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seriously the site is a mess. I turned off GB turbo to see if there were any improvements made. and it's even worse

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To have to scroll 3 whole pages to get to the actual (and uglyyyyyy when only one item) links, on my 4k 65 inch tv is pretty ridiculous.

The original Giant Bomb site from 2008 was a much more user friendly and visually attractive:

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And also that Dan thumbnail with only Dan and article as mentioned above gave me a heart attack. I thought for sure it was a post in memorial of him. Not cool at all :(

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Without sounding too sarcastic, the front page this morning looks....... amazing.....

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credit to whoever developed the GBTurbo extension, and made the site at least remotely usable again, The current site seems like a college project someone gave up on half way through. Sorry to be negative, merry xmas.

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Let me echo with a heavy heart that this site which is my favorite place to visit and which I open up at least several dozens of times a Day is a mess.

I understand the dedication to have everything segregated into “show” buckets but surely there must be a more elegant way of handling this?

For the life of me I cannot understand how these decisions are made development side - they see the results and someone over there says “yup looks good, let’s go live” like how could anyone view this and think this is a user friendly experience.

Merry Christmas to everyone - have a well deserved holiday break, but come January I hope all hands will be on deck with rolled up sleeves and this site will finally get sorted out. It’s a mess guys.

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Seems like videos don't embed in comment sections. They do show up in your edit box, but they don't show up in the actual comment section.

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There needs to be some change or expansion to how articles and videos are displayed. It's really glaring right now with the GotY stuff being pumped out. The broken-up titling is really weird. Like some people have already mentioned, having the personal GotY list only display the name is... confusing. There's a serious lack of information surfaced and if you're not familiar with the naming format of the content of the site, it's nearly impossible to tell what is what.

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This is not a natural or very attractice way to absorb information. Having to mentally fill in the blanks on each list to have a full name is not great. "Brad['s Top Ten List]," for example, isn't a natural way to think about the information presented.

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I'm sorry to say but this redesign doesn't work. The carousels are irritating to use and the layout is a weird mix of giant tiles and fidgety lists. It feels like a mobile first approach gone sideways.

Sidenote, it's odd how hidden the community and wiki feels now.

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Oh gosh, I just found out I can't read the articles either. Was trying to read through abby's and the white text on black background is just as bad there too. I actually can't read any Goty lists... I'm so sad :'(

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the Guest Top 10 tiles are not supposed to look like this? (I'm on Chrome).

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I really miss video length being in the thumbnail or accessible somewhere on the videos page

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Looks like zero feedback's been taken on board regarding the site. Nice work.

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@pickassoreborn: Not true. On the very last page we have somebody from the team stating what they plan to focus on in the new year.

@wemmick said:

@theadmin: I apologize I've been away for a bit personally, but there have been several staff replies in this thread from myself and others. Most of the concerns being aired here are ones that have been brought up many times before and/or we acknowledged earlier in the thread, so we can't really keep addressing them. Many of the issues brought up are ones we are working on, but as we are butting up against the end of the year and folks won't be in the office over the holidays, we are holding off on releasing major changes.

Some of the major pain points we'll be focused on for 2019:

  • Homepage - condensed, more functional top promo, making carousels more efficient for frequent users
  • Episode page - fixing issues around click area, show notes, links to wiki pages, bylines, and more
  • Navigation - usability/efficiency issues, esp for wide screens
  • Skin: we are not currently planning a white version. Maintaining dark and light versions of the site is a real pain and frequently caused issues in the past, so we're trying to avoid it.
  • Accessibilty, esp font colors, sizes

Thanks for hanging in there with us, guys. I know there was a lot of change here, but we're trying to really make the corrections true improvements rather than making knee-jerk fixes that may break functionality/usability for other folks.

We just need to be patient.

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So uhh... comments sections no longer have a flag button? Why? That would probably be a good thing to have around GOTY time when certain people are being extra shitty to particular staff members.

