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can i just recommend that anyone interested in getting stadia use the speed test google has on the stadia site as i have around 56Mb with all other speed tests sites and get around that when downloading with xbox and i can dl files from GIANT BOMB at around 7MB which is around 56 in bits but when i test with the google speed test my max is 25Mb or 3.125MB so i cant get 4k according to the stadia speed test i live in n.ireland id be intrested to see how others do

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Well, I'm currently dealing with upstream internet issues, but currently, the test is unable to complete for me. It goes about halfway and then times out.

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@count_zero: Same here. Is it troubling that not even the speed test for Stadia is working?

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Same. Broken.

Now imagine that was any and every game when you got home and wanted to relax.

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Both the conference and today’s update had streaming hiccups and that’s just the reality of streaming atm.

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Honestly, I didn't expect as revealing a result as this is.

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It worked for me. That said, my computer isn't the best device for the internet for some reason. It seems to always be slower than other devices. For instance, two examples, my Roku TV with its YouTube app, and especially my PC here aren't great at doing 4k videos on YouTube, but the Xbox One X does just fine which is weird. So, I took it three times and got a little above and a little below 20 Mbps. The first time was about 18, the second was 20, and just now the third was 27 Mbps. It says I can get high-quality video, but may not get 4k. I'm using wi-fi.

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Just because I can doesn't mean I will.

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@krismcc: I'm in Dublin. I get about 138 Mbps on Stadia and about 130 Mbps elsewhere.

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I ran a test on and on speediest that both showed me at between 190-200Mbps, which is what I pay for from my provider. The Stadia test showed me at 25Mb the first time and 40Mb the second time. So... *Shrug*

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Very slightly off-topic, and this may be a 'goes without saying' kind of thing, but I still wanted to post this for anyone that cares. It's just a Game Informer article about how much data it'll use up.

Hint, it's a lot. You probably want to get unlimited data if you get this.

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@ntm said:

Hint, it's a lot. You probably want to get unlimited data if you get this.

Yes, or happen to live in a country that doesn't have such awful policies like data capped wired internet.

Anyways, Stadia said no to me, getting the same error as Hayt.

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the speedtest works fine here. Same speeds as