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#1 Posted by Slaps2 (638 posts) -

TLDR I'm not going to do the work for you. Read the damn thread.

Oh no... it's one of these threads... a thread that can be answered in one word. Come on, don't be that guy. elaborate a little bit.

Anyway, I just got done beating Starcraft: Remastered. I started playing it a year ago before the remastered patch even came out. That game is stressful with a capital S. Before any of you say I suck at Starcraft, you're not wrong. Years ago, I was convinced I would only beat it with cheats. The third level from the end, "To Slay The Beast", was something that almost made me give up on the game. It took me two months to figure out how to beat. Obviously I did not play it every day, but it was so hard it bummed me out and I didn't want to go back. I did end up using cheats to get through so I could start Starcraft 2, but it didn't feel right. A couple days ago I went back and finally forced that game to eat dirt. The last two levels (and one secret bonus level) were not as a hard. There were times playing that game I had to literally take a week to mentally prepare. There's just so much to keep track of and I'm not wired for RTS gameplay. Having beaten it, however, SC2 is easy as all get out.

I remember my friends and I also bought Super Meat Boy back in the day. I was the only one who beat it. It was only after about a week of absolute rage. I didn't S rank it, but damn am I'm proud I got it done.

You guys can say I suck at games all you want. I do, after all. But first, you have to tell me some of the hard games you've beaten. ;)

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I'm not sure if I would call Cuphead the hardest game I've ever beaten, but it's easily the hardest game I've ever gotten all the achievements in. I got an S-rank on every boss fight, because I'm a crazy person.

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I don't consider myself good at games so whenever I've beaten a "hard" game, I never really feel that psyched about it, more that anybody could've done it.

Cuphead would be the most recent. It was very frustrating but I kept banging my head against it and got through it.

Games like God Hand, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry 3 were all more fan challenging experiences.

The Last of Us on hard? Does that count?

I have platinum in Hitman: Blood Money if that counts.

I think SC2 on harder difficulty is much harder than SC1. I beaten all three SC2 campaigns on hard but brutal is too much for me.

hmm...it's hard for any of this to not come off like bragging.

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So I don't really have a definitive answer for this. I can think of a couple of difficult games I've finished, but generally I've never been one to look for difficult games to beat.

I've finished off almost every Dark Souls boss by myself (I didn't finish a handful of the ones in DS2) and I've finished all three games in general by myself. Totally offline, no co-op help. But that's not really such an accomplishment anymore, is it? Most people posting on video game threads have done that, or can do it regardless of whether they are interested in trying it out.

I've finished the original Mega Man X so many times that I feel like it's way too easy these days. That was one of the last SNES games I got and I have just beat it over and over and over again over the years.

Shin Megami Tensei IV and Nocturne are both very difficult turn-based games, and not in the "grind out a few levels" kind of way. If you try to beat Matador by grinding out levels instead of learning the mechanics, you're going to be grinding way past where you need to and he's still going to be kinda tough - same goes for a good chunk of the bosses in both games, although there's also a few bosses that are total pushovers.

Other than those, I finished Doom II on Ultra-Violence. Which, like Dark Souls, isn't really such an accomplishment anymore - but I finished it on Ultra Violence the first time I played through it. I had played Doom 1 before on its normal difficulty and I had finished Doom 3 at some point, too, but I wasn't super-great at Doom. I still decided to bump the difficulty all the way up and that was a grueling test of endurance and skill (played the BFG edition with a controller, for anyone asking). Like Mega Man X, I have played Doom I and II so much that none of the vanilla difficulties are really that hard these days. Except Nightmare, fuck that.

