Has any game ever rekindled your love of a genre?

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For me, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter rekindled my love of jRPGs after I had fallen off of them for a while. I loved the genre in the PS1 era (mostly Square's games but I also loved Grandia, Lunar and Golden Sun) but eventually just lost patience with most of them.

I played and enjoyed the Ys series and the first Trails in the Sky but it was only last year when I played SC that I really felt those days come back. I put 80 hours into it in two weeks (was off for the Chinese New Year) and was enthralled the whole time with its writing, world, characters, music and strategic combat. I've since gotten into the Dragon Quest games and purchased and enjoyed Final Fantasy XV.

That's the big one, but Super Meat Boy and Jumper are what got me back into platformers and Burnout 3 got me into driving games after playing hours of OutRun as a kid.

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Yes, though it's not really a genre. Well, okay it kind of is, but the game that made me love it wasn't because of the genre. Playing the Souls games in 2015, it made me start loving games like Ninja Gaiden again. I think it made me love games that have combat-focused challenges again. Ninja Gaiden is and always has been one of the best Xbox games, perhaps one of the best action games, but there was a time span that I thought to myself 'I don't really care for these types of games anymore, unfortunately.' When I played Nioh earlier this year, it furthered the feeling.

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I had not played an FPS for years and was basically out of video games (on consoles, at least), until I played Halo on the original Xbox.

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Persona 4 was definitely that game for me. FF 13 and 12 really killed my enthusiasm for the genre for multiple years, think I played Persona 4 between 2011-2013.

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I am hot and cold on JRPG's. Working my way through Xenoblade Chronicles and Ni no Kuni right now and a lot of the time, the grind feels like work. Thankfully, the Persona games keep me reminded of the potential of the genre.

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Civ V got me back into strategy games big time. It is so good.

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Splatoon and Overwatch got me back into shooters.

I thought i was basically done with them until then.

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Titanfall 2 reminded me that I still am capable of enjoying (and doing well in) online competitive shooters after swearing off Call of Duty for years.

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Persona 4 for sure

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Super Mario 3d World was the reason I bought a Wii U and rekindled my love of platformers.

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I've always had a love for fighting games, but Street Fighter IV sparked a competitive fire within me so I went from a more casual player to really wanting to grind out matches online and get good at a game for the first time in my life.

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After waning interest in VR, Rock Band VR reminded me that the format can produce awesome moments.

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Having not played an FPS in a while and being bored watching people play them, replaying Halo 3 was like a revelation of fun and a realization of how enjoyable the FPS genre can be.

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I know it's controversial to bring it up, but Undertale genuinely made me fall in love with a cast of characters and world in a video game that I haven't been able to in years. And I also played it after coming off the Phantom Pain, which was one of the most disappointing gaming experience I've had in a while. Also playing Bloodborne blind in the middle of the night, with head phones on, for three weeks straight, managed to produce one of the most intoxicating video game world and experience, which I still obsess and revisit to this day. Ditto for the DLC as well.

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Not really a genre, but playing through Assassins Creed Brotherhood reminded me just how good those games can be. Really wished they expanded on some of the ideas from that game instead of making the garbage that came after (excluding Black Flag).

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Not so much rekindled but I had been getting really tired of open worlds and then I played Breath of the Wild and it reminded me why I used to love them in the first place, exploration, wonder, experimentation and just being in a world that feels alive. It's great and I really wish games like AC took inspiration from BOTW instead of games like TW3 and Destiny. Which despite enjoying those games I would say they have none of the qualities that make an open world enjoyable to me.

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Doom (2016) and FPS's. That campaign is so damn amazing it really doesnt matter that the multi player is shit.

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Nba 2k11 brought me back to basketball games, which i hadnt been that into since 2k2 at the time. 2k17 got me back out of them though lol.

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King of Dragon's Pass really revealed to me my love for personal strategy games, and got me back in a big way.

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Titanfall 2 reminded me that I still am capable of enjoying (and doing well in) online competitive shooters after swearing off Call of Duty for years.

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Super Mario Odyssey. Platformers can still be good.

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Playing persona 4 a few months ago rekindled my love of story-driven, cutscene heavy JRPGs. The kind of games I used to love as a kid.

