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We've got our game request lines open and are looking for suggestions for games you'd like to see us play, play again, or maybe something we missed. Looking into starting a request centered show. Add them here and we'll see where it goes!



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Banner Saga, I know Alex played it but I don't think you or Austin have seen it. It's really dope and more people should know that it exists.

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Old sports games. Some of y'alls best interactions are over sports, and I assume Alex, Austin and Jeff (if you can get him in for a video or two) all have a lot of nostalgia for old sports games. NHL 94, Blitz, Tecmo Bowl, etc.

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I always thought that, for all the accolades it has gotten, Life is Strange got a short shrift here.

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Old Random PC Games!

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With Alex being a fan of slasher films and it being the Halloween season, I think a quick look at Party Hard would make sense. I'm also just personally interested in seeing what the full game is like having only seen it briefly at PAX.

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Persona 3

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Life Is Strange

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Life is Strange and the Swindle. For completely different reasons.

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Something spooky! (perhaps SOMA?) 'Tis the season after all.

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I'd like to see you guys play Town of Salem or Tabletop Simulator.

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Life is strange, with Vinny or Vinny directing Alex!

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Croc: Legend of the gobbos

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A Life is starange playthroughs and or a kerbal space program show, would both be really cool.

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More Kerbel Space program would be great. Also, its not suitable for a long play, but it would be cool if you guys could quick look Jotun.

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NEO Scavenger...i thought, what i played of it, was great and it seems no one's talking about it.

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LIFE IS STRANGE, with perhaps a little bit of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap on the side ;)

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More weird adventure games would be perfect. Seconding Phantasmagoria 2 and anything else I put on this list years ago (seriously, GAF keeps using that thing whenever it talks about what premium content to watch, and people don't get I made half of them up. It'd help to "legitimize" a few of them).

You guys could also do some group Encyclopedia Bombasticas if the userbase doesn't come up with anything. I'd like to see some of Austin's choices for that feature.

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You should Quick look LBX on 3DS its a Gundams meets pokemon meets Persona Kinda Vinny/Austing game.

check it out !

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Games with alternate play-throughs. Where the gang plays the least played choices or opposite of what they would normally play.

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Portal 2 community levels.

Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System

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Would love to see Austin try and explain Dwarf Fortress to Vinny and Alex.

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I don't know if it would be suitable without Dave and Drew, but I've always wanted to see you guys finish that Blade Runner adventure game.

I also wouldn't mind seeing more King of Dragon Pass.

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vampire the masquerade

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Persona 3 to try to make Jeff Backalar a fan of the persona franchise.

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Armored Core: For Answer

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Vampire: The masquerade bloodlines or just a match of blood bowl 2 ;3

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@vinny Any series' you guys haven't played? Might be cool to do a GBeast Metal Gear Scanlon type thing. Although I guess VinnyVania is sort of that. I think anything where you're making decisions/ working things out as a group is key, like Contradiction, Until Dawn etc.

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I would like to also throw my hat into the ring of "Life is Strange". It's a perfect game for the GBeast crew!!

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Kerbal Space Program!

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Panoramical quick look, that game looks super unique :)

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Would love to see Austin try and explain Dwarf Fortress to Vinny and Alex.

Yes please. We need more Dwarf Fortress coverage on this site. Dwarf Fortress is so great. I'm going to keep saying Dwarf Fortress until you play it, damnit!

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Football Manager 2015.

Good luck.

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I'd imagine its coming but Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Also it's sort of been covered by Vinny and Alex but I'd like to see Austin talk about LISA some.

Anything else like the Until Dawn playthrough.

EDIT: I'm also on board with the Dwarf Fortress idea.

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  • Life Is Strange
  • Alan Wake
  • Catherine

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More FMV games! I don't even care which!

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Given the recently released mod for Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Revision, I would love to see you guys play through that; especially if one or more of you have never played the original back in the day. I think, with the visual upgrade and various other tweaks, this game would make for a perfect Playdate.

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I would like some kind of Unplugged. I feel like Austin would be able to run an Unplugged session well in a way GB needs it to get off the ground.

It would be fun to see an old adventure game.

Give Crusader Kings 2 another go, I really enjoyed that and I can't be the only one.

I liked it and see a lot of potential there.

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@mythdark said:
@solidwolf52 said:

Would love to see Austin try and explain Dwarf Fortress to Vinny and Alex.

Yes please. We need more Dwarf Fortress coverage on this site. Dwarf Fortress is so great. I'm going to keep saying Dwarf Fortress until you play it, damnit!

Get @snide on the big red phone!

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@soulcake said:

You should Quick look LBX on 3DS its a Gundams meets pokemon meets Persona Kinda Vinny/Austing game.

check it out !

Yeah. I'm pretty certain the first video with Austin in it had him excited about tiny robots... And yeah, the game is really, really cool.