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Hmm. I got 100% on Super Meat Boy, all A+; same for Hotline Miami; beat DMC3 on DMD mode; beat every COD game on veteran up till MW3 when I stopped buying them (did go all in on Advanced Warfare veteran, but no others); I beat Mega Man 1 without dying (posted a video of me finally managing it); beat Dark Souls dying only 8 times, all in the tomb of giants; I'm 5000th or so in the world in Trials Fusion (well, I was last time I played it in January - WheelsOfFate is my thingy), got all platinum medals until the last tier where I only managed golds and silvers; beat Shovel Knight without dying, got the trophy; beat Akuma in Tekken 7's bonus story mode episode, that's the most recent tricky one; got S-ranks on Thumper's first six levels; got five stars in every GH3 song on expert (except TTFAF, only scraped four).

I mean, nothing special, but I'm happy with my little victories.

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@justin258 Brag away, guys. I like your answers. You guys have already done shit I promise I will never get done in my gaming life. If I can remember correctly, beating uncharted 1 on normal was hard for me... apparently, I'm old and I suck at games.

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@brunothethird: GB rules kinda say don't promote yourself, but I gotta ask for a link to that mega man video if you have it. Sounds impressive and I think mods would let it slide. (@mods come on guys... this shit is impressive and pertinent to the thread.)

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@slaps2: They let me post it when I made a thread a while back; it's really nothing special as a performance, especially among that community, but I had only played the game for the first time a few days prior, and I am going to do more attempts in the future. Here is my first time succeeding at it, but keep in mind it's pretty sloppy.


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#9 Posted by Slaps2 (638 posts) -
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#10 Posted by MeierTheRed (5850 posts) -

Hard to say really, finished a lot of games that i personally would consider hard. I remember Psycho Fox for the Master System to be one i struggled with, but it felt great once i completed it. Also i distinctly remember Shinobi or maybe it was Cyber Shinobi geing a hard. Demon's Souls also hard some hard parts, played that one before it came out in the west so there where no guides or anything.

Long story short there has been many hard games, but i can't really nail one down as being harder then others.

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#11 Edited by BrunoTheThird (808 posts) -

@slaps2: Haha, it totally is. That's how little confidence I had in that run, I was really annoyed I had the audio off, then I thought: great, I beat a hard game whilst watching someone trying to beat a hard game in the corner of my eye.

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#12 Posted by TobbRobb (6546 posts) -

I'm really not sure. The things I think are hard have definitely changed over the years. Once upon a time I would've said Devil May Cry to answer a question like this, but I've played so many games of that type for so many hours now that I don't really look at them as these impossible behemoths anymore. That's just what I play now, Souls and Bayonetta has weirdly become comfort food games that I can play pretty relaxed.

I put a bit more pride in beating hard games that I'm really bad at. Which the past few years would probably be rhythm games. I beat Thumper, that was goddamn hard. I played a bunc of that Miku game but I only managed to beat all the songs on normal. I've played a bunch of Osu! but kinda peaked out around 3.5-4 star songs. But yeah those accomplishments have been the most satisfying for me in single player terms, meager as they may be. Multiplayer is a whole different can of worms, but that's where I'm truly looking for challenge nowadays.

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Some friends and I systematically beat the original Legend of Zelda on the NES without adult help way back in the day. "Oh, you beat Zelda, congratulations..." you sarcastically say to yourself as you read this. Yes, you. I see you. Maybe you never played the original Legend of Zelda, but that game was like a prototype for Fez. Where was the fifth dungeon? Who knows? I guess we'll just wonder around trying to blow up and set fire to things until we find it. Heck, even finding the first dungeon took some wondering around to find. This was before cracks on the walls showing you were to bomb, you could access most of the dungeons from the start, and enemies would permanently eat your shield. And it's not like Nintendo Power was any help. "Congratulations on beating world 1! Here's a guide for world 2, that you will never get to." Thanks, Nintendo Power.

@justin258: Yeah, Nocturne kicked my ass hard the first time I played it. I had to go back to it after playing Persona 3, and even then it was pretty hard. Screw you, Matador. You had some ridiculous dodge mechanics.

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#14 Posted by Rigas (777 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid 2 European Extreme, That was a feat.

