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@wemmick: Ah, cool. I mostly ask because I know I've been using it a bit less than usual, now that I'm not seeing the most recent X posts on the homepage (I'm not saying that as a criticism of the redesign necessarily, just that it has slightly influenced the way I use the site)

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New site is a shitshow. All I want to do is download an audio version of the premium Bombcast from the site. So I bring up the site. Loads much more slowly compared to the older site. Everything I've tried on the new site is slower. Shouldn't the goal of a new website or redesign to be to improve on the older site? Annoying but whatever. Click the Podcast link at the top, and am given just 3 seemingly random podcasts to select. Used to get a compact list of all the types of podcasts. Much more effective than 3 random podcasts. Seriously? Who thought that was a good idea?

So after finding the Bombcast page, the very first Bombcast i'm shown is another seemingly random podcast all the way back from July. How is the first Bombcast you see not the latest fucking Bombcast?

Now that I've found the Bombcast page I can search out the latest Bombcast at least, and find the carousel. Seeming the only thing the new site does correctly is let you switch from carousel to grid. Thank you for that! And upon loading up the grid you are greeted by another seemingly RANDOM set of podcasts from the past. Wtf???

There isn't even an option to switch the grid to newest to oldest. And if there were, the grid turns back to carousel on every return visit to the site. Hopefully I'll learn to love jumping through all these new hoops on the way to finding the new Bombcast.

I'm stunned there there was a team of people that built this, thought it was an improvement and showed it to management, and management was all "Looks great!" Site seems like a step back in every way. There has to be something I'm missing. I think that the GiantBomb crew are the greatest, but a hate this new website. I've been a sub since the moment subs were available. I want to support them, watch, and listen to their shinanigans. And it shouldn't feel like their own website is doing it's best to stop me from doing that.

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@lanerobertlane: if you click on the show page, the episode you land on may feel random, but it should be the last one you watched. We're going to clear up some of the messaging there and make it easier to get to the latest one soon.

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@arzonk: This is a known bug we're looking at - thanks!

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@dothtm: A fix for this is in the works!

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@wemmick said:

@lanerobertlane: if you click on the show page, the episode you land on may feel random, but it should be the last one you watched. We're going to clear up some of the messaging there and make it easier to get to the latest one soon.

I've been watching Beast in the East, I'm currently on episode 13, watched episode 12 last night. Every single time I enter the show page for Beast in the East I am on episode 4.

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@agr1277: Alright, weird, we'll look into it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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@agr1277: Apparently there is already a fix in the queue - should be out early next week. Thanks again!

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@wemmick: Awesome, thanks. Really appreciate how communicative you guys are being! I may be having problems with some of the stuff, but in general, I love the direction of the site!

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Is there a way to Download videos anymore. Im trying to download the Die Another Friday video and i cant figure out how.

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I was on vacation when the new site launched, so I've been trying to work through a backlog of videos. It feels so much more difficult than it should be, even though all I'm doing is going to the videos page and scrolling down to see where I left off. Maybe it's just a psychological thing of learning new visual terrain, but it's making me want to use the site less. Only I want to avoid that because I know how hard it is to keep track of new content on the site now, so I want to keep my eye on it as much as possible to avoid missing anything.

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I don't quite know what terminology to use here, so I'll try my best - the zone for triggering and keeping hover menus open needs to be widened by a lot. Since the new site launch, I've had to make 4-5 attempts to click anything on a drop-down menu because it keeps retracting after moving my cursor a pixel.

I would request a list view for video archive catalogues or whatever you call them. I hate the carousel; I personally think it's a terrible and inefficient way to surface content. The grid is a step in the right direction, but I still prefer a good old-fashioned vertical list the best. It's easiest to tell the sequential order of things when it's a list.

Another request/suggestion would be to always have the Bombcast and Beastcast displayed on the podcast drop-down menu. Those are obviously the two most popular podcasts on the site, but they get pushed off that menu so quickly because it only displays 3. Makes accessing the comment pages for those podcasts on a later day cumbersome.

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Thank you Wemmick for spending time to communicate all this.

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Hamburger in top left does not work on mobile.

Im using an iphoneSE and running chrome.


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Are there any plans to put the number of comments on the video card when you go to latest videos? Or just in general? This is how I determine if something is worth taking a look at.

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Windows 10 x64

Chrome 70.0.3538.102

My "Continue Watching" carousel contains videos that I have watched to the very end (e.g Tetris, Shapeshifting Detective and GRIP). When I play the video, it starts playing from the beginning.

It also contains videos I haven't started to watch (e.g. Fallout 76), in addition to the two videos I am legitimately part-way through.

When I go to the Continue Watching page, it shows my In Progress and Finished videos correctly:

No Caption Provided

I would expect only the In Progress videos to appear in my Continue Watching carousel.

