Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run VIII Announcement Thread - Now with a Complete Schedule!

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#1  Edited By thatpinguino  Staff

Guess who's back, back again? The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is back! Tell a friend!

This year the Community Endurance Run is going to kick off on April the 20th and run through Sunday April 22nd.

Several awesome members of the Giantbomb community are going to be streaming a wide variety of video games and video game-like things on in order to raise money for charity!

The charity we are supporting this year is Pencils of Promise, a non-profit which works with communities in developing countries around the world to build schools and change lives. One hundred percent of the funds donated online to Pencils of Promise go into building schools, training teachers, sending kids to school, and improving sanitation.

Last year we exceeded our goal of sending 50 kids to PoP's WASH program; however, this year we're going to switch our goal up a bit. This year we're aiming to send 100 kids to school for a year! It only costs $75 to send a child to school for one year, providing them with digital learning materials, safe infrastructure, and sanitation training. So we need to raise $7,500 total. For the price of Seven and a half copies of Garou: Mark of the Wolves you can send 100 kids to school for a year!

Go here to donate now!

We are going to have a number of different events, prizes, and donation incentives running all weekend so be sure to mark the GBCER on your calendar and get ready for the fun and the funding. This year we're also happy to announce that we have a single team page AND individual donation pages! That means that if you want to donate for a specific person's donation incentives, prizes, or you just want to shout out one person in particular, you easily can!

Go here to watch the event!

If you would like to participate in the Community Endurance Run then PM me and I’ll get you in on the action. Get #GBCERVIII trending! Get hype!

There will be ongoing updates every week leading up to the event so keep checking in!

Schedule (All times are in EDT):


1AM -1PM:

@fattony12000 will be playing Steel Battalion, S-ranking Cuphead (with his hands), and a speedrun that is heretofore unnannounced! Even I don't know what it is!

10AM - 2PM:

@riostarwind's GBER Part 1: Good Morning With Miku & Friends/ It Came From Japan PS1 Edition. Rio will be playing Project Diva Future Sound and Hokuto no Ken.

3PM - 6PM:

@boron_ben will be speed running Resident Evil 7. Gotta evade those spooky zombies!

Directly After Unprofessional Fridays:

@thatpinguino's GBCER Kickoff Show will be back again with a bunch of gimmicks. First off will be a return of the Blindfolded Brouhaha: a contest wherein players face off in competitive games, sight unseen, in order to determine who is the best at video games. We will be blindfolded during the setup of the games and during the menu navigation; however, we will be able to look when we are actually playing. For what better way is there to determine who is the best at video games than to compete in weird games you've never played before? The winner will get a fitting prize and the loser... all I can say is something bad is going to happen to them.

Following the Blindfolded Brouhaha will be a new game called "Huh, What?" wherein teams of two will alternate completing tasks in Saints Row The Third. The only catch is that one teammate will be playing and the second teammate will have to tell them what to do while wearing a restrictive retainer that will severely impair their ability to talk. The bullets and the spit will be flying.

@nickieroonie will be playing Bloodborne and you donations will decide which weapons he uses! Once the game starts he's locked in, so get to donating.

6PM - 12AM:

@personz will be playing fighting and VR games. What odd worlds will he walk through? What dudes will he punch?

8PM - 12AM:

@riostarwind's GBCER Part 2: Stridervania! Rio will be playing Strider! No, not the old Strider. He'll be playing the shinny, new/old 2014 Strider!

9PM - 3:30AM:

@zombiepie will be entering his Final Fantasy Torture Chamber, which includes some combination of Mobius Final Fantasy and FFX-2 related nonsense.

10PM - 12AM:

@isknisark will be hosting a custom campaign of Divinity 2 designed by an experienced DM specifically for the GBCER. He will be joined by other members of the GBCER team and the DM will be actively driving the story forward. What could go wrong?

11PM - 1AM:

@amlabella and @nickieroonie will be participating in a speed run race of Celeste. May the fastest runner win (my money is on Nickie)!


