Google is showing off their gaming controller

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This looks a little funky:

There are more images in the tweet itself if you click through. Google's rumored to be getting in heavy with game streaming so I'd expect this to be paired with some kind of set top box or a beefed-up Chromecast, but...neat? Or not?

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I don't think it's possible to judge how that controller will be from pictures alone. Like, the PlayStation controllers have essentially looked the same since the PS1 Dual Analog controller, yet feels very different from generation to generation, not to mention all the clones out there "using the same mold!", which often feel like garbage.

Those handles don't look particularly comfortable, but I have no idea.

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I like the playstation layout for sticks and buttons

The d-pad looks uncomfortable and too "sharp", but we'll see

The controller itself looks hideous, but I imagine/hope this is a prototype and they'll smooth out some edges and flare it out a bit more.

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That looks atrocious. From the handles to the sticks... why do thumbsticks look so tall yet the thumb parts look small. Just from the pics it looks like they tried to make it bad???

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To be fair, these are just renders that people have created based on patents that Google filed. They may not be representative of the actual final product - I think we all remember how awful the fake Nintendo Switch prototypes looked compared to the real thing.

That said, if this is close to the actual product, it looks nigh unusable.

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My Shield TV controller's safe, then. I mean, you'd imagine it's Android TV compatible as well as with their own streaming box/console?

Actually, I barely use the Shield pad. Am finding a Power A Fusion a lot better.

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I feel like this will eventually be a controller that's 'good enough' to include in a package, but not something you would go out of your way to acquire.

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Yep that's a game controller

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It looks ok. I'd like to feel it.

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This is just fake renders someone made based on pictures from patents. I doubt the final product will look like that, companies never have final hardware design on their patents and these renders always look worse than the final product.

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Looks like a cheap controller that you'd find packed in with one of those shitty "100 games in one" things.

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this is slightly OT, but i cannot understand the bit of hype surrounding this thing. even if it is 100% real deal and works flawlessly under real world conditions- google has an awful track record of developing pet projects, bringing them to market, and then swiftly abandoning them in 2-3 years. the g suite is dope- other stuff, significantly less so. i trust their tech prowess, but not their follow-thru.

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Ouch, that looks awful. Shoulder buttons seem too small / far in and it looks like it'd be bloody awkward to hold.

Can't imagine that's how it will ship (if it ships).

EDIT: Looks as though the actual patent images are significantly more rounded / less bulky on the handles and look much closer to a typical PS controller.

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@mellotronrules: I think the point is more what it represents

Google will probably mess up and abandon it (and then release a product with a subset of the features a month later...). But, as someone who tried out their service for a free copy of AssOdd, this will actually make streaming viable in more people's eyes.

All google has to do is "just" provide a similar level of streaming quality as in their beta, set reasonable prices, and continue "your clouds sync between this and your home version" and they've won. People will give it a go and realize this is a very viable way to play on the go (if you can find a solid enough internet connection) and that streaming isn't to be inherently ignored. And when google inevitably fails and abandons it, nVidia will remind everyone they already do ti. And when people ignore nVidia (as is the way) Amazon or whatever will make a quality product that will have staying power.

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Would be cool if the title could be updated to reflect it's not actually Google showing off their gaming controller.

Also, streaming will happen. No, every genre will not be suited to it. Yes games and services will get even muddier. But something like Assassin's Creed Odyssey being a new tab away? Sign me up. I've gone from internet being too bad to stream an MP3 to 4K streaming content on a phone, I'm ready.

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Google didn't show this. All that was leaked was a patent and someone did a 3D print of that patent. Google did hire someone to do a 3D render of it, but this is just concept art. Concept art and patents are far from the final product. Google have many people who have worked in the game industry for decades working on this and this Google console or whatever is going to be, has to have a standard that all other consoles/PC's use to get any kind of proper development. That all said, I do think Google is very serious about this as they were at GDC this year. They wouldn't be going to GDC if they were not interested in doing this right.

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I think it's huge news that Google is even adopting the generally standard modern controller form factor, i.e., 2 sticks, 4 face buttons, 2 triggers. That by itself is huge, because in the past they have not seen that as a priority. The whole point of a game streaming service is to "use what you already own" with no hardware barrier to entry. They will probably sell a controller, but I would be shocked if it was required. It's about using your current browser, your current computer and tablets, your old laptop, and controllers you already own. So I would be very surprised if their service did not work with existing Xbox One and PS4 controllers. In fact, I believe the Google game streaming beta with Assassin's Creed Odyssey was usable with the wired Xbox One Controller going magically into Chrome.

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They found that New Mexico Ouya dump and refurbished those controllers :D.

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Obviously, it's really hard to judge without actually getting one's hands on it, but my initial thought is ". . . OK?"

They appear to have made a less aesthetically pleasing PS4 controller that also looks like it would be less ergonomic. Unless that thing shoots lasers or prints money I don't really see the point.

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I just heard a rumor that this thing shoots lasers and potentially prints money. That sounds irresponsible.

I'm in.

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Is this the stradivarius of controllers?