HELP: Hooking up a standard PS4 to a 4KTV

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Let me say just say that I apologize for my ignorance on this topic.

I bought a decent 4KTV yesterday and hooked it up to my standard PS4. The picture looks great, but I noticed a slight input lag. Even with the TV in "Game Mode" it was still a problem. I've read somewhere that said the standard PS4 has some trouble with 4KTVs. Does anyone know if this is a common issue?

It's not anything too crazy, but it was messing up my Overwatch game and is a little jarring. I tried The Witcher and it was less noticeable, but the controls for that game have always felt a little wonky to me.

If I get the PRO, will this input lag go away?In the meantime, will a better HDMI cord (I'm using a cheapie) help at all, or is that not the issue?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Can I ask what your tv model is? So I can get a better look into this for you.

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I don't think the upscaler in your tv is creating the input lag there websites out there that tell you the input lag of your tv mybe check that website out. Mybe your TV is just bad for gaming ? and has a high refresh time ? also there's nothing wrong with buying a better HDMI cord. but most people use a cheap one use cause the distance is just below 2 meters so buying a expensive one wouldn't make any difference.

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The issue here is probably the TV handling the 1080p signal and not the PS4. The TV might in general have a high input lag (check or for your model.)

Upgrading to the pro might help if the upscaler is the issue for some games, because the Pro will output in 4K, but for many games it will still output in 1080p. If the issue is just high display lag then upgrading won't help.

If I had to guess without knowing the specific model of TV I would guess that upgrading is unlikely to help.

Getting a new HDMI cord will not help.

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It's the tv not the PS4, upgrading to a pro won't change anything.

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Input lag is something you have to look at when buying tvs for gaming, it is not your ps4. Like others said try and look up the latency of your tv and you could also try another system if you have one just to be sure.

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What is your definition of decent? Because there's a ton of bad 4k TVs out there, people made the same mistake last gen by buying cheaper 1080P TVs even though a good quality 720P would have been way better

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Try putting the TV in PC mode like you did with Game mode. On some models this will further reduce input lag.