12AM - Whenever it Stops:

@jeffrud will be playing Sonic Heroes and your donations determine how much he has to play! Will he be able to stop after one ending? Or will he have to finish his plate? He will also be playing Incredible Crisis!

9AM - 12PM:

@isknisark will be playing Nioh and taking viewer suggestions on character names and play decisions. I'm sure he's going to do swimmingly.

4AM - 7:30AM:

@boron_ben will be playing a smattering of horror games.

9AM - 12PM:

@thatpinguino will be in a torture chamber, for a good cause. He will play Gears of War with a Guitar Hero guitar as long as people keep donating to make him play. It is a prison of good deeds and charity.

9AM - 4PM:

@nickieroonie will be continuing his Bloodborne run using weapons selected by the community!

9AM - 9PM Sunday:

@personz will be playing Nier and Secret of Mana! He'll be playing Nier until he gets a non-joke ending and if he reaches his donation goal by Sunday morning, he will play through all of Secret of Mana!

10AM - 2PM:

@riostarwind's GBCER Part 3: Stridervania and It Came From Japan PS1 Edition Continued! Rio will be finishing up Strider and then transitioning to Panzer Bandit, a 2D beat em up!

12PM - 12AM:

@zombiepie and @thatpinguino will be playing Final Fantasy XIII. If you ever wanted to see how the sausage was made in ZP's Final Fantasy blogs, now is your chance. I hear Hope is a great character that we're all going to enjoy.

@rothgar is going to be performing a Dark Souls level 1 run! That means he is going to beat the entire game without leveling up his character and your donations will make his run more difficult!

4PM - 8PM:

@isknisark is going to be playing Nioh and taking viewer suggestions on character names and play decisions. I'm sure he's going to do swimmingly.

5PM - 7PM:

@zandravandra will be playing Zelda: A Link to the Past, but with two randomized seeds and one controller! That means that she will be playing two versions of the game with randomized item placement, but her inputs will be the same for both games.

6PM - 9PM:

@nickieroonie is going to be playing Cuphead... with his feet! After conquering Super Feet Boy, Foot-Lunky, and Ori and the Foot Forest, Nickie is back to tackle another devilishly hard game without the use of his hands. Be sure to get donations in early to make sure this happens!

8PM - 12AM:

@riostarwind's GBCER Part 4: Going Renegade. Rio will finally be getting around to finishing Renegade Ops.

9PM - 11PM:

@isknisark will be playing Jackbox games with chat for two hours. Tune in and join the fun!


5AM - 5AM:

@danielkempster will be playing inFamous 2 and you can decide how good or evil he'll be! He will be performing a "Karma by Committee" run and your donations will decide his moral alignment at any given moment!

1AM - 10AM:

@isknisark will be playing random Steam games!

8AM - 11AM:

The Worst Friends Forever Podcast crew will be playing Life is Strange. Hopefully they'll get through episode one without any incidents.

9AM - 11PM:

@nickieroonie will be finishing his Bloodborne run using weapons selected by the community!

10AM - 5PM:

@riostarwind's GBCER Part 5: Going Renegade (cont)/ It Came From Japan PS1. Rio will be finishing up Renegade Ops and will be playing Gamera 2000.

2PM - 8:30PM:

@zombiepie will be continuing his FF torture chamber.

6PM - 10PM:

@ltsquigs will be playing random co-op games. What does that mean? Tune in to find out!

8PM - 12AM:

@riostarwind's GBCER Finale: Evil Wins?/ Food Night with Miku and Friends. Rio will be playing Shantae Half Genie Hero's Pirate Queen DLC and sending the show off with Project Diva Colorful Tone.

11PM - 1AM:

@nickieroonie and @amlabella will be reprising their Celeste speed run race, but this time they will be playing with their feet! Nickie finally has someone following in his footsteps, but will the newcomer out run the master!? Will this be the most literal salty run-back in history!?

Prizes (Please leave a comment with your donation stating which prize you would like your donation to go towards and your GB username so we can contact you if you win):

No Caption Provided

Dragoon Gold Edition and The Rogue and Barbarian Expansions (Both Autographed)

Every $5 donated to @rothgar's page will enter you in a drawing for an autographed copy of the Dragoon board game and it's expansion! Runners up for this prize can also win and Overwatch Black Widow Funco Pop, a Rick and Morty Collectable Figurine, or a Sonic the Hedgehog Collectible Figurine.