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#15 Posted by Moskelosk (42 posts) -

Hard to say but it's probably Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts which I fully beat (two playthroughs) when I was 9.

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#16 Posted by KingBonesaw (1321 posts) -

I'm really bad at video games. I've beaten my fair share of games over the years but I chalk that up to being a kid who spent a lot of time playing games. In recent years I'd probably say getting the Platinum trophy for Guacamelee is the hardest thing I've done.

Most people will probably think that Guacamelee is some easy game but I found it to be really tough. There are two distinct secret platforming sections that took me hours to beat. In one of them (a MegaMan style invisible blocks challenge) the battery on my Vita went from 100% to dead in one sitting before I could get through the thing.

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#17 Posted by Rigas (777 posts) -

Yes some of those crazy platforms are real tough.

I'm really bad at video games. I've beaten my fair share of games over the years but I chalk that up to being a kid who spent a lot of time playing games. In recent years I'd probably say getting the Platinum trophy for Guacamelee is the hardest thing I've done.

Most people will probably think that Guacamelee is some easy game but I found it to be really tough. There are two distinct secret platforming sections that took me hours to beat. In one of them (a MegaMan style invisible blocks challenge) the battery on my Vita went from 100% to dead in one sitting before I could get through the thing.

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#18 Posted by Strathy (183 posts) -

Historically, I think I start to loose perspective on what was truly hard and what I was just bad at because I was younger. For instance, I remember Ecco the Dolphin taking me more than a year to finish because my child self got stuck on parts of it so many times. More recently though, Super Meat Boy (dark worlds), and unlocking and beating the last B-Side level in Celeste felt like the hardest thing I'd gotten through in a while. I never got all the endings on the many extended versions of the game, but The Binding of Issac is probably the most stupidly hard thing to get right to the end of (although the extremely heavy RNG element to that game might disqualify it somewhat).

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#19 Posted by alexl86 (868 posts) -

I remember trying to “S-rank” Mega Man 9 back when the site tracked achievements. I got pretty sick of the game so I gave up on the last couple achievements(specifically complete the game five times in one day), but I completed it without dying. I don’t really consider the Dark Souls games to be among the hardest, but I’ve completed them. There are loads of NES and PS1 era games I’ve completed, but none come to mind. Most games these days are pretty forgiving and intuitive.

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#20 Edited by nicksmi56 (826 posts) -

Mega Man 1&2 and Castlevania 1&3 come to mind. Both of them were tough, and Mega Man was cheap as hell, but I managed to push through

Viewtiful Joe on Adults Mode will haunt my nightmares for the rest of my gaming life. Who the hell designed that final boss?

And it's not super hard as a full game, but Kirby Planet Robobot's True Arena took me the better part of a week to beat and the winning run took me half an hour 😅

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#21 Posted by Fezrock (688 posts) -

Solo-Ramza run of Final Fantasy Tactics. It was extremely hard, but almost felt like the way the game is meant to be played. The combat system can be broken a million different ways if you know what you're doing, and if you have a full party that can make it a cakewalk. But if you just have Ramza, you need all those breaks to even have a shot.

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#22 Posted by flagranterror (70 posts) -

Going to go with Bloodborne here. The first "souls" style game I played. I think it actually got easier toward the end by virtue of "you better goddamn know well what you're doing in this game or it will chew you up" but when I finished it (and the optional bosses) I immediately uninstalled it and haven't touched it since. I play a lot of video games but I'm not xXx_HARD_x_CORE_xXx about finishing them on the toughest difficulties or getting all the trophies.

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#23 Posted by MocBucket62 (2479 posts) -

I didn’t beat this on the hardest difficulty, but I considered XCOM Enemy Unknown to be the hardest game I beat for quite a while. Even on Normal, the game still threw some hard curveballs at you and I overcame a good amount of challenges.

Now I’d say Celeste is the toughest game I beat. I managed to get through the main story with 89 strawberries and over 1400 deaths. Currently beat 3 B side levels which have also murdered me plenty of times.

