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This generation is slowly coming to its end and so I was wondering what your favorite moments were in gaming this generation? The reason I ask this is because I'm learning some video editing and thought I could make a montage sort of video with the greatest moments in games this generation. So mention all your favorite games, favorite cutscenes, favorite quotes that you'd like to see in a video like this. I'd really appreciate it if you could post a Youtube video of the moment you're referring to. It'd make my job a lot easier.

Also, please use spoilers tags if your post is particularly spoilery. Thanks a lot! :)

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Mass Effect 2.

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Boss and Pierce singing "What I Got" by Sublime while driving around Stillwater in Saints Row the Third

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  • Dead Space 2: Taking the first step into the Ishimura space station from the first game
  • Gears of War: Getting locked indoors with the Berzerker moaning in a distant hall, then letting her break through the wall and frying her using the hammer of dawn
  • Assassin's Creed: Entering Acre and climbing the church
  • Modern Warfare: Nuke in Iraq
  • Crysis: Reaching the mountain on the island and seeing the massive alpha alien sticking out of the mountain's very surface all the way to the summit. Either that or the VTOL mission where you fight the beautiful and vicious flying aliens in the air
  • Portal: Escaping certain death and entering GLADoS' lair
  • Burnout Paradise: Any cool ramp jump with the kickass music and background scenery
  • Fallout 3: Nuking Megaton (or Megatown)
  • GTA IV: Bank heist and escape
  • Red Dead Redemption: Chasing the train (mission) and jumping onto it
  • Mirror's Edge: Sniper mission and the following escape
  • The Saboteur: Eifle tower with dead Nazis
  • Arkham Asylum: Killer Croc's lair
  • Saints Row The Third: Power
  • inFamous: Jumping off the highest building in the game after that mission where you have to climb it at night
  • Red Faction Guerrilla: Razing down an entire enemy settlement
  • Assassin's Creed 2: Fighting the Pope
  • Black Ops: Jumping off the big ice mountain during the avalanche (mission)
  • Just Cause 2: Taking off in the jet seconds before blowing up that bay base (mission)
  • DX Human Revolution: Entering the white room and playing the Deus Ex theme on a saxophone
  • The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings: Fighting the dragon on the rooftop before mounting it into the woods and choosing to kill/spare it
  • Alan Wake: Fighting the Taken off the rock and roll stage with Barry while fireworks go off and the music is playing
  • Far Cry 3: Burning dem weed fields on fire while Jr. Gong and Skrillex drop the beats
  • Max Payne 3: Airport mission WITH the level's music
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Mass Effect 1 and beating Dark Souls for the first time.

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Mass Effectwhen you have to choose who dies

Uncharted 2: Among Thievestank fight or train sequence

The Walking Dead all of it...

Portal ending

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King killing Lich King, nothing really cinematic about it, just felt like the end of an unending game to me/finished what was started in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Sleeping Dogslast hour of the story, getting revenge/redeeming yourself

Assassin's Creed: RevelationsOpening cinematic, the entire cavern sequence leading up to and including the river chase, rescue of your lady

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood ending cinematic was a major WTF moment

DmC Devil May Cry opening, the mission where you are forced to abandon Kat

I'll post videos later


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This is always my go to, favorite moment of this generation.

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  • Spec Ops: The Line - Meeting Konrad.
  • Portal 2 - Placing the last portal in the game.
  • Gear of War - The first time you chainsaw a Locust.
  • TESIV: Oblivion - The first minute or so after you exit the sewers.
  • Half Life 2 - When you get the super gravity gun.
  • Saint's Row: The Third - Pretty much any of the setpiece moments.
  • Split/Second - Triggering the route changes for the first time.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Sitting through the credits to the end.
  • Dark Souls - The vista that greets you upon entering Anor Londo.

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i put all these under a spoiler block, i hope it doesnt show for folks.

@Mushir first set that comes to mind.

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i put all these under a spoiler block, i hope it doesnt show for folks.

@Mushir first set that comes to mind.

