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Me and a friend are just finishing up Resident Evil 5 and I'm trying to think of more good co-op games to play after this. Any suggestions?

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The ultimate answer to this question is always Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. 100+ hours of content, and that's not even including new game plus, or reaching the level cap. Best co-op game ever.

And Little Big Planet 3 is free on PS Plus this month, so that should be another easy choice.

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@sikdude: Division is a pretty fun game with friends

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Are you looking for splitscreen co-op?

Diablo 3, Borderlands: Handsome Jack Collection, Warframe, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, The Division, Dying Light, Destiny, Far Cry 4 (may be some limits on the coop, I can't remember), Nioh (you can play the entirety of this game coop outside of maybe the starting mission). I think Resident Evil 6 may have co-op as well?

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This has amused me greatly, me and my friend are just finishing up our patinum on resi 5 and i was searching online for more co-op games to play after and came across this! Its like stumbling onto my own post lol

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The Division is real good when playing with friends thru the story missions.

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I had a good time playing through Saints Row IV with a friend.

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@sammo21: Nioh had the caveat that you can only coop given that one person has finished the level. I don't know if they redacted that since launch.

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Divinty Original Sin

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Helldivers, Alienation

Disc Jam has co-op sort of?

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I second Helldivers. So much ridiculous fun.

Destiny is also great with friends, but it might be weird timing as they seem to be transitioning to the sequel.

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I've heard lots of good things about Diablo 3 coop, and I don't know what state Assassins Creed unity is in these days but that's supposed to have coop as well.

Dying Light seems like your best bet if you're looking for an extensive story-driven coop game. You can get Dying Light: The Following as a standalone, maybe take that for a spin.

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Destiny is honestly pretty good as a co-op action game. It plays very well.

Also, this is obviously a very different thing, but maybe consider Final Fantasy XIV?