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Anyone tells me which game should play first if I am cash-strapped?

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You Could probably find Bloodborne on the cheap. And if you like Dark Souls i would hardly recommend BloodBorne. Kinda fell of God of War, that game is great to but i don't think you can find it under 60 yet.

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I've never played a God of War game, but i put probably 500+ hours into Bloodborne. Make sure to pick up the DLC as well. Its outfuckingstanding.

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Well, BB is definitely the cheaper option, even if you buy it digitally from the PS Store. It’s also an easy choice if you’ve enjoyed Dark Souls in the past.

God of War has a more traditional style of story, that isn’t as cryptic and ”hidden” away as BB’s story. The combat’s also different and less demanding/punishing to a common player. I found it really satisfying myself, but everyone doesn’t share that opinion.

So...I don’t know? If price is the biggest factor, then BB is your go-to choice.

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God Of War

While you could find Bloodborne cheaper, and it's probably more value for money in terms of the time that you will get out of it, God of War is an absolutely stellar experience that should be had.

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Bloodborne may have more content and be cheaper, but God of War would still be my pick. I love Bloodborne and it is something you should play if you enjoy any of the Dark Souls games, but God of War in its entirety is great. It's the right amount of depth, challenge, and engaging story while also being a 30+ hour game.

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Some of this depends on "when are you going to get more cash?"

If it takes a while to save up for a game, then Bloodborne, because there is more content in the game and it will last you a while, particularly if you go deep on the Chalice Dungeons.

If you can afford a new game next month, then God of War, since it really is one of "those games" that everyone kind of needs to play.

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God of War is a safer buy since it's more accessible and a great game in many aspects including exploration and story.

But if you like Souls games or tough action games like Bayonetta, then I think Bloodborne is easily the better choice. More content, cheaper and miles ahead of GoW on the action. It's fricking fantastic.

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Biased opinion because I like the Souls games more than God of War, I'd sooner get Bloodborne and git gud. But, God of War 4 is a reason for me for finally get a PS4.

@tobbrobb said:

But if you like Souls games or tough action games like Bayonetta...

Hideki Kamiya creating a Souls game... Now that's a thought, as if Dante Must Die isn't tricky enough without Ornstein and Smough those two archers in Anor Londo.

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@facelessvixen: While i'm tempted to bemoan the idea of the only developer still making character action games going the souls route I feel like Hideki Kamiya is the perfect developer to create a game that truly hates the player. (I guess DMC 5 is still happening but Capcom dont typically make those kinds of games anymore)

Bloodborne is better value for money in my opinion but if you havent played a souls game before go with God of War.

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@facelessvixen: I believe there already is some cross-pollination between the companies. FromSoft at least is taking cues from Platinum games on how to improve their own mechanics and encounters. I don't necessarily trust Plat to have remotely the same quality in world-building though, but I would love to be surprised.

Actually the most important question here. In Kamiya Souls, what does the space harrier section look like?

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If you have played other God of War games and really enjoyed them, then pick up the new one. It has an enjoyable story and really good 3rd person character action gameplay with lots of variety in terms of combos, unique gear abilities, and weapon powers. Otherwise, go with Bloodborne if you want a game that differentiates itself from Dark Souls in mechanical and aesthetic ways, while still remaining true to the formula of those kinds of games. Bloodborne is definitely cheaper than God of War too.

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Doesn't matter. Both are fantastic.

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I find the camera and the combat in the new God of War to be bollocks, so I say Bloodborne but I also love that game. If you don't mind a real challenging video game, with great atmosphere, world, lore and everything then that's the game to aim at.

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I beat God of War and have no desire to go back, but I have gone back to Bloodborne continuously since its release. God of War is good, but for me Bloodborne is better... Unless you don’t like the Souls formula, if that’s the case then you should get God of War.

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Damn, dude. This is tough. Might be kind of a lame answer but those games are both so great that either way, you'll have a great time. Like @tobbrobb said, God of War might be a safer bet if you aren't wild about shit that's crazy hard.

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God of War first since you will be able to finish that one rather in time, then when you're out of being cash strapped get Blood Borne so you won't feel rushing Blood Borne.

Both are amazing games though.

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@tobbrobb: I'm thinking about the hypothetical crossover just in terms of combining gameplay styles; specifically wondering how you'd balance Bayo, Dante, and your other character action characters such as Raiden, Mondo, and Juliet for that matter, so that they could not be overpowered and fit in with the generally slower and methodical approach that's that most effective against your Souls enemies. So it's like, if you apply the same Souls character restrictions such as stamina to your character action stars, cheesing your way though the game with button mashing is no longer an issue, but then the hypothetical game just becomes another Dark or Demon's at worst and another Bloodborne at best. But if you speed up the enemies to keep pace with how responsive your character action stars are, then you just have another character action game with permanent Dante Must Die and corpse running, as if I haven't heard enough complaints about the two styles of action games being too difficult.

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If it's strictly a financial matter then it's not much of a contest - you can get the GOTY edition of Bloodborne for way cheaper than God of War at the moment.

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Bloodborne is my single favorite game on PS4, but it's not everyone's thing. It would absolutely be my pick if you like the Souls games, or gothic/cosmic horror, but if you want an also great, but much more approachable game, you should go for God of War.

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Bloodborne. Also, it's (probably) cheaper. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing it's no longer full price. God of War is a high-quality game, but Bloodborne is a better game to me. Bloodborne isn't without issue, but it's great. Bloodborne is my third favorite FromSoftware Souls-Borne game, and I think God of War is my third favorite God of War (maybe second), but I wasn't someone that thought it was that special or did anything particularly unique. It was just a well-made game in almost every respect.

The most exciting parts are the parts that call back to the original trio, and the ending was good too. I can't really say with absolute certainty what it is exactly about Bloodborne that I recommend over God of War, but I just enjoyed that experience more. It most likely just comes down to the entire style, be it the world, or the gameplay. I probably should have played it more than I did, but I was in the process of going through all the Souls games back-to-back, so I finished everything that could be finished (aside from the chalice dungeons) and moved on. Why don't you play as Kratos in Bloodborne? Maybe that'll solve the entire problem?

Hey, I'll ask a friend since he absolutely loved Bloodborne, and surprisingly loved God of War too.

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I'm not gonna say there's a wrong answer, but Bloodborne is the right answer.

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I haven't played God of War, so despite hearing some really great things about it, I can only tell you what I think about Bloodborne. If you've played and enjoyed the Souls games before, imagine that, but with faster more varied combat and a setting that really shines in it's use of Gothic horror early on before evolving pretty dramatically.

It's a fantastic game, and, to me at least, the best of the Souls games. It's DLC, The Old Hunters, is also one of the best DLCs for any game period.

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God of war is pretty cool but it has very little replay value imo.

Bloodborne is probably my favorite of the souls games. It's combat and weapon variety greatly outshine anything God of War has to offer.

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I asked a friend. He kind of said what others said. He basically said if you have the patience, he agreed with me about playing Bloodborne, but if you don't and don't want the challenge, or want a more interesting story (which surprised me considering he spoke very highly of Bloodborne's story in the past), get God of War.

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I loved God of War so much, but Bloodborne is probably one of the best games of all time to me. So I'm going to have to go with that one here.

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@seaocean: You want a game with charismatic characters and a captive story - play GoW.
You wanna feel pain in your ass and get mental disorder -Bloodborn is your choice :)

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If you are cash strapped, the easy choice is bloodborne. Wait until at least the Black Friday sale for GoW