Guess which upcoming video game adaption movie this image is from!

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No cheating if you already know what it is!

Once you've recorded your guess, here's the answer:

Diego Boneta portraying "Sergeant Marshall" in the Monster Hunter movie! Hunting Diablos in the Wildspire Waste perhaps? Wonder if the M16 does elemental damage!

It is being directed by Paul WS Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich. Kinda seems like we are getting the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Resident Evil movie series!

Looks to me like Mortal Kombat is poised to retain its status as the Best Video Game Movie Adaptation! As a bonus question, what is your current favorite video game movie?

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I don't know why, but my mind went to Metal Gear. The actual answer is somehow more fucked up.

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My guess was Spec ops: The Line... While it is a bad guess, it is far more believable than the truth.

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My guess was also Spec Ops: The Line. I have no idea how they intend to justify the use of the license here.

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Had no idea what it could possibly be from, found the actual answer as depressing as possible.

I cannot wait for Milla Jovovich to kick a rubbery CG monster that looks vaguely like a Rathalos in the face.

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I’m kind of surprised I’m not the only one who thought of Spec Ops: The Line. The real answer is jarring (I never played one of those games.). This movies going to be horrible. I’m excited.

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This thread is just making me think about TANG and the Hotspot, and it's making me sad. Fucking Paul WS Anderson with his Jedi mind tricks.

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@billymaysrip: just got finished binging TANG last week. What a duder.

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I assumed it was a Spec Ops The Line movie adaptation, the truth is so much worse.

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Red faction.

*Looks at answer* Huh. I assume they'll add the palico ears and tail in post.

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SyFy Channel's "it resembles but is legally distinct from" Uncharted seemed like a lock.

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I'd say best case scenario is the movie has some kind of knock off Journey to the Centre of the Earth plot that gets the movie into familiar territory.

More likely is that the movie has a low budget and can't film in lush locations, or really have any sort of appropriately creative costuming, so it's going to be US Military vs dinosaurs in a desert since the prop department already has a bunch of army uniforms and fake guns lying around.

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Well this is depressing.

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@brackstone: Straight from the director’s mouth, iirc.

”An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a MH, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.”

”The central characters are very relatable American characters. You take a person from the ordinary world who thinks they’re in a dead end job, they have no future, they feel like their life’s a failure, it’s going nowhere, like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. It’s about a normal American who gets dragged into this parallel world, this MH world. Then eventually the parallel world ends up coming to our world. So you have the creatures from the MH world invading our world.”

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Yeah, my first thought was 'uh oh, is that really an image for MGS?' Glad it's not.

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@glots: Somehow that sounds like both of my predictions at once.

Now my prediction is that the inevitable sequel is called Monster Hunter: Armageddon where the world has been invaded and destroyed by zombies dinosaurs and Mila Jovovich rides a motorcycle in the desert and fights a corporation that's still trying to weaponize dinosaurs even though the world's economy is crippled and nothing makes sense.

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Oh dear god when my friend told me about this I thought he was joking.

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Wow. My guess was Far Cry--which already got a movie. In retrospect, thanks for that one, Uwe Boll. So, considering how much hunting you do in Far Cry 3-5 of both animals and occasional monsters does that mean I'm closest?

Anyway, the actual answer is such nonsense that I'm honestly pumped for whatever this ends up being.

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I'm surprised no one thought it was going to be Chris Redfield for a new RE movie. The guy practically looks like him.

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Earth Defense Force? Or maybe that new Sonic the hedgehog movie. I've seen little enough about that that it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to make it gritty or something.

Kinda sad someone spoiled it so early in the thread... Glad I didn't see it before I had a guess.

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I hate everything about this.

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Yeah sadly MK still remains one of the best video game adaptations. The original obviously, Annihilation is only watchable from the lense of the direct to video holy wow type of experience. I feel like this eventually has to change, but it's tough. Right now video game movies are still in that stage that a lot of early comic book movies were like eons ago. Where you either see an adaptation that takes itself too seriously, or doesn't take it's source material seriously enough.

You'd have to figure as tastes skew more anime as time goes on (it seems anyways) that eventually something will line up so that you get a VG adaptation that can push everything forward. Sadly Anderson, whose Resident Evil movies are honestly not god awful, they are just basically not Resident Evil and are more an excuse for him and his wife to do their style of campy movie. I think part of seeing the VG adaptation scene change could just come down to seeing a passionate serious group of creators get together to do something. Then again that was attempted with the AC movie was it not? Perhaps I'm mistaken, I haven't seen that thing yet.

I feel like it's criminal that we haven't gotten a good Street Fighter yet though. I mean don't get me wrong, the two movies they did make were "good" and have some of the best bad film moments of all time in them. Whether it's the campy one liners of the original or Chris Klein doing his worst William Shatner across from evil Realtor Neal McDonaughs Bison in that god awful Chun Li one. But for real, that source material probably has the best chance to make the best movie. I mean I think things like Last of Us and Uncharted as well could be hits, but realistically I feel like those will feel like outliers due to the perceived quality of the writing of those games. They already sort of feel like movies, and the genres they play in are all in film. So they may just feel like genre movies with video game references.

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It looks like it could be Resident Evil, so I’m guessing a rugged special forces dude crosses path with Mila Jovavich in a dangerous World full of Monsters...and Hunters.

It looks pretty Paul W.S. Anderson-y...

EDIT: I’m not sure if I’m thrilled or disappointed that my guess was right...

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My Wife Needs Work, Episode 12.

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Army of Two the movie.

"it's is being directed by Paul WS Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich."

Glad Paul WS Anderson still makes movies to get his wife employed.

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Why is everyone so sure that Milla Jovovich doesn't continue acting to keep her husband employed?

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Guess 1: (a crappy) Call of Duty movie

Guess 2: Just Cause

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@nutter: i for one am flabbergasted that you guessed this correctly. my mind went to the most lazy thought of calladuty.

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@theht: I mean, I knew that Paul WS Anderson and Mila Jovavich were making a Monster Hunter movie. I didn’t know they were filming or doing photography or whatever.

It just looks like it could have been a shot from that third Resident Evil movie. Something about the guy, his hair, his uniform, the rocks...

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I don't know, I'm less exasperated by the fact this is the Monster Hunter than by all the people defending the Monster Hunter franchise as some great piece of fiction. If this ends up being like Predators (bad ass characters ripped from the real world to fight on another world), this could be neat.

And seriously the best video game ever made is Resident Evil: Retribution (#5). It's actually very clever in its stupidity and its use of video game concepts. In fact, I'm watching Afterlife (#4) tonight.