Giant Bomb playing a full game series?

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I watched the full Life is Strange and XCOM video features and really enjoyed it.

Any other recommended "Watch Giant Bomb playing this full game" series?

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Persona 4 Endurance Run, duder. Same with Chrono Trigger.

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Steal My Sunshine is my favourite full game play-through they've done. That and Mario Party.

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Phantasmagoria 1&2 and Until Dawn.

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I don’t watch most of them as they’re so damned long. I’d love to see some best of features for this content...

Metal Gear Scanlon is pretty great (MGSV is NOT a great game to watch, though).

Shenmue was good.

I’m SLOWLY skipping around Beast in the East as there are some great Yakuza Zero moments worth watching.

I’d love to see them do the Silent Hill or Resident Evil series.

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Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs.

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Beast in the East, Persona 4 Endurance Run, Steal my sunshine, metal gear scanlon, Contradiction spot the liar, Hitman

and then in meanwhile., giantbomb east just played through the quiet man on extra life. so when those archives go up thats highly recommended.

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@nutter: There's a best of giantbomb series on youtube that got some of the key moments from each series.

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Also for frustrated Brad experiences, these will do. Volgarr (episode 2 or 3, I think) includes one of the best live stream moments, which is still good even when not live.

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Thanks, everybody for the great suggestions! I'm especially interested in seeing games I don't have time to play on my own or have no interest in the gameplay so having some recommendations really helps narrow things down and point me to "hidden" stuff! Really hoping to see them doing Nier or even Wolfenstein II one of these days.

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This sounds like a job for the new "shows" feature on!

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Apologies if bio forge was not completed. its been a long time since i watched it. I feel like there's a few more smaller ones i'm blanking on.

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Persona 4 and the VJ run of Deadly Premonition. Both of those have Best OF playlists on youtube(Persona 4 has two) if you're short on time.

Similarly, I recommend the Best Ofs Mario Party Party. Like if you have 10 free afternoons, by all means watch the whole thing and wallow in their suffering. But if not, there's some great compilation videos.

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Vinny and Jeff playing Deadly Premonition is my favorite GB content ever, followed by Persona 4 and Phantasmagoria.

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The Deadly Premonition Endurance Run is still peak Giantbomb if you ask me, also, you're missing out if you don't watch both runs. The playthrough of Contradiction is up there as well. Also good are the Bioforge playthrough and the playthroughs of both Phantasmagoria games.

A bit different from the other playthroughs, but Vinny playing through old games is some of the best content on the site. All the Vinnyvanias are fantastic (except SotN), as are the two Contra This Is the Runs.

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I'm just gonna throw VinnyVania in here, its a fun series there is always some good banter happening in those videos.

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How has no one said Contradiction: Spot the Liar! or Tender Loving Care yet???? My favorite giant bomb videos.

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You need to watch some of their travails through the world of bad FMV games. Phantasmagoria 1 and 2, Tender Loving Care, and Contradiction are all some of my favorite GB playthroughs.

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Blue Bombin is good, if you take sadistic pleasure in Alex dying repeatedly to disappearing blocks and floor spikes (which I do). Vinny also played through the last half-ish of Dark Souls in Load Our Last Souls, although honestly, it’s not my favorite. Other suggestions in this thread are totally solid.

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The Persona 4 Endurance Run remains the best thing the good folks at this site have ever done.

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@mamba219: That's pretty insulting to everything that came after that.

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@killerdls said:

How has no one said Contradiction: Spot the Liar! or Tender Loving Care yet???? My favorite giant bomb videos.

This. Really disappointed Contradiction didn't come up immediately.

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The correct answer, is, of course, the full series playthrough of Mario Party.

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Blue Bombing and Vinnyvania are also good features...

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Obv. Garfield Lasagna World Tour.

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The Persona 4 Endurance Run is my favourite thing Giant Bomb has ever put out. It is ridiculously long though. There's quite a lot of episodes where they're dungeon grinding later on though, you should almost treat those as podcast episodes and have them on in the background while you play something else.

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I've watched the Persona 4 Endurance Run at least twice and both Deadly Premonition teams multiple times, so I'll go with those. Also, Vinnyvania and the non Strut F parts of Metal Gear Scanlon are worth at least $5.