Far less important is why, when clicking on words

Do I get a maximum of 12 latest articles? But if I click on Videos

I'll get the 40 latest ones? I'll grant you there's a small difference in size of the respective elements given the blurb text, but given how many articles you have alone for GOTY, having to click through again is super tedious. As of time of writing this post, I have to go to page 5 to get to Matt Rorie's top 10 (which was the first one posted December 24th). Either that or I go to the main page and scroll 2/3rds of the way down to find the full guest list.

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Evening all.

I'm here mostly to say that the reliability of the site has improved quite a bit since the relaunch; things like watch progress and skipping to most relevant episode of a show when clicking into a show are behaving well.

There's a lot of requests throughout this thread for sure, if there was one thing I'd like the most it would be better navigation to related episodes from episode pages themselves, e.g. being able to click on the next episode in a show after watching one, or related episodes which aren't in a listed show (like garfield with gerstmann).

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I noticed that we can select a grid view when looking at more videos on a video page. Thanks for that :)

Apart from that, I second dudeglove's request to re-implement a flag button for comments.

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This is more of a request than a complaint: it'd be great if when making a list you could number it in a descending order. A lot of people end up making end of the year lists and it builds a little more suspense to start at say, number 10 at the top of the page instead of number 1. As it is now there's no way to edit a list in this way.

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I'm finding the site redesign to be a little bit jarring, I'm having trouble locating the content I want to watch. This may sound silly but is there a tutorial video outlining how to use the new site?

Also, When viewing on Android I find it is almost impossible to skip to a certain section of the video as the progress bar is tiny.

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@oddballs said:

I'm finding the site redesign to be a little bit jarring, I'm having trouble locating the content I want to watch. This may sound silly but is there a tutorial video outlining how to use the new site?

no, the site redesign is entirely a mess and the fact that you need a tutorial says it all (not making fun honestly lol).

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None of the Game of the Year audio podcasts from 2008-2017 show up in the Game of the Year section under the Podcasts Shows tab. It only shows me video content in the carousal.

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I feel like at this point I've tried to get used to the new sight, and that at this point my issue isn't just that it has changed. I'm still not a fan of the redesign, I have to scroll past a massive thumbnail to find anything else, and my continue watching carousel has disappeared, but when I go to a bookmark of the video I was watching it picks up where I stopped watching, not really sure how to fix this?

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Is there still no option to make the Grid View the default view instead of the Carousel?

Speaking of the Grid View, I think it would be a good idea to be able to order it Latest as well as First to Last, just like the comment sections.

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Weird Video page bug: the Smashing Through The Snow video doesn't appear on the Videos page. I only found it by chance when skimming the main page (which I rarely use, I mainly just load the Videos page).

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The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.

This has been a problem for over a year, but it seems like if you stay too long on a page to say.. watch a video or a podcast and then try to post a comment, the site wants you to refresh the page before you get to comment. Given that watching a video before posting happens to me like 100% of the time, this means that i am never able to comment without refreshing the site. Honestly not sure if that's intended or not, but it's annoying for sure.

Firefox 64.0 (64 bit)

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They're still getting used to the new office, guys.

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@hassun: This! even if i switch from the dumb carousel to grid view its still dumb n shows the newest all the way at the bottom (if not on another page cause i seen that happen too) instead of at the top. it makes no sense , nobody ( least not that i can imagine) is gonna wanna scroll all the way to the bottom to see the newest stuff.

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Skin: we are not currently planning a white version. Maintaining dark and light versions of the site is a real pain and frequently caused issues in the past, so we're trying to avoid it.


  • A white version of the site should be the default. It is in a lot of other gaming sites. That's also why extensions for dark readers look for light aspects of sites by default.
  • Be interested to read what issues a white theme of the site caused in the past.
  • If you got your global .css right, then maintaining themes shouldn't really be an issue at all.

That previous site with the great formatting, use of typeface, excellent responsive design and that choice of light/dark theme.

I had to have a gander at that previous site. So much better. There's even a greater sense of community and character which the new re-design lacks.

