Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run XIII Announcement Thread: The Full Schedule is Up!

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#1  Edited By thatpinguino  Staff

Guess who's back, back again? The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is back! Tell a friend!

This year the Community Endurance Run is going to kick off on April the 28th and run through Sunday April 30th.

Several awesome members of the Giantbomb community are going to be streaming a wide variety of video games and video game-like things on in order to raise money for charity!

For the 13th GBCER, we're back to supporting Pencils of Promise. This year we're going for a big milestone: $17,500. A Pencils of Promise classroom costs approximately $10,000 and I think we are in position to raise that and more this year. For the price of seventeen and a half copies of Garou: Mark of the Wolves we can build a classroom for kids who need one!

Here's our donation link

We are going to have a number of different events, prizes, and donation incentives running all weekend so be sure to mark the GBCER on your calendar and get ready for the fun and the funding. This year we're also happy to announce that we have a single team page AND individual donation pages! That means that if you want to donate for a specific person's donation incentives, prizes, or you just want to shout out one person in particular, you easily can!

Go here to watch the event!

If you would like to participate in the Community Endurance Run, PM me and I’ll get you in on the action. Get #GBCERXIII trending! Get hype!

There will be ongoing updates every week leading up to the event so keep checking in!

Schedule (All times are in EST):


5PM - 8AM:

@ybbaaabby will be playing games with friends! What they'll play, no one knows!

7PM - 5AM:

@personz will be playing Trine 4 and random co-op games with friends!

7PM - 10PM:

@thatpinguino will be playing XIII going on XXX! XIII games with XIII in them for the XXX minutes each in honor of the XIIIth GBCER!

9PM - 3AM:

@zombiepie will be playing Eastern Mind. As a donation incentive, if they reach $1,000 before the end of their stream, they will also stream the equally weird Gadget: Invention, Travel & Adventure!


2AM - 7AM:

@boron_ben will be playing a Saturn and PS3 medley!

9AM - 9AM:

For Trash Squad's fourth Endurance Run, they are going to work through the evolution of edgy games, starting with the radical 90s to the dark, gritty 00s!

10AM - 3PM:

@borgmaster will be playing Unlimited SaGa to prove that @jeffrud was a big, whiny baby when he complained about Unlimited SaGa a few years ago.

10AM - 8PM:

@riostarwind will be playing The Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap and Hi Fi Rush!

10AM - 10PM:

@meatsofevil will be playing co-op Project Zomboid! Zomboid server details and password given during stream, all are welcome to jump in and play!

12AM - 12PM:

Final Fantasy V 4 x 4 Job Fiesta! @thatpinguino, @zombiepie, @arbitrarywater, and @personz will be running 4 4 Job Fiestas at the same time! On 4 different versions of the game! On the same stream! @thatpinguino will be playing the PS1 version of FFV. @arbitrarywater will be playing the pixel remaster. @personz will be playing the GBA version. And, of course, @zombiepie will be playing the mobile phone version, the worst of all versions. We will be drafting jobs so no two jobs will be repeated between the runners! Who will get the furthest the fastest!? Whose game will crash first? Will the stream setup break in stupendous fashion? Tune in to find out!

8PM - 12AM:

@zandravandra will be playing something! Her streams are always a delight so tune in!


1AM - 11AM:

@personz will be playing Half Minute Mero and the Resident Evil 2 Remake!

10AM - 8PM:

@riostarwind will be playing Anodyne and some Beat Em Ups!

12PM - 4PM:

@nickieroonie is beating Metroid Dread on dread difficulty with his hands!

2PM - 5PM:

@thatpinguino will be wrapping up XIII going on XXX!

4PM - 10PM:

@zombiepie rounds things off with a vapid, abysmal, ugly-ass video game. Hey, it's for the kids! Gothos can be best described as an FMV adventure game that looks like a high school stage production with some of the worst costume and set designs you will ever see in a commercially released video game.

8PM - 10PM:

@rorie will be doing something! Probably co-op games!

Prizes (Please leave a comment with your donation stating which prize you would like your donation to go towards and your GB username so we can contact you if you win):

Coming Soon

Donation Incentives:

4 x 4 Job Fiesta

Donate to name Bartz! Donations to each runner will allow you to name the main character if FFV!

ZP's Streams

If ZP hits $1000 raised before the end of his Eastern Mind stream, he will also stream Gadget: Invention, Travel & Adventure!

If ZP raises $2000 before the end of his Gothos stream, he will stream Spaceship Warlock!

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#3 riostarwind  Moderator

All weekend during my stream I'm offering up my artistic talents for anyone who donates $20 (For some artwork featuring your chosen character.) or $40 (for a duo) Make sure to mention your username when donating so I can get back to you to see what you would like me to draw. Link to my Pixiv account Check out this link if you want to see my art style. Donate to a good cause and get some fun art in return. Everyone wins!

I also have a donation to interup whatever I'm playing with some Elden Ring. Every $10 up to 10 hours will start me down the path of the darkest timeline. No one will survive.

If you want to either of these bonuses makes sure to donate here ->Donate to Rio's Pencils of Promise Fundraiser! Thanks for reading this. ^_^

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I'll be joining in for a couple of hours on Sunday night! Expect roguelites!