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#24 Posted by redwing42 (478 posts) -

Beat the True Demon ending of SMT: Nocturne. I did use a guide to know what I was facing in some of the later bosses, but not for a full walkthrough. Persona 3:FES on Hard, also, no guides. Super Meat Boy was a particularly satisfying one. Still working on Cuphead. Beat XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Classic Ironman, and did the same for Enemy Within. Probably some older games I could include that I can't think of right now.

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#25 Edited by pyrodactyl (4221 posts) -

Some of those Destiny hard mode raids were quite hard. I think our Destiny GB squad was one of only like 2000 completions in the first week of hard mode Crota's End, the raid of the first DLC. I should dig around for the exact number but I remember the success rate being crazy low before people figured out how to cheese the whole thing.

Also quite hard: the last boss of the second DLC for dark souls 2. My character was super underleveled and maybe my gear was ill suited for the fight on NG+. Took me like 30-50 tries. Same for the last boss of the Bloodborne DLC on NG+. Most of the bosses in that DLC were both fantastic and facesmashingly hard.

There's that platform sequence in the middle of Mass Efffect 2 on insanity that's pretty damn hard.

Getting the guy with the cape in super meat boy

CoD 4 on veteran. That feris wheel sequence was some impossible bullshit.

And finally, Invisible Inc with DLC on hard. That was taxing on my sanity.

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#26 Posted by BoOzak (2477 posts) -

@rigas said:

Metal Gear Solid 2 European Extreme, That was a feat.

I was stuck on the button mashing sequence with Solidus on Arsenal Gear for ages until I got my brother to do it for me. I think they reduced the difficulty for it in the HD versions.

For me it would be Super Meat Boy, which is kind of a boring answer but i'm not great at platformers so that felt pretty good to beat.

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#27 Posted by notnert427 (2157 posts) -

I would say 100% on all the scenes in Stuntman. It's not that tough to beat the regular game, but it is a fucking nightmare to perfect all the scenes. The controls and physics are generally somewhere between questionable and downright awful, you can fail for doing too well and throwing off the timing, and there is this dickhead director basically taunting you the whole time. I absolutely shattered a PS2 controller while doing this. Do you know how hard you have to throw a controller on the ground to make the plastic explode like it's glass? I do. I ultimately prevailed (mostly driven by sheer spite), but I'll never forget that one.

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#28 Posted by OurSin_360 (6094 posts) -

Not sure, i beat games considered hard like ninja gaiden for xbox and dark souls 1 and 2. Neither of those were really that hard though.

Cant remember if i actually beat the ninja turtles game for the nes, i only remember beating the section everyone considered impossible all the time but that could just be the most memorable part for me.

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#29 Posted by mcbisquick (54 posts) -

I've mentioned on a few other threads here how much of a pain it was to S rank every boss in Cuphead. But that's a completely voluntary thing I chose to do. A regular run of that game is by no means the toughest thing I've played, although it is a solid challenge.

I play a lot of tough games, so it's hard to decide one. My impulse would be to say a platformer, but the toughest ones for me were probably games like Super Meat Boy and Trials which could be maddening at times, but being able to instantly restart mitigated a lot of the frustration for me.

It's one of my favorite games, but the original release of Devil May Cry 3 was pretty damn tough. I'd say either that, or pick any fighting game I've managed to beat. MK9 and Tekken 7 probably stand out the most. I'm just not good at fighters, for as much as I enjoy them.

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#30 Edited by Capum15 (6003 posts) -

I don't really play many "hard" games, but I did beat Dark Souls a few times during the era of Load Our Last Souls. Got about 60/70% or so through Dark Souls 2 before burning out.

Fun game and I loved the lore. Died a lot but it was a lot easier than it seemed to be after a few hours.

It also helped me in some other games where I would just die on something repeatedly and force myself to "dark souls" this by taking my time and chipping away at it instead of trying to burst through it.

