Here it is again: NEED A NEW RPG

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Hey everyone I've been looking through and see alot of suggestions for games I've already played, or didnt enjoy. Please help me find a game, I'm looking for: character customization / character choice, decent story, solid gameplay. People recommend the witcher alot and i love it, but I want the freedom to be my own person, not geralt. I also have no problem playing a JRPG

Games Ive played :

Elder Scrolls series

Fallout series

Souls series (including sekiro)

shovel knight

Kotor series

SOA: fatal bullet

Force unleashed series

Monster hunter world

Mass effect series

Senuas sacrifice


Borderlands series

Pillars of eternity

Divinity original sin 2

Dragon ball xenoverse

Dragons dogma

Kingdoms of amalur




Serpent in thr staglands

That's pretty much it.

Im looking for something i can play while my friends arent on to play other games.

Went back to skyrim and fallout alot but its hard to try and do something new.

Please help, thank you!

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Any interest in any of the Dragon Age stuff?

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I don't see Dragon Age or Persona, get to it!

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Dragon Age Origins is amazing. It also has two mini campaigns (they were DLC at launch) where a couple of the more interesting party members each get a turn at being protagonist. It also has an expansion campaign, Dragon Age Awakenings, which is well worth it.

Dragon Age 2 fumbles the gameplay (more action, less tactics), but it’s certainly serviceable. A lot of folks took issue with a lack of dungeon content, and serious repetition in said dungeons, but the story and character work is some of the best stuff Bioware has done.

Dragon Age Inquisition is more modern in every way, but lacks the character of the earlier games.

Jade Empire is more Bioware, and it’s this cool action/martial arts/rpg hybrid. Unique game. Very much worth checking out.

Dragon’s Dogma has amazing gameplay, skills/customization, and world exploration.

Kingdom’s of Amalur is another one with great gameplay. Great game that a lot of folks missed.

The PC Shadowrun games by Harebrained Schemes are a great time, as is the old Genesis Shadowrun game.

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As others have said, Dragon Age is really good. I'd stick with the first one though. DA:2 is repetitive as hell and has some of the worst characters BioWare has ever written while DA:I is just kind of "alright."

I'd look into Dragon's Dogma as well if you are into character customization. The customization stuff actually affects gameplay a little but too, which I don't remember in very many other games.

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@therealturk: I thought Anders’ story was pretty great. I also don’t think I went anywhere without Varrik. He had some really great moments as well.

I guess from there, the companion bench isn’t super deep, but between those two, your family and the way Hawke’s linear responses are tailored to the way you’ve been playing, I think there’s a limited amount of character stuff that I found super enjoyable.

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I was going to recommend some hidden gems, but from your list you seem to play more modern RPGs. That said, here are a few I think are a must if you are a fan of RPGs that are not on your list.

Ni no Kuni

It's a fantastic fun game that really I just don't think enough people played. The art alone is just one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. Highly recommend it.

Lost Odyssey

It's one of the few xbox RPGs that often get overlooked because, well it was on the 360 and that platform was not known for these games at all. That said, if you can find a copy of it is Xbox One compatible and it's rather cheap now too. It's has trappings of a older JRPG but with more modern game mechanics making it a easier recommendation then older JPRGs

Suikoden II

This game is an emotional roller coaster in the best way. There really to much to explain without sounding like a crazy person, but this is a all time classic JRPG for a reason. The good thing is, you really do not need to play the first game. This is a ps1 game but if you can play it, trust me, you will not regret it.

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I haven't played it, but I've heard a lot of good things about Wasteland 2. It's a veeery old-school RPG, similar to Divinity: Original Sin. I plan on picking it up on my Switch sometime soon (probably not the best place to play it, but I don't play games on my computer).

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Persona 5 is fantastic! Lots of game in the game, one of the best soundtracks ever, and a genuinely good story. You can’t customize what your character looks like, but you still get to make tons of choices that customize the experience for you - dialogue, activities, NPCs to invest in, etc. Can’t recommend this highly enough!

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Neir Automata and Prey are not on your list? How is that even possible? ;-)

Both are among the best of this gen, and well worth playing.

And Outer Worlds later this year too.

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@nutter said:

@therealturk: I thought Anders’ story was pretty great. I also don’t think I went anywhere without Varrik. He had some really great moments as well.

I guess from there, the companion bench isn’t super deep, but between those two, your family and the way Hawke’s linear responses are tailored to the way you’ve been playing, I think there’s a limited amount of character stuff that I found super enjoyable.

I'll give you Varrick, but I guess I just don't find any of the other characters that deep. To the contrary, I thought they were all super one note. I also really didn't like the auto responses. It always felt like the game was taking control away from me and having my character say things that felt totally inappropriate to the situation. Just because my Hawke was sarcastic 80% of the time doesn't mean that he would be sarcastic in every given instance. Part of a larger problem I've had when BioWare tries to make responses based on emotions rather than actions. It just doesn't work to create a strong enough central character.

I'm also kind of curious what you find great about Anders' story? They completely changed his characterization from the first game and his entire shtick is pretty much "Like, revolution man!" for the entire game.

