Giant Bomb Plays Beta Test

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Hey guys, I know a few of you were there for the first beta test of our new feature we're currently calling Giant Bomb Plays but if you weren't here's what it is:

It allows you (the chat) to control a game or part of a game yourselves just like Twitch Plays Pokemon but within GB chat!

Here's what it looks like:

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In this screenshot chat is controlling the game Contradiction which is then being streamed on a second video player below GB Infinite. You can click any of the buttons in the play window and the most clicked button after 5 seconds will be executed.

We can allow users to press any key on the keyboard and we can vary the number of seconds between each keypress.

This can also work for games that the GB guys are playing themselves, we can allow chat to press certain keys in that game while someone else plays. For example, we could allow chat to change to a different weapon of their choosing every 30 seconds or so.

This feature can live in any chat, so it's not Infinite specific but it can run there as well.

So my question to you is, what other games do you think would work for this?

What games could chat play on their own?

  • We would need to keep people in the game and not allow them to exit on their own (mods may be necessary)
  • Game should be playable with just keyboard controls
  • Game should not need fast timing because of stream delay

What games could chat play with the GB guys by controlling one or more aspect of the game (switching weapons, jumping, running, etc.)?

  • Game should have a function that is controlled by keyboard that chat can control
  • There should be multiple options, if there's just one then the chat will just do that every time.
  • Do nothing can be an option if need be
  • Macros are possible (eg. in hitman one option is change weapons which will press "I" -> "LEFT" -> "ENTER" in quick succession)

Keep in mind that this is just a dumb fun feature. We'll be playing around with it from time to time and it's just meant to be another possible tool in our toolbox of dumb fun stuff.

Let us know what you think!

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#2 Posted by Evie (13 posts) -

Any of the classic Final Fantasy games would be a cool experience

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I could see Stardew Valley being cool. Only thing is the cursor wouldn't work very well I imagine.

Also, Pokemon of course.

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Mentioned these in chat, Fortune Street would be a good option for a multiplayer game, 428: Shibuya Scramble, as well as VN's in general, would be a good story-based option, the SNES Megami Tensei games would work well (and be fun trying to navigate their dungeons, and Snatcher + Policenauts would also be really good story based options. The latter two would require the use of a fan translation though. Shiren the Wanderer would work well with a higher delay.

Someone in chat also mentioned The Jackbox Party Pack being good options.

I feel like for the most part VN's and JRPG's would be the best options for solo play.

As for ways to interact with GB streams, tricaster votes (or just a DMX Goomba button) for UPF, having control of menus at the start of things like Hitman (so we could do things like disable instinct and mission story hints), controlling the selection screen in fighting games, etc. Tbh I feel like because of the latency menu fuckery is the best option for assuming direct control for the most part.

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@wcarle, is it possible to utilize any APIs similar to how twitch integrates with it's chat to modify the players experience? An example would be Clustertruck. That would be an interesting iteration on chat interaction. Not sure if that's open to platforms other than Twitch though.

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This actually sound super cool! Most JRPGs would work pretty great with the system like people are saying, but I'd like to know how games are chosen and how long they run.

Would it be like GBi where chat votes and a video (game) runs to completion? Cause really long games (like JRPGs) could gum up the works fast.

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Will you genius man. This feature is incredibly awesome sounding and would love to see it! Can't think of many games, but wanted to compliment you on pitching this awesome feature.

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This is fantastic. We NEED GBI plays Velvet Sundown

edit: Damn, I didn't realize that game completely stopped working

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Ah dang this is sick. Would interactive fiction like Zork be too crazy? Or maybe Telltale games? I guess any adventure games seem like they could work well.

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Let chat play some fighting games. Just select eddie gordo for us.

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The Adventures Of Willy Beamish or Day of the Tentacle

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Play some classic survival-horror games and only let chat take over for the puzzles.