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I don't get the argument that a white version is hard to do. From a visual perspective, you're already removed gradients, rounded corners, layered borders, textures, shadows, etc. The new site is essentially black and grey square boxes with white text.

From a technical perspective, you can use pre-processors to do text adjustments on background colors: (article is for Sass, but same concepts for less). The rest should be themed based with global variables. This has been common practice since 2015.

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For some reason the 'Latest' carousel on the homepage doesn't always show the latest videos. For example at the moment the 'There's No New Games' video isn't there.

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i could be wrong cause its been over a decade since i dabbled in web design but years ago i was helping my mother build a site for the company my grandmother worked for and it was a pain in the ass any time we had to change the color of something. the company ( which we didn't know and hadn't been told) had a red border around their black and white text logo and the first revision we did for their site had a blue and grey theme. we obviously were asked to change the whole color scheme to go with the red so we ended up doing a red scheme that didn't look as good and the blue but still nice. then we were told they didn't care for the colors so we asked them what they wanted and they opted for this ugly grey that they were happy with and it was something my mother didn't want to put her name on even. the real issue? everything was a picture. we had text we could edit yes, but each bit of text was on a picture. the issue with a picture when you have to change the colors is you them have to re-colorize or fully replace them. i don't love the style of the new site tho i do normally prefer a dark theme since having too much white on a large tv screen bothers my eyes but If the new site is even a little bit like that site under the hood then i can understand their reluctance. ... this said maybe rethink the design.

for those curious as to the site i mentioned it was decent for its time but looks even more horrendous now . thankfully that site had a redesign when new management took over after the previous woman passed.

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Of the many designs this site has had in the last 10 years, this one is far and away my least favorite. I suppose I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said. The home page has no sense of community or style and is visually unappealing, with truncated titles and wasted space everywhere. It also ignores the wiki entirely, which I find personally upsetting. Show pages are a good idea but are awful to navigate (I've never enjoyed carousels on any site, ever) and there are shows that are just straight up missing, like Load our Last Save and Random PC Game. Truthfully there's not a previous version of Giant Bomb that I wouldn't prefer over this one. I mean, is this really all the information that can be displayed here? Empty, lifeless pages like these are emblematic of this new direction.

Interested to see the proposed changes for 2019 but at this point I'm probably just holding out for the next redesign.

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I miss those info boxes on the video page. Like if you're watching Mario Party Party 10 and there's a small box under the video with Mario Party 10 synopsis and same with Mario Party Party. The "more episodes" - option works for the show or feature part, but it felt nice to have the game's wiki just one click away.

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I'll say things that are nothing new but I think the new site is mostly a negative change. I do like the video sorting by show but that is the only change I like. I'd prefer the forums to be back on the front page and I'd also like the articles and videos posted to take up less space.

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When you're on mobile and you expand one of the drop-downs in the nav bar, you can't scroll down to see all items. Scrolling acts like you're scrolling down the page and not down the menu. So in the below image I'm unable to scroll below 'Bug Reporting':

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The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.

This has been a problem for over a year, but it seems like if you stay too long on a page to say.. watch a video or a podcast and then try to post a comment, the site wants you to refresh the page before you get to comment. Given that watching a video before posting happens to me like 100% of the time, this means that i am never able to comment without refreshing the site. Honestly not sure if that's intended or not, but it's annoying for sure.

Firefox 64.0 (64 bit)

It's been a problem for actual years at this point. I still don't know what causes it and I've complained multiple times. Maybe it's from navigating away from the tab for long enough. Maybe it's just a good ol' fashioned timeout. I assume it's some sort of anti-spam measure. Either way it's super tedious and completely discourages posting anything more than a couple of lines per post

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Popping in here a bit late after noticing I went from checking this site (one of 2 gaming sites I look at) daily, to maybe only a couple times a week now because the new site looks very messing on mobile (Safari on iPhone). Main complaint is the homepage is a cluttered mess where I have trouble figuring out what’s new or old at a glance. Comments text is also super tiny font, making it hard to read anything.

