Hitman - better with Giant Bomb

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After playin the first 2-3 missions of Hitman (which I honestly DID like) I realized I enjoy more watching the GB team play than playing it myself. First time ever. I didn't find any show dedicated to a play-through of the game but noticed there's a quick look for each of the episodes. Is there a way to cover the entire game by watching these quick looks?

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Here's the video page for every (50!) videos that include Hitman. If I remember right they did a QL for every single level in the first game and then some additional bonus levels, like some Elusive Targets, having the guys from IO Interactive on and then the Hitmas specials.

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Dave Lang has played through the first and second games (I know they’re not the first and second games, but whatever) on his Twitch channel, taking the time to master many of the levels. I hate to give him too much credit, but he’s very entertaining in the process.

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There's definitly something to experiencing it through someone else playing it. After you get your head around the game, you develop certain habits that make it pretty predictable for yourself how you will succeed or fail. But when someone else is playing and you're just along for the ride, individual playstyles can surprise you and make you laugh like a mad man. I'm thinking about Vinny's amazing half-blind knife throw during the GOTY-week or Dan's Sheik Zanzibar run.

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Yeah Hitman is probably my widest gap in watching/playing of anything on the market today.

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I'm just going through the Hitman videos page, downloading everything in HD (I hate streaming) and preparing a master playlist that includes all the episodes, elusive targets and bonus episodes available (excluding GOTY which I already watched and Unprofessional Fridays that are neither here or there).

I enjoyed playing Hitman but comedy is different alone vs. two people playing :).

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No offense to the GB staff, but there is something really entertaining about watching the team make bone-headed decisions in their play through.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed both playing HITMAN and watching the staff play it. I tend to take it very seriously as a stealth game, so it was oddly refreshing to watch the GB staff constantly have chaotic runs. It's honestly fun either way, which is why it's so great.

Also PSA: It's free on Xbox this month. Pick it up if you haven't.

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Giant Bomb makes Hitman more fun to watch, and having platinum trophies would make Hitman more fun to play. Damn you, IO!

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Totally agree. I stink at Hitman and it's usually an exercise in frustration when the jig is up and the alarm sounds. But the GB vids of them playing it, messing up, and then fixing the mess is my ideal way of Hitman-ing.

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I've never really enjoyed the hitman games but GB makes these games so much fun, hell I bought the last game because of it too, but dropped it after a few hours because I got bored. The antics that ensues when they mess up really is something special every time.