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Hey duders,

Since the beginning of this year my heart has been set on getting a new tv. My current tv is a 47” vizio I purchased in 2010. It still does the job admirably besides the dead pixel or two. But I am looking to get something 4K with hdr. I want oled because if you’re going to spend money you may as well get good quality. Outside of that I don’t care for smart TVs with built in apps or anything like that.

So I ask of you, what are some good tv choices to look at. Send me your recommendations and links if you have any.

I did stumble across this one (see below) but im so out of the loop I don’t know if this is good or if I’m being suckered into crap. I’m looking for 55” max for the size and I was hoping to spend 1-2 thousand. Although my gut is saying 1800 would be ok in my budget. Thanks for your help!


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I waited about six months to find a good sale on an LG C7 55”. 65” was too big for the free space on the wall, so saving a few bucks was an easy call.

Once my wife saw an OLED in person, she stopped saying I was nuts for wanting to spend so much on a TV and said “we need to get an OLED.”

I would caution that, at least in the case of my TV, HDR is DARK AS HELL in a well lit room. I get a lot of natural light, with windows to the South, West, and North, and a minimal blind/shades/drapes game. Also, whites are BRIGHT AS HELL. I thought I was getting some image distortion from bright lights, but if I shielding my eyes from an off-center bright light, the rest of the image was fine. It wasn’t disturbing the actual image, it had the effect of a light in my eyes.

I need to find a light blinding solution for the living room that works for our aesthetics and TV viewing...

Anyhow, HDR looks great. Even non HDR stuff looks fantastic. The opening of Drive is fantastic on it, even in 1080p. As for gaming stuff, I use my cinema settings. There’s a game mode, and you can tell it has less latency, but I just don’t like the image quality I get with it.

There’s very little confuguration to the set, which is startling (I’m not going to pay for pro calibration, but I do use calibration discs). RTings has some decent information about some oddly worded settings, too.

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This isn't going to be a helpful comment if you definitely want to buy one now but I would wait and see if HDMI 2.1 is on the TVs coming next year.

Also a good place to start is rtings.com; their review for the TV you linked to is here.

They suggest a value for price alternative of the Sony X900F which is the TV I considered buying (before I decided to wait for HDMI 2.1).