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#31 Edited by nutter (1754 posts) -

My heyday was when I got back into games after getting my teenage years out of my system, but before my family and career took off.

Probably Ninja Gaiden (Xbox). I beat that one on Master Ninja without too much difficulty, but I know it was built-up as being super difficult.

I have my moments these days, but I’m certainly not half as good as my younger self was.

EDIT: I never considered them difficult, but I used to play through Splinter Cell and Chaos Theory on Realistic, or Expert or whatever it was...hardest difficulty. I played all my old Clancy games like that. It was more fun to take your time, observe, and execute...and more rewarding.

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#32 Posted by Kidavenger (4417 posts) -

I beat Mega Man 2 when it came out, I don't think I'd have the time or patience to do that now.

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#33 Posted by redwing42 (478 posts) -

Forgot to add that I beat all three Mass Effect games on Insanity, but I didn't think that was particularly difficult except for maybe the end of ME2 inside the Collector Base.

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#34 Posted by nicksmi56 (826 posts) -

Just remembered that the internet apparently considers Ni No Kuni hard too. I didn't really have a problem with any of it (only died once because of carelessness while grinding), but that's something, I guess.

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#35 Edited by militantfreudian (664 posts) -

I remember feeling pleased with myself for beating Dark Souls 2. I think I even created a topic about it in which I mentioned that beating the Ruin Sentinels on my first try was my proudest video game related achievement. Dark Souls 2 was the first Souls game I had played, so I initially thought that I'd just hit a wall at some point.

It's a similar case with Darkest Dungeon, which I managed to beat last year. I played it in fits and starts in the year it came out, and even though I loved it, I didn't think I was going to complete the Darkest Dungeon. I don't think I was even interested in doing that. However, I somehow played it with increasing regularity last year to the point where I felt confident enough to tackle the Darkest Dungeon quests.

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#36 Posted by poobumbutt (940 posts) -

I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 on European Extreme and got the Lightning God trophy in Metal Gear Revengeance on "Revengeance" difficulty. Those felt pretty great. It's things like this - things that give you no quarter in difficulty and sometimes expect unfair and seemingly impossible things of you - that make it obvious Dark Souls isn't the be-all difficult game. At least for me. Obviously what is "difficult" changes for every person there is.

To elaborate, these difficulty settings are like so: European Extreme (get spotted, game over) and the Lightning God trophy (beat game on hardest difficulty, get S ranks in EVERY fight). The minute to minute gameplay doesn't change much in both cases. You know how to sneak up on a guard in MGS, just do that; you know how to beat an Irving in MGR, just do that. But do it perfectly or try again. MGR was particularly frustrating in this case, because a single mistake can lose you the S rank and you have to start again, so even "easy" fights can be screwed up by complacency or fatigue. But for the most part, only a few key areas gave me trouble. But the boss fights... this was the true problem in all three games. All were pretty damn hard, but I only had controller throwing level of problems with one boss in each game. MGS2 was the Vamp fight. MGS3 had The Fury. And MGR's devil was Monsoon. Both the Vamp and Monsoon fights feel like they simply expect the player to redo the fight over and over and over until muscle memory and frayed reflex nerves stretched to their limits finally see you through.

Vamp is a nightmare due to his speed. He jumps around with hard to track movements, throws a knife which you must either shoot down or dodge and then he jumps again. Repeat. Occasionally, he'll throw a special knife that traps your shadow in place, preventing you from moving. Free damage for him pretty much. That's all at the start of the fight. As it continues, the less health he has, the faster he moves. This culminated in me being so unable to accurately follow and counter him, that I eventually would just drag the aiming reticle across the screen in Vamp's jump direction and fire when I "felt" he was there, before my eyes could actually register if he was.

