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How many of you guys enjoyed these and want more?

I personally found more enjoyment out of the .hack//G.U. trilogy than the original .hack//'s.

Granted, the games objectively were pretty simple and at many points just plain repetitive and/or lazy, but I loved the combat, story and characters.

It doesn't look like CyberConnect2 is working on a new series though, which kinda sucks.

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I wouldn't mind more .hack lovin'. Much like you, I felt like G.U. was superior to the original series, but you can chalk that up to a lot of things. I was pretty young when I played through the original series (8-9ish? I was definitely in Elementary school), but the premise behind an online world like that really got me caught up. Oh, and the music wasn't half-bad, either always felt nice.

I vaguely remember spin-offish novelizations with original characters and stuff like that, but I never took the time to actually look into them. Long story short: I loved the games, enjoyed .hack sign, and secretly wished that a similar MMO would be developed in the future. Y'know, so people could get addicted to VR shit and go broke.

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I remember really liking .hack//G.U. I remember them having another manga going on and then announcing a PSP game in Japan. Not sure how that turned out though.

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@insane_shadowblade85: They've made a metric sh*t-ton of Naruto games...

I wonder if there's not enough interest in .hack anymore in Japan or shelling out Naruto games is just an easy way of pulling in the green.

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@gunxspectre: I would enjoy more .hack. Now that we're getting more single player/multiplayer games ala Destiny, it feels like now is as good a time as any for a .hack style game. Mainly single player but with multiplayer elements to it, fitting with the MMO style of the series. I can imagine Dragon's Dogma-esque action and some cool persistent world elements in service of a greater story.

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would love re-releases on PSN or something. I dont want to pay over 100 bucks for 4 ps2 game :/

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I own Infection. Still haven't finished it yet, but I did really enjoy what I've played. I just sort of fell off. Damn.

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@nintendork666: I can't imagine having to play the original 4 games in 2013. There's definitely a lot of charm, but I can't imagine having to deal with the gameplay (especially after playing the G.U. trilogy). More power to ya, brother.

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.hack was great. Never finished the original trilogy but I really enjoyed the first 3 games.

Dragon Age 2 took its dungeon design from these games.

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There are a lot of rpg from the ps2 generations I would love to see again, .hack being one of them.

Anyone know what happen to the Shadow Hearts guys? I was still in high school when those guys went under. I have heard nothing about that team since.

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For a few years there I was way into .hack, in that time I managed to finish all 7 games, read all the books/manga and watch all of the anime series (Except Roots, witch sucked ass). So yes, I would like more.

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The gu trilogy was fun, but I started to sour on the combat by the third game.

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Man, you just reminded me that I never went out and got the 4th part to the original .Hack and now I'm starring at my unfinished spine picture in sadness.


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The games were alright. I still play them occasionally. The problem with them was they were grindy (cus they were trying to capture the feel of an MMO without being an MMO) and they were kind of short (at least the first one was, I'm not sure if I finished the second and third- I sold the fourth and never actually opened it. I do regret selling it).

The plus side. They were doing some really ambitious stuff. The role play that you're an MMO player, and you check forums and emails as part of the games story arc- was really cool. The other stuff about the gameplay was standard MMO stuff, although it was real time fighting instead of turn based or half turn based so that was cool (although it feels a little weird).

Ya, it was a cool game.

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#15 Edited by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (961 posts) -

Oh man I really enjoyed the .Hack games, both the original set and GU. I do worry if I ever went back to them that they may not hold up, but a lot of what they did with it was pretty neat and interesting. First off you are playing a game of a game, the whole game itself is a fictional game inside this world you never get to see, unless you watch the anime or read the manga I'm guessing. It also presented the idea of a MMO with interesting characters and plots with the rest of MMO trappings, like forums, messages, guilds, you could trade with nearly any NPC, etc. Of course you didn't get to make too many of your own choices due to there being a linear plot, but still having that world dressing was really cool. Then there was the fact that your character in the original 4 games could literally hack the (fictional) game world (at least that's how I remember it), whereas your GU character could literally control a computer virus (also how I remember it).

I really did enjoy a lot about those games even the combat I thought was great until it got too repetitive and the dungeons became a slog. I have to be honest, there was a lot wrong with the games too, when it came to the combat. One could say that it was only repetitive because it was supposed to be like an MMO and that's why there was a lot of grinding. Which is fair point, but being purposefully tedious at times, only to fit the theme is a bit annoying.

All in all though I'd love to see another .hack game, just to see what it would look like on modern/next gen consoles. Would they keep with the more tedious combat and plain looking dungeons, or would they try something a bit more grandiose and dynamic. Either way I'd probably get a new one just to see what it's like, no matter how good or bad.

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.hack was awesome. As far as I'm concerned it was a better single player pseudo-MMO-experience than Xenoblade (and I guess why I'm not as enthused by Xenoblade as many others were - it just lacked a realism and atmosphere that I felt the .hack games had mastered so much earlier). Also, when Asura's Wrath came out and people kept referring to CyberConnect2 as "those naruto guys" it always irked me.

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Haven't played them - which one should I start with? I'm always looking for good RPGs and I've been curious about the .hack series

There are a lot of rpg from the ps2 generations I would love to see again, .hack being one of them.

Anyone know what happen to the Shadow Hearts guys? I was still in high school when those guys went under. I have heard nothing about that team since.

Some members of the Shadow Hearts team went to mistwalker, where they helped make Lost Odyssey (great story, not my favorite gameplay) for the 360. I would love another Shadow Hearts game... Covenant is my favorite J-RPG ever.

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#18 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

I have all 4 .hack games and all the .hackGU games. Great games. Really wish we had something like this in current gen.

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I have all the games and almost all the Mangas that have been released in English (I'm missing a few now because I was dumb and didn't pick them up when I had the chance, now they're out of print and no where to be found). When the G.U. series was being released I was part of a massive fansite, that was actually the first forum I ever posted on. needless to say I have a shit ton of fond memories with the series and made a lot of friends online from them. Sadly I don't keep in contact with any of them and that genuinely makes me sad.

Anyway yeah. I'm a massive fanboy.

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