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@therealturk: Oh, it’s been a while, and I don’t want to spoil too much in a thread looking for new games, but I enjoyed the story beats around mages, the chantry, Anders, Hawke’s family, etc.

EDIT: I really enjoyed the fiction of Dragon Age 1, 2, and all expansions and DLCs. Inquisition is where I start remembering some enjoyable moments, but the beats are just a blur.

I mostly remember having fun with dual knives, dragon fights were cool, and green shard hand magic thing looked cool. I just can’t remember a ton about the story in that last game...

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arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura one of the best rpgs of all time.

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If you’ve played Serpent in the Staglands and Pillars, you’re probably good to try out any of the Infinity Engine RPGs (Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape.) They’re a little rough around the edges, the first BG especially, but they’re still fantastic games. Don’t feel bad if you have to skim a guide, and quicksave liberally.

If you want something a little more modern, I think that Pathfinder Kingmaker game is something really special, with the caveat being that you’re going to need a decent grasp of that rule set to avoid being overwhelmed.

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Ignore all these fools and play Earthbound

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Get Dragon Age Origins, get the complete edition. It has aged really well, it was back when AAA games let you play the way you want. It plays nothing like the other Dragon Age games. I'm going to go back to it again soon. You can also try Pathfinder, I haven't played it yet but that is possibly my next break game.

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If you don't mind going full JRPG, give Dragon Quest XI a try.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Is DA turn based combat? Those are always a turn off for me. Hence why final fantasy isnt on the list. Arcanum looks cool but I'm looking for more of a modern play. Straying away from the over-head rpgs. When i found earthbound it was part of a "Botanical" collection? I also stayed away from Nier: Automona because I was unaware you could customize. Prey looks pretty cool but idk if it has character customization. Ive tried outer worlds but wasnt a fan. Im definitely looking for something more casual. I couldnt find persona 5 on steam so im unsure on that one. Ni No Kuni looks bad ass but is there customization? I'm probably going to begin researching a bunch of theae and see which one fits the bill. Thanks all

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@theoratog: based on some of the games on your list and your responses I may suggest a very flawed but interesting third person RPG called Insomnia: The Ark. It has some questionable controls and some of it isn't fully translated but its trying to go for a Fallout/Bioshock in space vibe. Its a game that takes cues from those sources enough that Chris Avalonne and Brian Fargo both spoke positively of the world building in the game. But again I will say it's very flawed and has its fair share of bugs.

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@theoratog: DA combat is real time, but you can pause and assign commands. Similar to Pillars of Eternity and older Infinity Engine games.

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@theoratog: I've been playing Divinity Original Sin recently and have been really enjoying it, though it can be pretty brutal. Or I suck at playing RPGs...I probably just suck.

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Let me toss out a couple of suggestions. Both the new generation of Assassin's Creed games - Origin and Odyssey - are good. Not traditional RPG, of course, but neither are many of the others in your list. I think they might fit your style.

Persona 5, like some others suggested. I second their suggestion. It is turn-based, though.

Kingdom Come Deliverance was great for me. It's slow, but rewarding if you enjoy it enough to be patient with it.

Similar to the AC games are the Mordor games. I really thought both those games were fantastic, especially the last one.

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@theoratog: DA: Origins' combat kind of feels like an awkward half-step between turn based and real time to me, so I'm not sure whether you'd like it or not. I personally think the game would be 10x better if it was actually turn-based (like Divinity: Original Sin), but I also like turn-based games, so maybe I'm biased. DA2 and Inquisition lean more heavily into the real time action end.

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I would definitely recommend Baldur's Gate (especially II, although probably better to start with I.) Some of the best games of all time. But if you're looking for something more modern, Dragon Age would fit the bill. (Origins. I haven't played 2, and I found 3 to be a bit overwrought in its story, leaning way too much into GoT-style political intrigue without giving you a reason to care.)

I don't know if it counts as an RPG, but XCOM is great fun.

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If you don't have a problem with being a bit of a cunt in your videogames, then Tyranny is an awesome crpg from Obsidian where you're basically playing as the antagonist.

And if your up to some old school rpg-action Planescape: Torment is still one of the best rpgs ever made.

I've played through the enhanced edition with two separate builds the last year and I'll probably get back to it in a year again.

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Have you played the Shadowrun Returns games? I'm going through the first one and though the story is pretty set in stone, you still get to go about things your own way & decide which class, race , weapons & skills you use. And it has different dialog choices & skillchecks. Apparently the Shadowrun Dragonfall part is a highpoint in that series.

Wasteland 2 is a game that i have set my first footsteps in and it generally seems pretty cool. Can't vouch for it in it's entirely, but def a game that i'd like to put on your radar.

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I'm right about to finish Trails in the Sky the 3rd so I'll just recommend checking out the Trails JRPG franchise, specifically I think I would recommend giving Trails of Cold Steel a shot since it is the most modern entry in the series available in English (plus it was just re-released on the PS4).

It doesn't have character customization and is a linear narrative but if you enjoy stories that focuses on world building and value games that give detailed story arcs to even the most minor NPCs then I would recommend giving it a look.