The Fury certainly lived up to his name. His fire attacks do enormous damage, killing you in two bursts. If you're lucky, the fight will drag on long enough for you to heal naturally enough to take another without dying. If anyone has played the original MGS on higher difficulties, they'll recognize this fight as the Vulcan Raven fight in third person with no reliable radar (your own motion radar is hindered by the vast amount of bats in the boss room). He's infuriating just due to the incredibly small margin of error available to you. You can be winning straight up, with 3/4 of his health gone when a bad corner turn and a lucky jetpack landing on his part make you flame-broiled Snake.

Monsoon, much like Fury, is hard due to the steep limit on mistakes you can make. And like Vamp, he is fast enough to throw you off your game consistently - he's no Vamp, but he's quick. There are also two additional problems: he does long combo strings with every hit requiring a parry; and you need to beat him with NO DAMAGE to yourself to get the "no damage" bonus which rewards you enough points to secure the S rank. MGR has a ranking system scored on multiple aspects like total combo length and number of Zandatsus performed. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for Zandatsu in the fight, meaning as far as I know, you need to make up for those lost points, hence the no damage. As I said before, this fight is practically based on twitch reflex and muscle memory. "Here's his combo string. Press square now, now, now, now, now and NOW and counterattack. Now parry the ranged attack, rush him. Back off, parry some more..." and so on. It's maddening because the constant reference to muscle memory can loop back around on you and make you disassociate your actions with the game AKA not being "in the zone". This is when most people take breaks, but I'm always afraid that will make me lose the instincts I'd built up over the fight. As a final cherry on top, the end of the fight checkpoints you as you enter the final stage (you must parry his final attack, do a short QTE and cut his ass up). The problem is retries are counted against you and nullify an S rank. So if you lose there, you need to do the whole fight again. Well, actually that would be fine since you've been doing that all along. Unfortunately there is no "restart fight", only "restart checkpoint" which brings you back to the final attack stage, of course counting as a retry. Therefore, in order to start the fight from the beginning, you must complete the WHOLE level once again, and of course, re-record all those perfect S ranks against basic enemies once again. Just... fuck.

I know this not because I actually failed to block his final attack but rather, once the final stage checkpoint happened, I noticed I had about ten points of damage done to me. I didn't know when it happened, but it apparently did and thus, my S rank was now impossible. It was a rough time.

Wow. Been a while since I wrote this long a thing. And on this God awful Android tablet keyboard, too. Please direct any complaints about spelling and grammar errors to that little Hell spawn.

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#37 Posted by Efesell (4188 posts) -

Wonderful 101 springs to mind really fast because it's a game that I finished without ever fully reaching that moment of all the systems clicking together in a cohesive way so I continually had trouble all throughout.

I admit that's just difficulty largely on a personal note, I don't really play a lot of games that are designed to be outrageously difficult.

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#38 Posted by Brackstone (829 posts) -

Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran difficulty. Nothing worse than infinite enemy spawns and bullshit grenade spawns (they aren't actually thrown by anyone, they just appear). The Reichstag is the worst videogame level I've ever played. In general Call of Duty games are basically a masterclass in how not to design difficulty levels.

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#39 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4039 posts) -

I don't want to act like i'm really awesome or something, but i'll have you know that i'm one of the few people (top 10 for sure) that managed to beat the driving licence test of Driver.

To be serious, i don't really know what's hard anymore. I beat most of the Souls games. I beat RTS campaigns. I'm top 5~% in Dota2. I beat 3d platformers with terrible camera issues such as Earthworm Jim 3d & Croc on PC. I beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. I beat Omega Weapon & Ultima Weapon & Dark Aeons etc. you decide if any of this was hard :P

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#40 Posted by Nodima (2529 posts) -

I don't play many "hard" games and I generally don't play them on the "hard" difficulties when I do. Whenever I get done with Horizon: Zero Dawn's Ultra Hard mode with the Frozen Wilds DLC it'll be the first time I've ever beaten a game on its hardest difficulty at 30 years old, and I think that just says more about the game and its balancing than myself and my skill while playing it.

If I really wanted to reach, I completed a hell of a lot of the 007-level goals on Goldeneye when I was a kid, but not all of them.