Keep up the great work guys! I'm really enjoying the new site.

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New site sucks.

When I first joined Giant Bomb, they made fun of youtubers and people who tried to make a living doing what they did. Now they've made a site that points at Youtube and they are doing what they made fun of.

Way to go Giant Bomb. You've become youtubers. You have become what you made fun of. Good work.

anywhoo, my opinion.

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This new site looks like a flat design nightmare. The UX is pretty jarring. Coming back to Giant Bomb after not being here for a while and it's really challenging to find content. This plays like a retrofitted Wordpress theme at times - it takes a bunch longer to find specific shows and podcasts.

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I've kept my council so far, but the more I use the site the more I dislike it. It's just user unfriendly with thing that should be present missing, yet other information duplicated up to four times on the front page alone.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Seriously, why aren't all title links? Actually same for the subtitling - take the Hitman 2 video I'd expect to click the reviews under the title and go to a page with all reviews

Why is everything presented oldest to the right? It's so counter intuitive when the next click takes you to older content, so it goes old-new-older! On the subject, why to carousels function left to right on the front page and right to left on the content pages!?

The roll-overs, man the roll overs. First you've somehow managed to make them infuriatingly slow to activate, yet still make them flash quickly enough that you think you're on the verge of a fit. Also, the one place that a carousel may be genuinely welcome and you don't use one, and again so much wasted space.

No Caption Provided

Autoplay on non-playlist videos - No. Just No. Doesn't even need an explanation.

Dark only theme? My tired eyes do not thank you.

I'm not against change. Implementing change is what I do for a living. But as visually pleasing as the new site is, the user friendliness is a major step backwards. Frankly the point of this site is to get to the content and I feel like it fails in that regard by making being so inconsistent and inefficient in the way a user has to interact with it. Plus why you do get to content, the information about it is barebones in comparison to the previous site. Which team posted it, who are the QL presenters? Where is the link to more info or content about that game.

You can add all the little flourishes in the world, but it matters not a jot if people can't use it simply.

And as if to add insult to injury, I've had to type this all again as the site crashed on reply.

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Have the staff even bothered to acknowledge the criticisms of the community? Feel like I haven't heard Jeff or anyone else address the utter dislike from what seems like the majority of the fans.

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@bobstar: 5 of the 22 posts on this page of the thread alone are from a staff member acknowledging criticisms and feedback, and he is constantly updating people on the status of fixes throughout the thread.

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Is there a way to stop videos from autoplaying after a video finishes? Not a big fan of that on any site.

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Another small thing I forgot to mention in my post before: comment page navigation should be at the top of the comment section in addition to the bottom. Having to scroll all the way down the page to navigate to the end is kind of dumb.

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I'm not a "new things suck!" person. I love change. In general, I understand where we are headed with this new layout. And I'm willing to let it breath for a bit.

That said, there are a few things that are making the site almost unusable for me. Again, I'm sure these have been mentioned a dozen times, but its hard to keep up with this thread.

1) Everything is slower. A lot slower. Initial loading of the site is probably 10x slower than it used to be. I measured around 4400ms (~4.5s) from typing in into the URL bar of my browser, hitting enter, and having the site load. I'm on a 1G line.

2) Someone needs to try using an iPad to play a video. Don't download it, play it. Then, try and scrub the timeline. You can't. The progress bar is tiny and partially hidden behind video controls.

3) The forums and wikis need help on the color front. 95% white text at 14px font on a 95% black background is unreadable for anything longer that a couple minutes. Just on this page I tried to read every post and my eyes are nearly in spasm. There's a way to keep the black theme and leave things readable. For instance, have individual posts be in grey boxes like the list style here in the community section. (Also, the font there is a nice healthy size).

Thats a bunch of direct critisicm, and, as someone in the same line of work, I know how it can come across. But I also know its vital that feedback gets raised. So hopefully, its helpful. I honestly do like the direction here, and I think the overall goal of better surfacing the content is noble. I do not want to go back to the old way of hunting for Mass Alex videos. So, major win there.

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i couldn't agree with nezze more about how needlessly repetitive the from page/ carousels are. i get they were good in theory and they could be viewed as 'nice' looking to some ( not me personally but thats just my opinion) but they definitely don't function in a manner that Doesn't duplicate things by design and i don't assume its something easily fixable as i've seen other things that use them have the same issue.

i would also agree with mostman in that i wouldn't want to go back to the old way of looking for shows, the last site design while generally good imo ( and functioned nicer) had an issue of the drop downs being overly crowded or not having enough room on them to show each type of show. Honestly i would say in the video section the shows option to bring you to a page it probably the best change on this site ( if only the pages functioned well once you got to say the quick looks page since as i previously mentioned it doesn't even show newest 1st) Also why is quick looks so far at the bottom of the shows page when its the sites main content? it just seems like an odd choice when its not even fully alphabetical due to the Big top 2 blocks ( upf and mass alex for me).

