Haruna Anno is officially the coolest girl ever

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Haruna Anno is a Japanese pin up model and a truly avid gamer (unlike those that claim to be). She's hardcore into retro games, and even pretty good at SF4. Here's a good article on her. And here's a quote from her in that article that pretty much sums up how awesome she is:

I think the image of gaming is still a little dark, like otaku in their rooms without any friends playing games. Like, movies have a lot of violence in them, but no one seems to blame them for youth crimes the way the media blames games in Japan. I think that is part of the negative otaku image. For me, games are pop and cool. I want to show people that gaming isn’t something only lonely people do in dark dirty rooms. That is one reason I try to display my collection this way and keep my room and clothes clean. I want to show people that anyone, even a young girl like me, can play games.
Well enough blabbing, I'll just let these pics and videos do the rest of the talking.


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Thanks kotaku.

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I approve of this young, fine, Asian woman.

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She may be good at games but she's still got to dress up in little outfits and make cute voices to get attention from the guys. Less so then all the other "I'm a gamer!" girls that lean all the way sex appeal yet still it's a shame to me. I guess there's no other way really in such a male-dominated hobby.

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No boobs, no sale.

I kid I kid, Zangief has enough boobs to go around.

Dayum, she can actually play SF, not that well mind you but hey, at least she can pull off all the moves she needs to, most girls won't even touch a controller let alone an arcade stick and Street Fighter. I aprove.