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Call of Duty 4 - Nuke sequence

Mass Effect 1 - Harbinger speech (what a badass and mysterious thing, so much potential)

Uncharted 2 - Clowns

RDR - ending and then the other ending

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The opening of Uncharted 2, with Drake hanging off the train that's hanging off a god damn cliff holy shit

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bonus points cause he almost gets killed with a first aid kit.

Fighting two Scarabs at once near the end of Halo 3. Extra amazing because "One Final Effort" is playing in the background and that maybe gets my vote for greatest video game track.

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The whole last god damn level of Modern Warfare, but especially the gun slide/slow-mo bit at the end. Alternatively, the sniper moment from earlier in the game.

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I second the "last portal that you shoot" in Portal 2, as well. Fucking perfect moment. Also the moment where John walks out of the barn at the end of Red Dead Redemption. ALSO ALSO the very last, like, fifteen seconds of Darksiders.

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I'll list some more later. The bathysphere ride and the whole intro of BioShock takes the top place for me though.

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The airport level in Max Payne 3, specifically the moment with the music.

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"Would you kindly..."

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@damisterchief: Oh my fucking god I need to play MW again it's been forever.

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Portal: Going out of the sterile lab environment for the first time.

Portal 2: The Face Heel Turn.

Heavy Rain: JASON and cutting off your finger.

Left 4 Dead series: going through any map for the first time.

Fez: Discovering what Fez was all about.

Red Dead Redemption: The final gunshot. Late title card.

MGS4: "SNAKE YOUR THE SHIT." The Ocelot fight.

Vanquish: Beating that game on hard and making it look easy compared to my normal playthrough.

RE5: Fucking up your friend's QTE.

Deadly Premonition: That ending.

Mass Effect 1: Realizing ME2 kind of sucked in comparison about 2 years after the fact.

Uncharted 2: Train sequence.

Bayonetta: Probably my favorite moment this gen is getting good at this game right around the point where you face the first Grace and Glory. It opened me up to many PS2 games I would have never played. Also that ending. The fight with Baldur, running up the statue into space, the fight with hair God, knocking her into the sun, the fake out credits, the credits dance number.

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@thefreeman: The moment you drive the Scorpion out of the little canyon overlooking that snowy cliff side and the music kicks in, you blast your way down to the bottom and those two Scarabs drop from the sky...4 player co-op was amazing in Halo 3. I remember two people grabbing Hornets, I was in the tank, and someone got in a Warthog. Hornets distracted the Scarabs, allowing me to fire at the legs and back panel while the Warthog made this awesome jump and landed on the other one. I played that level so much.

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@mtcantor said:

Mass Effect 2.

Yup. Nearly everything about this game. Was thinking about this earlier today as a matter of fact. This is my game of the generation. All that strife over Mass Effect 3 be damned.

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Arriving in Mexico. Best moment of this whole generation for me.

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Long-jumping off a small planetoid in Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, orbiting it one or two times, then landing. All while amazing orchestral music plays.

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There are some really good one here. I'll add Mordin in Mass Effect 3.

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The first memory in Lost Odyssey.

The end of Crisis Core: Final fantasy 7.

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Plane/Desert part of Uncharted 3 comes to mind. That part made me feel all kinds of crazy.

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  • Journey - entire game
  • Mass Effect 2 - Loyalty Missions
  • MGS4 - Microwave Hallway (arm still hurts)
  • Portal - entire game
  • Portal 2 - Wheatley
  • Skyrim - First 50 hours
  • Saint's Row The Third - Tron Level
  • Asura's Wrath - Sword through the Planet!
  • Guitar Hero 2 - entire game but last setlist to be specific
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Journey - snowboarding sequence.

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Few that haven't been mentioned yet

MGS4: ending (not specifically the ending sequence, more the events leading up to it)

Journey: sliding, ending, etc.

Fallout 3: going outside

Amnesia: water bucket monster

Deadly Premonition had some pretty good moments too. If you wanted one for a montage I guess sinner's sandwich would do. Any scene with whistling is a good bet anyway.

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The first that comes to mind for me is something you couldn't get on video for a montage. In Warhawk I was in a dogfight with a pilot from a top clan. The guy stealthed so I used the remote controlled missile and cut him off with it at the health pick up for a 3 point kill. Taking out planes with that thing is hard enough but doing it when he's invisible is near impossible.

