Giant Bomb Birthday Cake

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So I had my birthday recently and instead of making the usual boring cake my fiancee decided to make this for me instead. Pretty impressive for someone who dosn't really like the site. Just thought I'd share the picture and ask if anyone else has had any GB inspired baked goods?

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#2 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

Pretty rad. Happy belated duder.

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No, but I'm inspired, now. When is the site's birthday?

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Very thoughtful. Give her a kiss. Mow the lawn.

Edit - Is the tongue an airhead candy?

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Put that in the toilet. (But seriously, nice cake)

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Hope it was with lots of presents and lots of cake!

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That's a really nice thing to do. You got a keeper!

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That's awesome.

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That's excellent! Hats off to your fiancee! (In what is a particularly English phrasing of cheer. Guess where I'm from?) In response to your question, I haven't made or received any GB-inspired baked goods, but this post demonstrates that GB's is a rather fun logo for cakes. I might have to bake something GB-inspired at some point, I think.

Also, a very happy belated birthday to you, fellow duder!