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I cope with people passing "well", I work in the healthcare industry and I'm of the camp that believes that the physical form is the vessel for the memories our 'selfs' create. Mourn for his passing, but don't dwell on his death. It does the boisterous soul of RTD a disservice.

I've been following Ryan and Jeff since Gamespot, and I was one of the cats that jumped ship as soon as the Gerstmann-gate shit went down. I've lived in P-Valley for about 5 years and even seen Ryan in the local Safeway off Maria Dr (too nervous to say wassup, plus Ryan looked hung-the-fuck-over...I may have been a lil tossed too.) I regret not introducing myself and letting him know how much the Bombcast and the GB crew made boring ass tuesday nights a riot.

Now about my girl. She's never been much of a gamer. She does lose her shit for anything Kingdom Hearts related, and she loves the 80's so Vice City was a huge thing for her, but that was pretty much it. The Bombcast, that shit right there? That shit. That shit is pure crack to her. When I first introduced her to one of the Bombcasts she took to it like white on rice. I'd come home from work, and she'd have it already downloaded so we could listen to it together. We listen to Bombcasts everynight while falling alseep. Who woulda thought that Jeff's screaming, Vinny getting pissy over stereotypical plumbers, Ryan's unique pronunciations (Ro-bits is a household fave) and Brads.Mono.Tone. would make for sound sleep? Then came Quick Looks. Again. Major fucking entertainment for her. All her gaming news was funnelled through the GB crew. And Ryan was her FAVORITE. His energy, his laughter when shit went horribly hilarious, his quick witted commentary and general shit talking made that man her focal point for GB.

So then Ryan dies.

She's crying left and right, and not crying non stop. But a couple of sobs here and there and she feels hella bad for Anna. All my girl can say is "he was so young, and he just got married!" I can console her but she's gonna grieve for a while. Her big homie is no longer in the physical realm.

Most of the posts she reads on GB make her smile and chuckle, but he's still gone.

Thats why I am asking the community direct, please help.

There is a piece of art HERE that she digs, she also commented that if she had the photoshop skills to do it her self, she'd add a headshot of Ryan in one of the occupied windows. If anyone out there could make this happen, I'm sure she'd be a step closer to not missing his as much.

Thanks in advance gents,

J. Williams

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Won't let me access the image.

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It's probably better that you can't. I would rather not rip off the artist, so I'll try to describe it. It's an old gothic style haunted house with the moon peeking out behind one of the steeples. The moon is in the shape of Pac-Man and the ghosts are...

man, funk this!

If you Google "pacman haunted house" it's the first image there.

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@starvinggamer: I think this is sublime, but you should add a slight glow around Ryan's layer to match. Or maybe not? That would imply he's a ghost. The humor then becomes sort of morbid, depending on the person's interpretation. If you're relating it to Pac Man, then I think it passes.

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Very cool.

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@andrewb: No no no, I don't know how to use photoshop, so I didn't.

This is me with a pixel grid and Paint. I don't think Paint does glow effects. Or layers.

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@jah_donuts: Hope your beyonce likes it, duder.

Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Taswell
Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Taswell

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@starvinggamer: You know you've made it when ppl steal!! =) All joking aside, pretty cool!

Here's another quickie

No Caption Provided

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Awesome work guys!!

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I wish i had a Beyonce .....

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Your new album sucks bro.

Good job with the pictures, guys.