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The original Dawn of War for the RTS genre. It did so many neat things that I expected to be emulated in every following game, kinda the way people spoke about the Nemesis system. Currency was generated from capture points on the field so you couldn't turtle. Units had ranged and melee attacks so you could pit strong melee units against weak, or tie up enemy units with cheap melee troops. Weapons were strong against particular armor values so there was a rock, paper, scissor element in how you engaged enemies. I really need to take a look at the sequel.

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Overwatch and Doom brought me back to FPSes in a big way, but that hasn't necessarily translated into me playing a ton more FPSes, I just appreciate the genre again.

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After burning out playing COD, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Doom got me back into shooters. I'm even playing COD:WW2 right now.

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Thought I was done with 2D platformers until rogue legacy pulled me back in.

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This is a pretentious ass thing to say but no and I think people are to married to the idea of genres. Genres should only be used to characterize things but I don't think those characteristics should be the thing that stops you from playing something. When you start saying things like "this game is in this genre, therefore, I won't like it" I think you are doing yourself a disservice. I get that some aspects of certain genres just don't gel with certain types of players and I'm certainly not saying that there is something for everybody in every genre but you should try stuff out of your comfort zone. If something is getting good buzz check it out for yourself and see if maybe the negative things you ascribe to a certain genre is actually different or appealing to you after you see it in a certain context. I don't know, That's my hot take on it anyway.

I just don't like the idea of prejudging things based on which genre it's in.

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My love for JRPGs was dead after FFX with Persona 3 and 4 being exeptions to prove the rule so to speak. But when I played Tales of Graces F for PS3 in 2012/13 I started liking the genre again but I got too many games to play now.

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Like many, Persona 3 rekindled my old love of JRPGs.

Civ4 got me back into gaming entirely after a very long hiatus.

Overwatch rekindled my desire to play multiplayer FPS games, however just briefly.

Dark Souls got me back into Metroidvanias, oddly enough.

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I haven't played it since last year for more than a few minutes, but Overwatch was the first online FPS that I played actively since the days of Unreal Tournament 2004.

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Doom finally gave me hope for shooters.

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I've always been a fan of JRPGs, but I was finding that I was burning out on the genre in general until Final Fantasy XV came out last year and made me realize how much I love just hanging out with cool characters and checking out an interesting world. It made me go back and really dig deep into Xenoblade Chronicles X, Final Fantasy XII, and others. Splatoon rekindled my love of competitive multiplayer after basically completely falling off after moving on from Halo 3/Reach's multiplayer. It also made me realize that I actually don't like Overwatch that much somehow.

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Double Dragon IV got me back into side-scrolling beat 'em ups. Persona 4 got me back into JRGS, although I think I just tend to put that genre on ice for years due to the sheer commitment of them.

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Didn't read the replies before i posted lol. i'm not the only one who got back into jrpgs because of persona

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Thimbleweed Park and Grim Fandango Remastered for point and click adventures. Admittedly I only played the old Humongous Entertainment adventure games (Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, etc.) when I was a kid when it comes to my background with the genre. I really wanted to play either some classics or something more contemporary and both have rekindled my interest in adventure games.

Also Freedom Planet got me back on that 2D platformer train and now Super Mario Odyssey is doing it for 3D Platforming.

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Xenoblade Chronicles (not Persona, I'm not a fan) got me back into JRPGs. Or at least, was the only one I really enjoyed from the past generation. I never stopped liking JRPGs, I just hated almost every one that I played on the PS3 - which was quite a few.

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I'm not sure this counts, but the dual-stick shooting and bullet hell segments of Nier gave me some warm fuzzies everytime they came up.

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Same as someone above -- my love of adventure games from my childhood (Putt-Putt, flash games) was rekindled. Except for me it was the rise of Telltale that did it. Ever since then I've frequently taken the plunge into more traditional adventure games (Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, etc.).

Also the same as a lot of people above: Overwatch made me want to play an online FPS regularly for the first time since Resistance 2.

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There are several mentions of JRPGs, but that's a genre where I always think I like them and only get that itch scratched effectively once every few years. So it's not that thought for a while that I didn't like JRPGs but when I played Bravely Default it was the first time I had really engaged with that set of mechanics for a long, long time.

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Virtual Fighter 4 and Virtual Fighter 4: Evolution made me get back into fighting games...but it had the negative effect of me generally hating fighting games because none of them hold up to VF4, VF4:E, or any version of VF5 released.