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Rare GB Merch

Thanks to @rorie we have a bunch of GB demo and discontinued merch! Now is your chance to get your hands on some cool, one-of-a-kind and hard to find merch! This includes:

  • Two One-Of-A-Kind GB Hockey Logo Hats (one black and one navy blue)
  • One Giant Bomb Logo Hat
  • One Medium Pullover Hoodie
  • One Medium Pac-Man Shirt
  • One Small VinnCo Shirt
  • One Small Whiskey Media Shirt
  • Six Murder Island Shirts: S, M, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL
  • Three Nighthawk Posters

The minimum donation for each piece of merch is as follows: $10 for posters and shirts, $15 for hats, and $20 for the hoodie. Just include which raffle you want to enter in your donation comment and include a way to contact you if you win (GB user name always works!).

Donation Incentives:

Bloodborne Weapon Selection

Nickieroonie's Donation Page

@nickieroonie will be playing Bloodborne and you can donate to decide which weapons he uses! Simply donate to his page and include which weapons you want him to use in your donation comment. The melee and ranged weapons with the highest dollar totals will be the only ones he uses.

Guitars of War Torture Chamber

ThatPinguino's Donation Page

@thatpinguino and friends will be playing Gears of War with a guitar hero controller for as long as your donations keep coming in! for every dollar raised during the segment, Gino and friends will keep playing for an extra minute.


@nickieroonie will play through all of Cuphead using only his feet to control the game. This will happen if we raise $4000 before the start time. So get to donating!

Celest Speed Run Foot Race

@nickieroonie and @amlabella will run back their Celeste race using only their feet if we raise $5000 before their start time. Let's make sure this happens!

Sonic Heroes and Maybe Shadow the Hedgehog

Jeffrud's Donation Page

@jeffrud will be playing Sonic Heroes, but the more you donate to his page, the more he has to play! Here's his description of the challenge:

  • The first donor will choose the first team (Sonic, Dark, Rose, or Chaotix). As time goes on I will be bidding off the rest of the team order to donors.
  • At $60, I will finish the game with one team.
  • At $120, I will finish the game with a second team.
  • At $180, I will finish the game with a third team.
  • At $240, I will finish the game with all four teams.
  • If I can hit my personal fundraising goal of $300, enough to fund four Pencils of Promise students, I will enter Infinite Hyper Sonic Heroes Mode: I will not be allowed to stop playing Sonic Heroes until I finish all four teams or the event ends.
  • If I can double my fundraising goal and raise $600, MY STREAM WILL FALL INTO SHADOW

inFamous 2

Danielkempster's Donation Page

@danielkempster will be completing a "Karma by Committee" run. So what is a 'Karma By Committee' run, exactly?

Simply put, it's a little caveat that allows donors to get involved with the stream and potentially modify the way my playthrough unfolds. Players of inFamous 2 will be aware of its morality system, which allows players to shape their version of Cole as either a hero or a villain depending on the actions they take and story choices they make over the course of the game. Ordinarily these choices would be made by the player, but for this special charity stream, I'm going to let my donors dictate Cole's morality for me. It's very simple - every donor is encouraged to align their donation with Good or Evil. At any given moment, whichever moral alignment has the most funds behind it will determine how I play inFamous 2. Whenever the game presents me with a moral choice, no matter how major or minor, I must side with the alignment with the most amassed donations at that moment in time.

Secret of Mana

PersonZ's Donation Page

@personz will play all of Secret of Mana if he meets his donation goal before Sunday morning!

