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J Allard the pioneer of the blazer and hoodie combination and the one who showed us that we dont need a square to show us how achievement points are going to be the next big thing, no a dude like J Allard is what our industry needs to sell our games!

I think we should start up a general appreciation thread for all Giant bomb fans who respect  a figurehead who isnt afraid of being a geek and to be the darling of all hardcore gamers.

Heres hoping J gets off the zune and back onto the xbox platform , i want to see him come out in a blazeof glory, smoke fireworks to announce the next  console and how you can have interchangeable fashionable faceplates and how an idea like achievement points will chnage gaming, oh that was a fond memorie the 360 launch.

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Here here for J!

His title is like CXO or something isn't it?

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Anyone who has a head that shiny deserves our praise and adoration. If he were to travel to native lands, he wold be considered a god.

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I'd hit it.

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Yung Cliff is better IMO, but Jallard is still pretty dope.

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Starting my J Allard religion tomorrow.

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Any guy who's actual first name is only one letter is awesome.

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denshuu said:
"I'd hit it.
For sure.
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J Allard for President!

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Anyone seen this?
J Allard is the dude

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Hey don't forget you can create topics on a person's or game's or franchise's own page for organizational purposes. Like this thread should be here http://www.giantbomb.com/j-allard/72-89526/  Sadly we cant move a topic over to a article page's forum yet.

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I hit it, and got 20 gamerscore for it