Been an annual premium member since day one (and will continue to be), but I’m sad that the site design keeps me away from one of my few daily sites.

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new website is great but it direly needs a way to see all episodes without them being seperated by season on the video pages

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Have the devs commented here at all about our concerns? I know there's podcasts, but I don't have hours to listen to their content. If anyone could post a TLDR that'd be swell

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@azuregale: The flagging tools will be back - that is indeed a bug.

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@sombre: Scroll up to here to see the latest. That was posted before the holiday break, so it's mostly still true, as we didn't release anything over the break. We're back on the case now, and will be knocking off these issues one by one.

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I REALLY miss being able to go to the game's wiki page when I'm watching a video.

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#943 Posted by Tanstaafl (133 posts) -

I'm still not happy with the plans for improvement, I really feel the issues @wemmick has committed to working on are only some of the more minor issues and ignore the major usability concerns.
I am willing to admit i could end up being wrong and frankly i hope i will be. I know @wemmick and the rest of the staff are doing their best for us and want as many people to be happy with the site as possible but meanwhile it would be hypocritical of me to continue my subscription, so sadly i'll be waiting for some serious improvements before I re-subscribe.

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I'm not so sure increasing the number of carousels to have 'Latest' and 'Latest Premium' was a great idea, especially when things like premium podcasts show up in both.

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It seems like autoplay is on when you're watching a series - that makes sense, but when I reached the latest episode of Die Another Friday yesterday, it autoplayed a random newish video. Please, for the love of Jebus, give us the option to turn autoplay off. Autoplaying videos is the worst. On a related note, when are we getting the ability to edit our watch history and/or marking videos as seen or not seen? In the latest update you posted two weeks ago, these things are not identified as issues you are working on. For my money, those two things are a lot more important than the front page carousel being slightly unwieldy.

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Can I just say, when I mouse over "Forums" and the box drops down, it goes back up INFURIATINGLY fast. I often have to scroll over over 5 times. It's just annoying, and nothing like what it used to be

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@borklund: You can turn off autoplay in your profile settings.

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The autoplay option/toggle shouldn't be in such a hidden place in the site, though. It should be easier for us to turn it off.

Speaking of autoplay:

No Caption Provided

I have autoplay turned off in my settings. Clicking on the "Watch Now" button on the homepage sends me to that video's page normally, but if I click anywhere else on the highlighted video's region I still get sent to a page with the autoplay option turned on.

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I've tried to give it time but I really do not like the redesign in a a lot of the fundamental ways that have been pointed out over and over again.

At the end of the day it generally takes me more clicks than it did previously to navigate to what I want to watch. I also think the dark theme is hard on the eyes and the choice to punt the light theme is pretty much indefensible. The site has almost no personality, I feel like I am looking at a half filled in template. If we had the option to use an I would be doing so.

I do think it makes sense to arrange things by shows but that is really the only positive I have from the redesign now.

I appreciate that there is still work being done but I have to agree with @tanstaafl, it feels like we are only going to see some minor adjustments to the site while I really still want a more fundamental reconsidering.

I won't be unsubbing while the content is still good but I almost exclusively browse the site from QLcrew now, it's just a better experience.

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I'm sure there's been plenty of feedback on this that I haven't read--there are 19 pages in this thread after all--I'm just sort of chiming in now after a few days of annoyance.

I find it way harder to know what's new and what isn't now. The carousels are just sort of cumbersome for me, and previously I used to just instinctively know what the newest content was. I think it's weird that podcasts get lumped in with video content. How many people listen to the podcast on the actual website?

Previously I was able to hover over a menu icon and see "shows" as a dropdown, all at once. Now it's in a giant menu where I have to scroll through giant icons.

I feel like it's designed like a giant mobile website (why is everything so huge!?!) and honestly, it just seems more confusing than ever to find the content I want to find. I've noticed that I don't visit the site as much because when I do, the information isn't really presented in a way that's digestible at a glance.

At the end of the day and as a lifelong fan, I feel like from an organization standpoint, it's a step backward.