Have you ever had a GB related dream?

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I've been following Jeff, Brad, Alex, Ryan since around 2001 and last night I had a GB related dream for the first time. Funny thing is, I haven't been really active or visiting the site as much the last 2 weeks. In the dream, I was hanging out with a super young Vinny (it didn't even look much like him). He was really pissed off 'cause apparently, even though he was part of GB from the very beginning, he didn't benefit at all from being bought by CBSi. Jeff and Ryan both bought huge farmlands and were living it up but Vinny literally receive zero compensation.

lol. so really random. I dont know what It all means. I never remember any of my dreams but somehow I retained this one.

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No, though I guess I can't entirely be sure on the account that I rarely ever remember my dreams.

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Yep! I had a dream where they were recording a bombcast in the backyard of my old house. That was weird. If this is considered Giant Bomb related, I had a dream last week where Danny O'Dwyer was the principal of an elementary school that Bart Simpson attended. He expelled Bart Simpson for some reason.

They don't really compare to something like that, though...

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I wanna say I had a GB-related dream where I was in a JPOP group. Vinny may have also been part of the group? It's pretty hazy at this point, but I know both JPOP and the GB crew were involved.

My dreams are weird.

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Only very occasionally, once I had a dream about grabbing a few beers with Patrick and another where I was in a mailbag video.

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I think you posted this in the wrong forums. The forums you're looking for is 'Slash Fiction.'

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I had a dream where Vinny was the leader of a group of post-apocalyptic barbarians. I don't remember anything else though.

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I had a dream a while back where I was a ghost that haunted the office. Though it really only amounted to me watching them record stuff in person, rather than real poltergeist shit.

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I have sexual dreams about Dr. Tracksuit on a regular basis.

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I think I did at least once. Don't remember any of it other than a planet-sized Dan devouring my soul (which was nacho cheese covered) and telling me to equip my rations.

Weirdly, this was in 1989.

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I've had dreams where I've hung out with the GB crew, usually under some weird circumstances that I can't remember. Always a bummer waking up from those.

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I think so at some point.

inb4 "Dreams about GB? That's creepy."

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I had a dream once that I was in a random pizza place in New York, when Alex walked in and made me get out of my seat. It was terrifying.

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Posted in the wrong copy of this thread at first.

I had one a few weeks ago about how the staff comes and hides a gift in your house if you're a long time premium member as some easter egg veteran reward thing. I remember finding a package in a drawer, but I think I was woken up before I could open it, or at least I can't remember what was in it. I remember being impressed that they did it for members outside of the US though.

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Having recently bought DJ Hero for funsies *and* watching clips from the South Park movie from youtube yesterday, I had a dream last night where they played a mix of Uncle Fucka and something else in DJ Hero and Ryan was singing.

I don't even

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I forget most of my dreams very quickly, but no probably not. All my subconscious insecurity is firmly placed outside the internet.

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I was in a nirvana music video with ben pack as backup performers. We were all on bicycles and were driving through a shitty suburban neighborhood with weird houses while "black hole sun" was playing for some reason. Me and ben were sharing a bike and keeping each others balance by holding hands why occasionally doing gymnastics off each other. We both got so famous from this that ben got a deal with AT&T and I got a deal with Verizon. Dream then flashes forward to when in my 50's and I am able to get the candy crush guys to publish their game through Verizon, After that the front page of giant bomb featured several angry birds (but only the red ones) on the header so I guess ben must have got a deal with them. After that I woke up.

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I dreamed once that I ran into Alex Navarro at a gas station some couple dozen miles south of Carizzo Springs, Texas. We locked eyes over the top of the shelves while browsing the snack food aisle. He didn't say anything, but later - while I was eating a honey bun out by my car in the parking lot - he walked out of the store and nodded at me.

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Usually when I have Giant Bomb-related dreams, Jeff is being mean to me.

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I had one a while back where the crew and I hung out in the middle of a massive storm and at one point we had to hurriedly disassemble the entire set.

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I feel asleep watching Murder Island recently and dreamt that Brad had been kidnapped and was being held in a beach hut near north Georgopel. Jeff had to jump out a plane, grab what weapons he could and make his way across the island to save Brad.

It was quite a serious dream until Vinny started narrating what was happening and shouting at Jeff to leave Brad and go after a crate that had been dropped near Gatka.

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I've never had a GB related dream, but I did have an Idle Thumbs dream once, wherein Chris Remo took me to meet his parents and we built an IKEA style bed frame together. That was a weird thing.

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I can't think of any Giant Bomb dreams, but I've had podcasters I've listened to show up before. Marc Maron was in one that's a little too long than I care to explain, and Travis Mcelroy was in one recently where he was rude to my Aunt and I tried explaining to her that was impossible because he's such a good boy.

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I once dreamt that Brad and Jeff were forcing me to play a handheld Sega console that only played 32x games. And the games ran terribly with poor frame rate and the screen was barely lit so you couldn't see anything. And they both knew how terrible it was, because Brad was sitting in a chair to the side chuckling and making mocking comments about me to Jeff like "Oh I bet he's having so much fun" while Jeff was leaning super close over my shoulder with a creepy wide grin doing nothing but repeatedly saying "Look at those graphics, those sharp pixels" over and over.

It didn't feel like a nightmare, more like a weird hallucinogenic trip. I had like 4 cheese and ham sandwiches before I went to bed that night so maybe that's why.

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A couple of times after binge watching old ERs and other stuff.

I don't really remember much, except every dream turning into a job interview with Jeff at some point.

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I had one where Alex was living a double life as a female stripper. Pretty run of the mill as far as my dreams go.