Dark Souls

Rothgar's Donation Page

For every $100 donated to @rothgar's page, he will fight one of the nine optional bosses in this game. Two things to note - 1: He is playing the base game only, not the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and 2 - He is defining a "Boss" as anything that displays the "You Defeated" text after killing it, so he is skipping stuff like the Hydra, Dragon, and Havel. Below, he has listed the nine optional bosses in order of how "out of the way" they are, not necessarily by difficulty, so keep that in mind for other donation incentives. If he can raise $1,000, $1,250 and then $1,500 special stuff happens. When you're playing Dark Souls at level 1, you need to have the best weapon and gear possible possible for a Level 1 character, right? By far, the best SL1 weapon is the Blacksmith Giant Hammer. It's head and shoulders above all other weapons available to a Level 1 player. He will acquire it by killing the poor, innocent Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo. But if he raises $1000 before he gets to him, he will spare his life, and that means no hammer for me. Next, the main way to heal yourself in Dark Souls is drinking Estus Flask, that magical golden liquid is often the only thing keeping you from a spiraling decent into madness and death. If we raise $1,250, he will go shot for shot with my character. Every time he uses Estus flask in the game, he will take a big old chug of SunnyD. Hydration is crucial kids, remember that. Finally, if he raise $1,500 he will destroy the Ring of Favor and Protection, a special ring that gives him a precious 20% increase to his max health, stamina and equipment load.

The rest of this post is in @rothgar's voice:

"Wow Billy, that sounds tough. But wait, can't you just buy good armor and items and spells and stuff from all the NPCs in the game that are there to help you? That should make it a little easier, right?"

Correct. Unless you make me kill them! I have posted a HIT LIST including 15 of the most helpful, beloved NPCs in the game with bounties for their lives. Bounties must be PAID IN FULL. One bounty is time sensitive, that's Anastacia of Astora. If I kill Lautrec before her bounty is paid, she literally can't be killed, so keep that in mind. When you pay a bounty, you must specify who you want me to kill, since some of them are the same price. When a bounty is paid, I won't drop what I'm doing and run and go kill them, but at the very next good opportunity I will go out of my way to kill them. For example, if someone pays the bounty for Andre of Astora, I might not go kill him immediately, but if I pass by him, I will refrain from using his services. One last thing, a lot of these NPCs hold win conditions for me to beat certain bosses. There might even be a combination of NPCs that can be killed such that I have very little chance of beating the game. In order to save me from getting locked out of my last win condition available, anyone (including me) may pay an amount equal to a specified NPCs bounty to "Pardon" them, thus preserving that NPC's life.

"Billy, man, are you sure about this? I mean Dark Souls is hard enough as it is. What else can you possibly add to such an amazing run?"

Bruh, I got you. I might be speed running the game, but why should I have all the fun? I want you all to have fun too! And what's more fun than a raffle!? I have lined up some amazing prizes for a few lucky winners who donate to my page. Here's how to enter. Step 1: Donate $5 or more to my donation page. Step 2: Put a comment in the donation with your contact info. Step 3: Profit. it's REALLY IMPORTANTthat you give me some way to contact you (Email, Phone, Social Media, etc). Otherwise, I won't be able to give you the prize you've won. This can be combined with any other donation incentive, like if you pay an NPC Kill Bounty, you are also in the raffle for free. Each donor is entered one time, regardless of donation size, or number of donation instances. There will be one grand prize and three smaller prizes. At the end of the fundraiser, I will randomly select one grand prize winner. I will then select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runner up. The grand prize winner will receive a copy of Dragoon: Gold Edition as well as the Rogue and Barbarian expansion, both of which are autographed by the development team!

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners up will get to choose between the following three consolation prizes

Overwatch Black Widow Collectible Pop Figurine

Rick and Morty Collectible Figurine

Sonic the Hedgehog Collectible Figuring

"For Gwyn's sake, Billy, are you done yet?"

Nope. One last thing. Some of you know might know me from a little podcast called Deep Listens. Check us out here. Anyone can donate any amount to my page to suggest a game for us to play and discuss on the podcast. After the fundraiser, Pete, Gino and I will make a list of all the games suggested in this way and pick one to cover. Just like with the boss death voting, I will allow this to be added to any other donation incentive for free. Make sure you include it in the donation notes.

"So if I pay $5, I can be entered into the raffle, suggest a game for the podcast, and make you kill the Crestfallen Warrior all in one?"


