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Cool threads, dude.

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Gordon Freeman is a nerd, I like that. Where-as Snake seems like the Jock asshole that beats you up after class.
I'll go with Gordon.

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@MAN_FLANNEL:  Thanks dude. They are good, if I don't say so myself. I have a few more in mind as well.
It's base-obv though. Snake FTW!
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Gordon Freeman.
I mean come on.

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Ahhhhhh! This is so hard! I am trying to decide.... Gordon Freeman? No! Solid Snake! Maybe? Yes!

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What is this poll trying to ask?  You you personally like more, or who would win in a battle?
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How the heck does Gordon Freeman keep beating everyone in polls? This should go to Snake, no contest.

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Snake because he can hide in either a cardboard box or a trash can. 

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Snake would take Gordon easily.

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Wait, is this a vs poll or a who do you like better pole?
If its like, i got my money on Gorden. If its vs I would have to say snake, in his prime.

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Snake knows how to talk...

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SNAKE is way more devloped as a character.
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Gordon Freeman is so damn popular because he speaks to the heart of every little geek who's ever been bullied around.. that's exactly why Valve designed him the way he is, think about it.. Nerdy scientist dude beating the fuck out of muscle bound athletic jocks/marines. i mean he's basically the bad ass every gamer wishes they could be.. HE EVEN LOOKS LIKE US TOO DAWG!
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@TheGreatGuero said:
" How the heck does Gordon Freeman keep beating everyone in polls? This should go to Snake, no contest. "
It must be some savy nerd intellect or something lame. I voted snake
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im gonna have to go with gordon
what nerd doesnt wish he could beat aliens to death with a crowbar?
or use a gravity gun? too awesome

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Half Life is tied with MGS for my favorite game(s) of all time. This is a hard choice.

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@jking47 said:
"im gonna have to go with gordon what nerd doesnt wish he could beat aliens to death with a crowbar? or use a gravity gun? too awesome "

Poor poor aliens...what did they ever do to you? Stupid nerds should all be killed by living crowbars! 
Snake is just too hilarious, Freemen doesn't come anywhere close.
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Snake, never like half-life
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Why do you always make this vs that threads!!!

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Gordon Freeman doesn't talk becuase the be G-man is acutally Chuck Norris. This would also happen to Snake. Snake vs. Chuck Norris, I think we all know how this would go down.
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As much love as I've got for Snake, gotta go with Gordon on this one.

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Good question but I prefer Snake.

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Freenan has ZERO personality. Hell, Sonic has more charisma than Gordon.

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69 votes cast, 50/50. IT'S SO EXCITING

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I saw a poll like this in another forum for some time ago. It's a great idea for a thread!
Anyways, Freeman won the last I saw. Lets get it right this time.

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I cannot decide.

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Freeman always had a beard therefore he wins.
" Cool threads, dude. "
Most threads are cooler than the insulation of flannel. I personally prefer polyester.
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I like Half-life as a franchise a lot more than I like MGS, however Snake is clearly the superior character.

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"I'm no hero, never was" SNAKE 

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Plus Gordon Freeman is only one person, Snake is 4;  Liquid, Solid, Solidus, Naked. 

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They both kind of suck.

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Sanke I hope this is a joke?

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@Raven_Sword said:
" SNAKE is way more devloped as a character. "
If you mean as a cartoon character, then, yes, Snake is developed. :)
Fairly obvious. Snake is far too overrated, the answer is Gordon Freeman.
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I pick Gordon, cos I can kind of identify with him. Just a regular dude with extreme luck in bad luck, who's at the wrong place at the wrong time. Snake seems like the kind of guy who couldn't make on the football team so he'll pick on 3rd graders and steal their lunch money. He probably kicked Dr. Freeman's ass in high school. Poor Gordon.