Anyway as i was saying shows are great in the videos tab but the podcast tab while great for older things the latest section is horrendous, my opions are aftermath cause its popular but only 1 popular item not 2 like the videos ( why is popular and latest the same section? wh would assume the most popular thing Wouldn't usually be something latest?) hitman2 review (cool?) and the newest 8-4 play ... those are great and all but i feel like that would be the best place for those carousels so you could at least access bombcast and beastcast more easily on 'off days' given those are the major podcasts of the site every week that i assume the vast majority are looking for , or hell if anything have those 2 set to go to the shows page by default as a top /1st 2 instead of popular then cycle the other 2 for Other ( non-duplicate) latest stuff? .... not sure how it would be implemented just tossing an idea out there.

Anyway sorry for the wall of text i tried to break stuff up a bit.

edit: also just noticed after posting the videos section now no longer has popular ( not sure when that changed must've been since i last looked friday?) i would say thats a 'good' change for that space but theres only 2 latest there now vs 4 which would make sense now although if they weren't so large could probably fit 6 nicely but that might be due to smaller devices vs PC on a 42" tv in a smaller/not fullscreen window

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I like how the site looks and everything though I think it'd be cool if you could customize what is in your dropdown menus. Like Say I hover over Podcasts, underneath Shows it could just also have links for whatever shows I actually select. Like say I just want quick access to the Beastcast Premium Feed and All Systems Goku. So then I could mark those two as "bookmarked" somehow, and then anytime I hover over podcasts I would see

  • Latest
  • Shows
  • Giant Beastcast (Premium)
  • All Systems Goku
  • My Watchlist

Same for videos etc. That would solve the problem of just having like, a million different video series links in the videos dropdown, while still letting people have whatever content features they currently ARE interested in appear up there for convenience's sake.

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I'm finding it difficult to navigate around. I rarely ever visit the website (I mostly consume GiantBomb through YouTube) and only visit to check out Giant Bomb Premium videos. But even that supposedly simple task is quite difficult - it took me longer than I hoped to find the Civilisation video. The information architecture is just a bit wonky for people who come here for Premium content.

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@biostormx: thats actually a pretty good idea imo , at least it would make things a bit speedier at least for podcast and honestly theres plenty of blank space that that wouldn't be a bad option for videos too which could help @zero_with his premium content issue ( which i too think is a bit too spread out if you just wanna see all premium stuff).

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When i've watching something live it should be marked as 'Watched'

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At first I thought I liked the new site, but after using for a while I can say I really don't.

Its big and blocky and so much redundant content on homepage. It is definitely slower. continue watching is broken, Shows played completely videos and videos I haven't started. Autoplay is bad.

Carousels are just plain ugly in my opinion there should be a background behind the image and text to differentiate just looks like elements didn't load in currently and the back and forth buttons look so ugly.

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I can't find the "show notes" area in the new UI. For the Bombcast and UPF this means not seeing which games were discussed or played, and for All Systems Goku this means not seeing which episodes are discussed. If I'm just missing it, someone please point it out, but I think that means if it does still exist it's not prominent or obvious enough.

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I like the new site. I don't have any useful feedback, I just wanted to see I appreciate all your hard work.

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I guess I'm just not that nitpicky to get overly negative and uptight about things on here. I don't really have the energy to be negative and judgmental in general nowadays, tbh. Just seems like a waste of everyone's time.

LIking the site, appreciate your hard work and responses to the community, and it has its issues (I suppose?) which I'm sure will be ironed out (like most games maybe could have used a little more time in beetah ;) art imitates life)

Those saying to scrap the site entirely, is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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Hi! More than anything I'd like you to surface how many comments a video has on the thumbnails again. It's a helpful way to know what videos people are responding to a lot that I might want to check out. Thanks!

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I'm mostly a mobile user nowadays so not having many problems. I did see somebody mention something bugging me as well though. On mobile for videos there's no more quick skip forward or back, and the time bar is near impossible to use for that purpose and often does not work at all. In chrome on both ios and Android. If I want to go forward 1 minute in an hour video I have to guess about 10 minutes or more forward. If I'm under that length video stays where it's at and time bar disappears. If I get it, I have to wait for video to load again and try guessing about 1 minute forward from where I was originally. It's easy to goof on my guess and I'm finding myself wasting more time trying to move forward a bit than if I just let it run. Previously I'd click 30 seconds forward twice and be good.

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Not specifically for the site but for the store, can size dimensions be added, or linked to the fulfilling site, so we can see what a Size M is for the new jumper for example?

