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How have none of you posted Dogg's Turismo 3 yet? For shame.

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Ludacris gives a Playstation 2 shout out in Roll Out (My Business). Outkast mentions Atari and Colecovision in Skew It on the Bar-B.

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Someone already mentioned one Jpegmafia song, his music is full of references to video games. Like the song title "Rainbow Six" and on "Thug Tears" there is a sample from Counter Strike at 1:18-ish. He also has a song called "My Thoughts on Neogaf Dying".

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Just remembered some Migos songs.

In Beast, Quavo raps "Put it in, Navi and we can link" which might sound like a coincidence, just talking about GPS, but then he emphasizes "Navi and Link" which is unmistakably an Ocarina reference. Would have been funny if he slid a "hey! Listen" in there instead.

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& from Culture I, the last line of the chorus in What's The Price is "Like a pro skater did my own grind". Now I could be wrong about this, but I don't think the phrase 'pro skater' is commonly used without at least implicitly referring to either Tony Hawk's video game series or Jeff Gerstmann's video series. Plus those games took grinding to a whole other level.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Lil Flip - Game Over, yet.

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Also, from the mixtape Rare Chandeliers, Action Bronson - The Symbol

Never going back to work in labor
Fuck that, your little chain, you better tuck that
Uhh, vultures flyin over the carcass
Bitches blowin on my dick like a cartridge

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As one of the few fans of Machine Gun Kelly's earlier work, I do remember he mentions GTA and Mortal Kombat

MGK - Almost

Almost, to the top
Almost famous, shit y'all know
Hesitation, don't get none
Still I'll go to the basement, put Vice City in the Playstation

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and the title track off his first album, Lace Up

Ok, where the strong at?
Right there, put me on that
Hit it once and you jumpin like Mortal Kombat
Smokin all that green, they be lookin like "where the lawn at?"

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There was that early hip-hop tune "Pac Man Fever."

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Back in 2000 Eminem collabed on a track called Hellbound where they rap over a song from Soulcalibur. There are some samples throughout the song as well, including "Welcome back to the stage of history" as the song's intro.

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Thought of a few more.

1. Ludacris feat. Common & Spike Lee, "Do the Right Thing": "Cartridges surround you, but you ain't playin' Nintendo games"

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2. Intellekt & Dirty Digits, "Mario Kart (Relivin’ It)": There's a bunch. I don't remember how I found this song. It's kind of fun.

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3. UNKLE feat. Kool G Rap, "Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt. 1)": Galaxian sample towards the end.

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4. People Under the Stairs, "Gamin' On Ya": Like the whole thing is a giant video game reference.

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5. DJ Quik, "Quik Is The Name": "I'll beat your ass as if we was playin Tecmo Bowl"

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Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs

hittin niggas like SHORYUKEN!

ain't no doubt about it I'm the undisputed

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