Hey, GB is about to get some new fonts!

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#1 Edited by Rorie (5880 posts) -

Hey, we're switching from a font kit that is hosted off-site to one that is hosted right on our own servers. We're also going to be saving a fair amount of cashola by switching licenses. So, the site might look a little different in the next few hours. Sorry for any confusion!

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#2 Posted by Nux (2890 posts) -

Cool, Thanks for the heads up Rorie!

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#3 Posted by flasaltine (2547 posts) -

Change? I dont like change.

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#4 Edited by Mike (17997 posts) -

Comic Sans was a good choice.

No Caption Provided

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#5 Edited by jakob187 (22960 posts) -

Change? I dont like change.

Ditto! Can we go back to the basement in Sausalito?

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#6 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4501 posts) -

I hope it's wingdings.

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#7 Posted by CrimsonJesus (313 posts) -

wait a minute, this isn't helvetica

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#8 Posted by Pazy (2770 posts) -

This font 'feels' incredibly thin but as long as I still get my wacky video fun then its all good.

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#9 Posted by Kerned (1195 posts) -

A slab serif! Looks good!

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#10 Posted by Pezen (2388 posts) -

Cha..rlesworth is part of the Futura, just ask a Bookman Old Style. Ever since AmericanTypewriter, it's been our Heritage. Don't be so Antique and Arial Narrow. Let us all Jester and Cuckoo for the Courier New font. To Helvetica with them Subway Socket naysayers. Century Schoolbook will Herald about this moment. Haettenschweiler!

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#11 Posted by EricSmith (1418 posts) -

I hate it. I'm sure I'll forget that it changed in a few days.

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#12 Posted by chadjones (36 posts) -

Going heavy on the system fonts? Interesting.

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#13 Edited by mlarrabee (3917 posts) -

I'm so confused! What are all of these strange character strings on my screen?!

I like the thread title font. The "posted by xxxxx (*** posts)" font is a little small to be seriffed. I guess there's a new serif in town.

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#14 Posted by Rayeth (1204 posts) -

I was wondering if I was crazy when something looked very wrong with the page. Had my Chrome update borked something? Nope the font change was intentional! Thanks for the notice Rorie. Happy Puppy Petting =)

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#15 Posted by flasaltine (2547 posts) -

Nope. Dont like these new fonts.

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#16 Posted by Seedofpower (4087 posts) -

I dig it.

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#18 Posted by flasaltine (2547 posts) -

@rorie Also it looks like the new fonts are a tad smaller than the old ones.

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#19 Posted by Y2Ken (2974 posts) -

I was briefly confused because I thought my browser had changed the zoom ratio, then I scrolled down the page and saw this.

I actually quite like the look of this font. Plus I prefer a slightly smaller text size.

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#20 Posted by JohnyMyko (1896 posts) -

So, is this just temporary during the switch or are these new fonts here to stay?

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#21 Posted by Dimi3je (488 posts) -

@pezen: Just made my day. Thanks!

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#22 Posted by alphanull (51 posts) -

the video titles are too thin and tall! still mulling over body text and other elements - typeface licences can get silly expensive, i understand, but the site had a look. instead of finding lookalikes, why not prototype a few different themes? PUT IT TO THE PEOPLE.

or have staff members each choose a font. go live.

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#23 Posted by forteexe21 (2034 posts) -

This will take some getting used to. I initially thought something was wrong and cleared my cache and stuff. <_<

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#24 Edited by conmulligan (1947 posts) -

I like that system fonts are now used for body text and the header font looks okay, but I feel like some of the weighting is off. Headlines and comment/post titles in particular look a little too light.

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#25 Posted by csl316 (15004 posts) -

It was weird for 5 seconds but now it's cool and fresh!

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#26 Posted by j_unit2008 (309 posts) -

This feels nice actually. Thanks for the update Rorie. :D

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#27 Edited by jambowned (83 posts) -

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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#28 Posted by Humanity (18948 posts) -

These fonts seem smaller than before. Is there an option to choose? It kinda strains my eyes.

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#29 Posted by kcin (1005 posts) -

I'm so glad the fonts don't load in a full second after the rest of the content anymore. TypeKit is cool but it couldn't keep up.

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#30 Posted by Captain_Insano (3532 posts) -

I have honestly never thought about where fonts for websites come from before - surely my hitting of the keys on my keyboard is 'sending' you guys the letters? (this is what my stupid computer illiterate brain thinks)

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#31 Posted by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

After some time looking over the site after the change, I don't really notice that big a difference. It appears your plan to transition to morse code was unsuccessful.

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#32 Edited by RichyHahn4 (306 posts) -

Okay I'm glad this was suppose to happen, was really convinced I was losing my mind

Seems like its thinner lettering now?

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#33 Posted by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

This is a Font test.

New font is nice.

No complaints.

Ending test.

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#34 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2801 posts) -


All joking aside, I'm fine with the new font.

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#35 Posted by CornBREDX (7371 posts) -

It's really small and harder to read. I only mention it because it's noticeably smaller than most websites I peruse.

Just saying. Not complaining. Please don't ban me.

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#36 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (2522 posts) -

When are we going to get a Quick Look of the new font.

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#37 Edited by kasaioni (2397 posts) -

It looks like Arial size 11 to me.

At least, the regular text does, the text for titles of videos reminds me of the font of the subtitles in MGSV; but, did that change as well?

It can be maddening realizing something has changed, but being unable to figure it out because you never paid attention to it before.

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#38 Edited by ripelivejam (13226 posts) -


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#39 Edited by Ozzie (560 posts) -

For a solid minute there I thought safari was going nuts

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#40 Posted by imhungry (1139 posts) -

I kind of don't like these new fonts, they're a bit too small. But honestly I'm sure I'll get used to it in a few days so whatever. Thanks for the notice to prevent me from thinking I was losing my mind!

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#41 Edited by doctordonkey (1854 posts) -

This isn't Helvetica or Comic Sans

What the fuck man

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#42 Posted by stordoff (1362 posts) -

Not a fan TBH. Forum post font looks weirdly narrow, the main promoted item on the home page title looks too bold, and the home page feed entry titles look too tall.

Probably get used to it after a while, but it feels "off" for lack of a way to describe it.

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#43 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2801 posts) -

After a bit a use, I think the font on the forums needs to be bumped up like one size more. I almost need to put my glasses on to read the forums (I don't need them for the rest of the internet btw) unless I have the zoom set to 110%, then it's perfectly readable.

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#44 Posted by Mirado (2557 posts) -

Spent a good five minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't get my browser to the default magnification, only to realize "oh, wait, it's supposed to look weird, I guess?"

I assume it'll look fine in a week or so as we get used to it.

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#45 Posted by flasaltine (2547 posts) -

Can someone make a chrome extension to change the fonts back? Is that possible?

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#46 Posted by Maluvin (750 posts) -

Another vote here for bumping up the size a bit.

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#47 Posted by DookieRope (303 posts) -

Hey these are nice. It's like an upscale restaurant in here now. I'm gonna put this napkin on my lap and everything.

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#48 Posted by CrocBox (546 posts) -

I love Giant Font dot com!

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#49 Posted by Sweep (10608 posts) -
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#50 Posted by villainy (815 posts) -

It was fine at first, then my eyes started to hurt a bit. Seems fine at 110%..... I'm old :(