Entering Anor Londo in Dark Souls and entering Mexico in RDR are also really great moments.

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Oh God.

The intro of Bioshock

Talking to a Reaper for the first time in ME1

The ending of ME2

Call of Duty 4's nuke

Fighting two scarabs in Halo 3

The part in Resistance 3 where a hopeless Capelli sends a message on a radio in hopes that his wife will hear it (seriously underrated game)

The ending of Halo Reach where you know it's a hopeless fight but you keep fighting anyway because your video-game instinct says to.

Flying around space to solve puzzles in Dead Space 2

One that I'm not sure if I want on this list or not - getting "ghost-raped" by Alma in FEAR 2. It's not a pleasant scene, no, but it's also a twist that you never saw coming but was definitely foreshadowed, especially by that Snake Fist fellow.

Becoming a Strogg in Quake 4

Chainsawing your way out a worm in Gears of War 2

Punching a boulder in RE5

When you first turn that corner and the massive scope of Crysis 1 opens up to you.

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MGS4: There are a few things that happen like revisiting MGS

Mass Effect 2: The suicide mission

Far Cry 3: The intro and Vaas

RDR: Everything after killing Dutch

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Far Cry 3 - "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"

COD 4 - The Nuke

MW2 - Roach and Ghost getting betrayed by Shepard

Batman: Arkham City - Joker Death

Dead Space 2 - Exploring the Ishimura again

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The first 10 minutes or so of Batman Arkham Asylum. Yes, the game keeps getting better, but it makes one hell of a first impression.

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This isn't really a specific moment of a game but...I'll never forget those lazy summer days playing Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 with my brother and high school friends.

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I see this thread and start thinking about it and wow, it really makes this generation feel pretty impressive.

I can't even begin. I agree with so much of what's been posted and feel like I have a million others.

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And the rest of this damn game. I would add more but plenty have already been added to the thread~

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First of all, this isn't a story moment at all, frankly the game doesn't even have a story. It's an experience I had while playing DayZ , possibly the most immersive game that I've ever played (for those of you unfamiliar with the game, I seriously advise you give it a look). Now when it comes to PC games, I'm somewhat of a loner online, seeing as how none of my friends seem to know how to use one. So when it comes to the game in question, I'm very much on my own. I will also apologize to those who haven't played it and have no idea what I'm going on about...

So, this particular night, I can't sleep and when 3am rolls around and I'm still tossing and turning, I give up on the whole thing, turn on my computer, and decide to play a couple hours. The server that I'm on is the same time-zone as me, so it's pitch black out when I log in thankfully I have trusty night vision goggles that I looted off the corpse of some player I'd stumbled across a few days prior. Seeing as it was night and the server population was low, I decided to do some looting in some of the higher risk areas, namely the North-West Airfield. Now, since I have no idea what I'll come across when I go in there, I have a habit of emptying my backpack in the forest of all non-essentials and rare items so I have more space and if I happen to be killed I can get the majority of my gear back. So there I am, at the perimeter fence with naught but a silenced pistol and some bandages. I check the server population, three, good in I go. What are the odds someone will be there? I start making my way up through the buildings finding very little, save for some mags for my rifle and a couple grenades. Thinking that this trip was a bust I finally end up at the last building of interest, the northern barracks. As I make my way in the first item I find is a coveted GPS unit. I continue to loot the barracks finding nothing more of value and turn to leave, when outside for the briefest of moments I see a flash of light. Was that a flashlight? A graphical glitch? Maybe just lightning, surely no one would be dumb enough to run around this place with a flashlight out... I immediately go prone and crawl to the shower room, taking quick peeks outside. There I am, prone in the shower room wondering if there was someone out there, knowing that I was probably screwed if he had a rifle. A couple minutes pass, nothing, maybe it was just my imagination. Then I hear it, footsteps. Damnit! Now I'm just hoping he'll start at the back of the building and move forward, maybe giving me a chance to sneak out. The footsteps get closer and it's becoming apparent that he's coming right for this building and not making much effort at stealth. Pistol at the ready he come running into the barracks and right by me. Thank god, he mustn't have seen me. I get crouched, ready to make a run for it, and take a peek around the corner to see if he went into one of the rooms only to see he's prone at the end of the hall greeting me kindly with a hail of fire from an AK. I manage to pop off a couple shots before ducking back and hunkering down wishing I would have grabbed one of the lower end rifles I'd come across. Over the next few minutes (seemed a lot longer), we exchange threats and insults over general chat, I try to convince him I'm friendly but to no avail. He's got me locked down and isn't about to let me leave. It's at this point I start searching through my inventory for some way out of this and realize that I had grabbed a couple of grenades in my travels. I get close to the hallway wall and let 'em fly, hoping these throws are better than my previous attempts at using grenades. I hear a double BANG and wait for a moment. "You still there man?" I ask over general. Nothing. Then it comes, salvation. The message 'player has died' pops up in the bottom left. "You should have let me leave." I say over general before crouching (my hands actually shaking on my mouse and keyboard) and making my way out of there before the billion zombies that heard the bang trap me in there. I make it not more than five steps out of the barracks when all of a sudden I'm staring at the 'You Are Dead' screen very nearly with a fresh mess in my pants. Apparently another player heard the initial gunshots, came to investigate, and not only heard the entire conversation, but was waiting outside, gun drawn for the victor of the encounter. He managed to find me later on to say it was one of the funniest things he'd seen during the game, asking me why I didn't use the grenades right of the bat. Didn't give me my NVGs or GPS back though...

