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Looks like progress is being made here. Parasite Eve is now crossed off the list and am now on to game number three. I didn’t think I would finish Parasite Eve that fast. For some reason, I thought that this game was pretty long. For what it’s worth, the game was a joy to play and I’m glad I got it done. I guess I should go look for Parasite Eve II next. I have a verdict in the works, with Darksiders II almost finished and ready to go up.

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The next game on the list is DmC: Devil May Cry. For this one, I’m playing the game on PC at Nephilim difficulty. At this point, I’m one hour into the game and on mission three. The train will keep going until this is done. Let us continue…

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Glad you like Parasite Eve. One of my all time favorites.

Parasite Eve 2 is worth it but plays differently. It's closer to Resident Evil. You're still leveling up and using abilities and shooting bullets with damage numbers and all that but the feel of the combat is different. I never liked it as much as the first one but it's well worth it nonetheless.

DmC is pretty fucking rad too.

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@pr1mus: Thanks for some tips for Parasite Eve. I can't wait to play some more DmC. Keep in touch.

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How is long is Parasite Eve? What is the difficulty like? I've been thinking of picking it up but I don't want to commit to anything too long or too difficult.

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@darthorange: I'm hoping to go into detail when I put up my verdict, but here's a few quick pointers for you. The game took me about 7 hours, but I don't think I got everything. The game was pretty fair in difficulty and felt like a challenge during boss battles and at the end. I enjoyed my time with the game and consider it a worthy product.