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I think some sort of mark as viewed/mark as not viewed toggle button would be helpful.

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A bit of positive feedback: the "watch progress" indicator (little red line under shows showing what you have/haven't watched) is working significantly better for me on the new site compared to the old site.

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While watching the old quick looks.

There seem to be some legging if I watch a couple videos. The video start looking like is it the frame rate goes down.. .

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@nezza said this well above, "Why is everything presented oldest to the right? It's so counter intuitive when the next click takes you to older content, so it goes old-new-older! On the subject, why to carousels function left to right on the front page and right to left on the content pages!?"

Its very odd that the oldest videos are at the top of the Grid View as well and/or that you have to scroll to the bottom of a page to watch new content. Also, the lack of dates on QL thumbs is confusing. Its filtered to the year already so some white text with the Month and XX Day would be useful. Regardless of Carousel or Grid it would be more useful to see Newest to Oldest from left to right/ top to bottom.

Finally, the Top Slot of the main page takes up a ton of real estate. Currently, all I see is All Systems Goku on a 21" 1080p screen in Chrome. I have to scroll half way down the main page before I see the first 2 carousels. I'd love to see everything above the GB Infinite banner take up half as much space on the screen.

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I don't know if this has already been posted but when listening to podcasts, the arrow keys don't scrub through the audio. It would be nice to go back 5 seconds when you miss something.

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Hey guys when I click a series, the videos underneath are still still showing up backwards. I clicked all systems Goku and the most recent episodes are on the right instead of the left. All new episodes of everything should always be on the left.

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Overall I like the new site and the direction of it but it’s definitely got some growing pains. A couple issues I’ve noticed...

I had finished watching the Spyro Remastered QL a couple days ago, and today, I guess because I watched the Fallout 76 QL, Spyro is showing up in Continue Watching with an empty progress bar as if I had never watched it.

I have noticed various videos, such as the Horizon Zero Dawn Quick Look are not grouped with the respective show grouping.

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When viewing shows it would be nice to have a sort by most recent option. Just having carousel or grid with no other way to sort it is kind of frustrating.

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My feelings on the redesign haven't quite coalesced yet, but I've got a few obvious things I can comment on.

1. Carousels

I don't know that the carousels work in their current arrangement and amount. Scrolling down the page kind of makes me feel lost among a sea of them, despite them being clearly labelled. I think part of that comes from repeat content in many of them:

Here's a particularly egregious case in point (50% zoomed out in Chrome)
Here's a particularly egregious case in point (50% zoomed out in Chrome)

Maybe they could be broken up somehow with some other elements. I would also argue that there's too much margin between every carousel div in mobile view, which leads again to that feeling of being lost and scrolling for way too long.

Alternatively, I wonder if another solution might be something like a tabbed set of lists. Imagine the old design's simple reverse chronological list showing the Latest, and then you can click the next tab labelled 'Quick Looks' containing a similar type of list of QLs, next tab Popular, next tab Shows, Continue Watching, etc etc.

Steam has lists that implement this setup
Steam has lists that implement this setup

2. Initial View

The main featured/most recent item is super huge, and if there's a reason, I don't see it. I will totally admit that it could be familiarity talking here, but the old design had the perfect ratio imo. For reference:

Thanks, Wayback Machine! (@100% zoom)
Thanks, Wayback Machine! (@100% zoom)
Today's front page (@100% zoom)
Today's front page (@100% zoom)

The biggest sticking point for me is that upon opening the site right now, I'm greeted with just the big top item - which is only 25% of the immediate information I got from the initial view of the old design. That might sound ridiculous to some, and I could absolutely just scroll down a tick of the mouse wheel, but as a fellow developer I understand that that seemingly mundane sort of stuff can matter.

3. Weird date thing?

Maybe this is one of the lingering CMS migration issues you guys mentioned on the Devcast, but on the 8-4 Play carousel, some of the dates are proper fucked:

Time paradox!
Time paradox!


Some other things have been pointed out that I agree with, but they've been covered well enough.

In any event, thanks to all y'all for the hard work, and keep on keepin' on.

Other folks giving feedback, please don't be assholes about it. Be cool.

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#750 Posted by gkhan (1061 posts) -

I had similar requests for the old site, but it's gotten significantly more urgent: is there anyway we could get a way to remove the thing at the top of the front page? The reason I'm asking is because every time I've logged in the last 24 hours, I've gotten this ass-face shoved into my eyeballs every time I've gone to Giant Bomb:

No Caption Provided

Now, don't get me wrong. I love ass-faces as much as the next guy. More, even! But this is too much. If there could be some sort of way say "I don't want to see this thing on my gigantic 4K monitor any more", I would really appreciate it. Because the other alternative is "don't come to the site", and that's a bad alternative.