That's DayZ for you. Sorry if this was an overly long post, but I've not had a gaming experience quite like the surprise encounters you have it this game and I just thought I'd share one.

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And what a manly picnic it was.
And what a manly picnic it was.

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GTA4 driving down times square with any good tune on the radio.

Max Payne 3 Airport Level Music intro

Crysis walking down the beach on the first level.

Alan Wake rock stage moment.

F.E.A.R. Lining up proximity mines in a row killing a much of dudes.

BF3 dominating people in a chopper getting accused of hacking always funny and fun.

Mirror's Edge getting immersed just looking around the city and listening to the great music in the background playing.

DeadSpace 2 changing suit animation and music that plays gets me pumped.

Mass Effect 2 flying to any planet with that great cutscene also I love this mission accomplished music.

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A lot of these have been mentioned already, but here are mine.

  • Bioshock - Pretty much the first hour of the game. And Andrew Ryan.
  • Portal - I won't say the entire game, but the second half was about as perfect as it gets.
  • Portal 2 - Defective turrets, all things Cave Johnson and the final battle.
  • Super Mario Galaxy - Too many galaxies to mention and that insane ending.
  • The Walking Dead - I'll just say episode 3 and leave it at that.
  • World of Goo - The whole game really, but specifically the ending.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - Just driving around Liberty City fucking shit up.
  • No More Heroes - Meeting Henry.
  • Wii Sports - Bowling. Seriously, I've had some great times playing Wii Sports with friends.
  • Borderlands 2 - Sarcastic Slab. Yeah, somehow that made the shortlist.
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#48 Posted by Zebracal (75 posts) -

So many greatest game moments. Keep the list coming!

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  • Just Cause 2 - Flying a helicopter over the snowy mountains for the first time and seeing how far the world stretches and knowing that I can go to all those places far away.
  • Far Cry 3 - Shooting a predator cage in a pirates outpost with a sniper rifle from 100 meters away and claiming the outpost just by doing so.
  • Dead Space - The big character twist towards the end of the campaign.
  • Far Cry 2 - Setting an entire railroad on fire with little effort and watching it continuously burn.
  • Mass Effect 3 - Fighting on the Turian moon and seeing this huge Reaper moving in the background.
  • Batman: Arkham City - Rocksteady committing to a shocking ending. I figured they would've copped out.
  • The Darkness 2 - All the asylum moments.
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The endings to Red Dead Redemption, easily.

The battle on top of the Rex with Ocelot in MGS4 and also the microwave hallway were excellent too though. The end of that game soured me a bit but still fantastic.