure someone can probably give you a more specific suggestion of a particular one that they've used.

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Use component instead of HDMI. Pretty sure that's what GB does, at least they did for a time.

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You basically have to trick the PS3 into outputting the signal to your capture card. You'll need an extra HDMI cable, but the setup is simple. PS3/PS4 > HDMI Splitter > Capture Card (I'd suggest the El Gato) and TV > PC

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@bocam: OK that makes sense. And that splitter isn't that expensive either. I think I can figure out the rest of the setup myself. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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You need the right kind of HDMI splitter, so if the one linked by Bocam is in the clear for this, great! Otherwise you'd have to ebay this one or go via ali for a better source. The old blackboxy types don't always work, even the Sewells, the little plastic dudes are fine though.

If you have the ability to, do not use your capture device passthrough, instead use the split. Noticeably better latency for nutbags like me (HDPVR2 claimed latency-free) and the image quality is too good to use the passthrough and ruin.

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@demoskinos: I guess they updated the HDMI splitter I linked to be HDCP compliant so that one won't do what you need. Use this instead.

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I use this DVI/Optical -> HDMI converter. Works amazingly well. The HDMI splitters that work well always seem to be out of stock and I could never confirm how well they work. But this works great for PS3 and PS4 Amazon Link