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#41 Posted by Slag (8139 posts) -

Boy this is actually surprisingly hard to figure out. It's not like there is a consensus list or anything to cross reference, because some of what I think was really hard a lot of people don't and some games I know people think are hard didn't give me a tremendous amount of trouble.

Then there's things like brawlers. How tough are they considered really? On a single credit they could be murderously tough but so does it count as beating them if you basically pump quarters your way to victory? If you spend enough You'll beat nearly any one of them you want to.

Street Fighter IV Arcade mode probably gave me the most trouble of anything I ever successfully beat (other SF games didn't trip me up nearly at all). Probably took me a good 50 tries to get Seth down on Normal. But I don't think most people struggled anywhere near that much as I did.

Otoh I beat a lot of NES games like Contra and Legend of Zelda pretty easily back in the day. Maximo: Ghosts to Glory was another I found surprisingly more manageable than expected that had a rep for being brutal.

So I dunno, difficulty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

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God Hand was pretty tough. The Great Sensei fight took me a few days

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Huh, I didn’t think of Ni no Kuni as being hard, but I guess that. Of the games I’d consider hard, probably old school NES Legend of Zelda, Suikoden IV (more broken than hard with the relentless random battles), Jagged Alliance 1 and 2 (with an admitted ton of save scumming), and some of the original Might and Magic games. Don’t ask which ones, but I think it was VI and VII.

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#45 Posted by Dragon_Puncher (619 posts) -

I honestly have no idea, after you beat something the feeling that it was hard often goes away. But Cuphead comes to mind as something that felt like an achievement.

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That's hard... Ha. No, but really it's not easy to say because when you actually beat something the word 'hard' kind of goes out the window. I suppose any of the moments in games that make me go 'well, I never want to do that part again' would be it, but I can't remember what games had that. I do remember Rainbow Six: Vegas had one of these moments on hard actually. It's late in the game when you're in a theater and you have to defend one of your teammates as a whole lot of enemies come in. The game overall is not the hardest by any stretch, but the game had one of those moments.

Gears of War (at first before I learned about the trick to beat him) had an insanely difficult final boss, Raam when playing on Insane solo. I also thought Gears 3's Myrrah was pretty difficult too on insane. I would also argue that games like Ninja Gaiden are more difficult than Souls-borne games. Ninja Gaiden is more about how well you can quickly respond to the actions of your foes; the Souls games are more about patience. Both equally intense probably, but Ninja Gaiden is more difficult to me.

I've been playing games since I was born more or less, but I wasn't old enough to want to master older hard games, and I don't care to do it now. As an example with a recent old game I played, I would not be able to get through the Turrican games with the handful of lives they give you unless I spent hours upon hours trying to master it probably. There are a bunch of old games like that and that's how they have their longevity.

Oh, another one is Modern Warfare's ending. Not the airplane (that is difficult though), but when you're timed in the end before the missile strike. I hated that.

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@brackstone: Ha! World At War is the only COD that I got to the end of Veteran and quit. Yeah, it was somewhat cheap. At that point, I feel like it's not a point in the skill, but up to chance that you make it through some of it. I don't remember if it was an excessive amount of bullets fired that you just couldn't get through or the grenades. I remember stopping right at the last building I think, at the bottom of some steps. I might be able to go through it now if I tried again, but I probably won't ever do it.

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Hard to think - there's probably a lot of games early on that I've glossed over.

I've never been one to '100%' games

In more recent times I think Bloodborne stands out the most, my first "Souls" game, and that was pretty tough in parts. XCOM:EU on Classic Ironman felt like a good achievement.

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Pretty much my entire NES library, which included Silver Surfer.

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Nothing incredibly hard comes to mind, but I do have two achievements that I'm quite proud of: Beating Mega Man 2 on hard without save states, and doing a Clean Hands, Ghost, and Mostly Flesh and Steel run in Dishonored on the hardest difficulty.