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Okay so I will apologize for being an idiot before we even get into this.

I know nothing about GPU's, nothing. I am currently running in a AMD Radeon 6770 and for the past year and half it has served me pretty well. But now its starting to well. It just doesn't run most new games very well at all. Far Cry 3 on low. I want to play Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3.

I also want those games to look and feel pretty good to so this is where I need help. I have been looking at cards recently and well I don't have a fucking clue.

I am on a pretty tight budget I'd sat £150- £200 hopefully sticking closer to £150. What can I get for that? What should I get for that?

Is the AMD Radeon 7870 any good? I can get one for £170 with Bioshock and Tomb Raider steam codes thrown in. Is that a good card? How will it run games?

HELP...please. Should I buy that if not what should I get?

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First off, this would be better placed on the PC board.
Secondly, what processor are you running?
Thirdly, 7870 will be good for about 1-1.5 years if youre going to game at 1080 and going for 60 frames because the next-gen is right around the corner and things will move very fast graphically pretty soon.

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The card is quite good would recommend the 2GB version of the card. errm... looking round is there a 1GB version lol

Its a decent price but the free games if like me you were going to buy them anyway how can you say no.

As for how it runs 6670 v 7870 comparison.

If you want an alternative the 1GB 7850 is probably the best bang for buck card at the moment at ~ £130 but at 1080x1920 would say get a 2GB card and the price is to close to the 7870 for a 2GB 7850 to be worth it.

As for Nvidia the only card in the rage really is the 660 and with the AMD promotion i.e tomb raider and bioshock i can't recommend it.