Have you ever had trouble starting a single player game?

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I've recently have gotten into a rotation of multiplayer games (FighterZ, Quake Champions, and sometimes R6 with friends). I'm having a rough time trying to get into Dishonored 2 after dropping off of it after a good while, but sometimes I just don't want to give the time for single player experiences when I could be improving at these other competitive games.

My favorite games have always been single player games, but lately I've been having a rough time getting deep into one. I usually end up queuing some matches with friends instead. It's like I'm having a hard time committing a ton of time to a game that I'll probably really enjoy.

Have you ever had these moments? Or are you primarily a multiplayer-only gamer?

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Set aside an hour or so and say "this is my hour to play Dishonored 2" and play it.

If you do that once or twice and still find yourself thinking about multiplayer games while playing Dishonored 2, then just play the multiplayer games. Don't force yourself to play something you don't really want to play (and if you find yourself thinking about other things while playing a game, then you probably don't actually want to play that game).

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Understandable. Very understandable... Dishonored 2 just isn't great! Try another single player. Ha. In all seriousness though, yes, but not for the reasons you're not being able to get into them. I really don't care for the multiplayer portion of games. I play games largely to get absorbed into its world. It's understandable if you just don't have the time to sink hours into immersing yourself. I personally find it very hard to sit down and immerse and enjoy myself in a game if I have to work that same day for instance because I feel like I have a clock ticking down saying 'HA! You have to go to work soooooon sucker!' I lose my appetite to totally relax then, and just sit at the computer or watch TV until I have to go. I don't hate work, but it's hard for me to settle down and relax when I know I am going to have to do something in several hours. Otherwise, it's all single player time. Well, sometimes if I don't have to work on weekends I don't mind playing a little bit of multiplayer with my brothers, but otherwise, it's all single player.

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I really haven't done much multiplayer gaming since college, since most multiplayer is competitive and I just can't get into playing competitive multiplayer with random people. It's rarely fun, for a number of reasons. So, I tend to have the exact opposite experience. There may be multiplayer games/modes I'm interested in or eager to experience, but I often find my enthusiasm lacking unless I have friends available to help get me properly excited to dive in.

If you've got friends available and you're really enjoying your time with multiplayer, then just embrace it. There will almost certainly come a time where other responsibilities and commitments will make it harder to schedule those games with friends. At which point, you'll likely rekindle your love for single player games. Just play what makes you happy.

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Yeah, generally I don't start a game til the weekend so if it's a Tuesday release, I may have lost interest by Saturday. And then it sits and I don't play and hey, now my backlog is stupid.

Best solution is to just sit down, put it in, and just go without overthinking.

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Yep, this happened to me recently. Usually after a lengthy open world game. Just recently, I finished Wildlands solo, did all the bosses and story missions so I was having a hard time getting back into the dlc for Nioh and FF15, and it’s happened a few times in the past. Here’s what I did... The next day you have off to where you can dedicate some time to the game, play 5 story missions or give it 5 hours. If the game doesn’t click, then it probably won’t so delete it. I loved Nioh and FF15 at the time I played those games but I just wasn’t enjoying myself so I moved onto Yakuza Kiwami and having a really fun time beating Majima’s ass while he wears weird disguises!

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If anything, I have problems going into multiplayer because people. But really, I won't start playing anything unless I have more than just a couple of hours to kill.

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Right now I am having a problem with Far Cry 5. Gameplay, I don't know what's wrong with me, because I understood and liked Far Cry 4. Wrong minded or not, I am having trouble with the setting also.. I'm just not getting started very well, thinking of what a couple of posters told me seem not to be too off mark..

Also though this is another problem, I'm at the near end of the Surge. It can be un-fun, but that game has my attention. I found it to be a pretty honest, solid video game. But a bit fatigued too. Thus Far Cry 5. Regardless, I am rooting for the Surge 2, and will buy it.

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I think what turns me off quicker than anything else is the fucking ping-ponging between story, tutorials, and gameplay.

Just. let. me. play.

Like I don't mind some story here and a tutorial there. That's fine. Just stop with the "okay, here's 10 minutes of story and now we're gonna let walk about for about 2 minutes, okay now heres a tutorial, but we're not actually gonna let you experiment with the gameplay, now we cut to more story and now you walk around a bit, story, short fight that's practically played for you, tutorial, continued fight that's literally impossible to lose, more story" blahblahblah. RPGs, western and Japanese alike, are the biggest offenders. I know you got a story to tell, but for fuck's sake, just let me play your game for a bit before I'm forced to do something else or sit through another 10-20 minute cutscene.

It's the main reason why I prefer mainline SMT over Persona. The latter are fine games, sure, but the first like 4ish hours at least is the game constantly teasing you with the prospect of maybe letting you actually play for more than 5-10 minutes; whereas mainline SMT hits you with a nice 10-20 minutes chunk of story up front then kicks your ass out the nest like "i dunno, you figure this shit out. I'll see you in like a hour or two. Have fun."

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I recently had this problem with Disgaea 4.

It's my first Disgaea game and I had no real problem with it, but I also have a playthrough of God of War 2 going on, and since Disgaea is totally front-loaded with tutorials (the whole first chapter is basically one huge tutorial besides the first boss, and the second chapter seems like it's gonna be the same), I was considering dropping it for the more exciting game.

Cue me dedicating time this weekend to giving it an honest shot, and suddenly I found myself really enjoying it. I experimented which party members work well with each other to deliver those awesome special moves and combos, and even dove into the character creator when I assumed I'd probably ignore it.

It also helps that with my new job only giving me an hour or two to play, a game like Disgaea where I'm always making some type of progress is perfect. I haven't touched God of War since, and probably won't until the weekends when I actually have time to dedicate to it.

Bottom line: you have to give the game time to hook you. If you wanna play multiplayer games, don't force yourself to dabble in it for a bit and then get annoyed when it's not grabbing you. Just play the multiplayer games you obviously really want to play, then play the single player one when you get tired of the multiplayer. You have to give the game an honest shot.

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Yeah, I usually get this way out of habit, especially when I get deep into a CoD-multiplayer hole. I’ll sit down and think ”just a few matches and then I’ll get to [single player game]”. But I always end up playing for too long and then I don’t feel like I have the time to play the single player game. Even sometimes when I decide to spend hours on those games, I still fool myself with the ”lets just get a quick match in”. Which is usually why I end up sort of rotating between having a multiplayer and a single player period. Currently I am more or less only playing Kingdom Come, because I know I cant juggle a game I feel like I need at least an hour per session with a multiplayer game that probably eats all that time if I give it an inch.

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Nope, already booked time off work to play Yakuza 6 and am having a blast. If a games bad or boring then I will hesitate to come back to it but will probably end up finishing it anyway because I paid for it and want to see if it will get any better. I've already come to terms with the fact that i'm not that great at competitive games so i'll only play those if i've got friends to play with who suck as much as I do.

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I still haven't started The Witcher 3.

I have it installed and everything, but for whatever reason I've had trouble getting myself to sit down and just start the dang thing.

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Arkham Knight and Sim City at launch. Badum tch.

Seriously though I'm also having trouble getting into Dishonored 2 despite the first one being one of my favourite games of last gen but it's really not grabbing me.

Vanquish is a game I know is awesome and pretty short but I've played the first mission about half a dozen times since I picked it up 6 years ago and never go very far into the second mission before turning it off to "come back to it later", then I forget about it and dig it up again months later and need to play the first mission again to tutorialize myself - Rinse, repeat.