Now feast your eyes on all these donation incentives!

Optional Boss Total Fundraising Progression

$100 - Taurus Demon

$200 - Capra Demon

$300 - Demon Firesage

$400 - Centipede Demon

$500 - Moonlight Butterfly

$600 - Stray Demon

$700 - Gaping Dragon

$800 - Dark Sun Gwyndolin

$900 - Crossbreed Priscilla


$1,250 - SHOT FOR SHOT Estus/SunnyD


NPC Hit List. Must be PAID IN FULL.

$100 - Anastacia of Astora: Deactivates Firelink Shrine bonfire (TIME SENSITIVE) Pardoned

$50 - Solaire of Astora: Cannot summon him, can no longer praise the sun

$50 - Quelaana of Izalith: Never get best Pyromancy spells or max upgrade Flame Glove

$30 - Andre of Astora: No Lightning, Raw, Divine, or Occult weapons. Can't stare at his chest.

$30 - Vamos: No Fire or Chaos weapons.

$30 - Quelaag's Sister: Cannot join her covenant, or get her Pyromancy, deactivates her bonfire

$30 - Darkmoon Knightess: No 1st bonfire in Anor Londo.

$20 - Gwynevere. Dark Anor Londo, No 3rd bonfire in Anor Londo, Aggro Darkmoon Knightess.

$20 - Siegmeyer of Catarina: Another most beloved character.

$20 - Big Hat Logan: Magic Trainer

$20 - Laurentius of the Great Swamp: Pyromancy Trainer

$20 - Griggs of Vinheim: Magic Trainer

$10 - Undead Merchant Male: YULIA!

$10 - Undead Merchant Female: Moss Lady

$5 Crestfallen Warrior: Who even is this guy?

Zelda: A Link to the Past

Zandra's Donation Page

As part of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run, I'll be playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer... twice! At the same time, with the same controller, using a special script by Andi McClure to share items! I'll essentially be playing two different versions of the game simultaneously, each one in a world where all the items have been shuffled around. My goal: defeat Ganon on both screens as fast as possible!

Here's where you come in: decide which character will be in the Player 2 screen! (Player 1 will be the Mouse, because that's me!) Simply look at the list below and tell me in your donation commentwhich one you want; I'll be tallying the numbers before we start and going with the most popular!

No Caption Provided

Let's save Double Hyrule... for the kids!

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I always enjoy this event. I'll probably end up grabbing GoW that weekend and playing through it, so I'll check out the stream while murdering norse men who probably did nothing wrong.

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I need to finish Gears. I have a three day weekend but a flat that won't clean itself. I'll be tuning in.

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#6  Edited By jeffrud

I'm excited to be taking part in this year's GBCER! After counting up off-Twitter votes and speaking with my HG101 connections, I'm going all in on Sonic Heroes. Best part is, you will be able to determine just how far down the rabbit hole I go. That's right, you! Details here.

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#11  Edited By danielkempster

@thatpinguino Assuming you're accepting community involvement, I'm definitely down to get involved again this year. The Pokémon Gold livestream last year was a lot of fun, and I'm always up for some more video game madness in the name of a fantastic cause.

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#12 thatpinguino  Staff
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The only catch is that one teammate will be playing and the second teammate will have to tell them what to do while wearing a restrictive retainer that will severely impair their ability to talk. The bullets and the spit will be flying.

This is hell, I am in hell. What you are doing here is a war crime.

(Oh! Oh! I wanna join in GBCER again this year! I missed the last couple because I'm a no good bum. I'll play something bad/stupid/good/fun and try to get these kids the fancy book-learnin' they deserve.)

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#20 ZombiePie  Moderator

@thatpinguino: You can go ahead and list me as playing Mobius Final Fantasy for six hours after Unprofessional Fridays. Then, on Sunday book me from 11 p.m. to 5 p.m. playing Final Fantasy X-2: The Last Mission.

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@thatpinguino: Likewise you could note that I'll be playing Incredible Crisis starting 2100 Pacific on Friday. Because Saturday, I will in fact be having an incredible crisis.