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A bit of a weird question, I was wondering what video games are good to play in small chunks. I usually play PlayStation All-Stars and Dirt 3 when i have 15 mins to spare before going out or something but i got every trophy in PS All-Stars and completed all the content in Dirt 3( including DLC).

Any games that you guys could reccomend that would be suitable to play in short sessions?

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Atom Zombie Smasher

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Many of the older save anywhere first person shooters (quake, half life 1/2, doom, republic commando, Fear) all break up pretty well into short fight sequences. Aside from that, super meat boy / hotline miami / Mario U type games also work, although those are arguably better when you go for a longer sort of session.

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Super Meat Boy. Angry Birds. 2D Mario games.

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  • Beat Hazard
  • Faerie Solitaire
  • Super Meat Boy
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Angry Birds
Plants vs Zombies
The Sims Freeplay
The Simpsons Tapped Out
Black Ops II

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Most games on the Vita are perfect for this and aren't limited to a genre or two. Unit 13, LBP:V, DJMAX, Dokuro, Wipeout, and AC:Liberation are a few from the top of my head. It also allows you to basically pause the game when you hit standby so you can continue at any time.

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  • Wizorb
  • Arkham City (challenge rooms)
  • WipeOut (the racing game)
  • Lumines
  • Bejeweled
  • Skyrim
  • Trackmania Stadium (any really, but the Stadium beta is free to play for now)

Those are what I play in small chunks, besides All-Stars which you already talked about.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Since everything in that game is so intense, a single mission can eat like 20 minutes of your time and exhaust you for the day. I tend to do a couple missions a day.

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Super Hexagon is the perfect small-chunk game. You'll destroy yourself trying to marathon that game.