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Anyone have any games you always play around certain holidays, or seasons?

Summer always makes me want to replay Red Dead, while winter makes me want to revisit Skyrim's harsh blizzards.

I play Bioshock, and Resident Evil 4, and Undead Nightmare every Halloween, but have yet to find a good Christmas game.

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I usually play psychonauts in the summer. The only time I get real crazy with it is during Halloween. But that's just an excuse to play scary games

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Yeah, at Halloween I try to tackle my (old) scary game backlog. No real recommendations for Christmas, but this year I did time my Stardew Valley play so that the winter month/festival time lined up with the week around Christmas.

Actually come to think of it, for some reason I like playing Telltale and Telltale-like games during winter. I guess it something about story-heavy games in the dark, chill time of the year...

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I often played Borderlands games during the summer. If some of my friends aren't busy this year I might run through 2 (at least) co-op with them. Fighting games are great during the summer too though I play them almost year round. Great time to practice with friends and watch EVO in August, plus it reminds me of the great summer I had playing MK9 (the reboot) back in 2011 that invigorated my interest in playing a lot more fighting games on my own time instead of casually playing and not improving much at friends' houses.

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Batman: Arkham Origins is my Christmas game (the entire game is set on Christmas Eve!). I also play Costume Quest on Halloween, but didn't manage to get round to it last year.

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Yep, Halloween is great for actual horror games like Silent Hill, or Resident Evil, as well as the more light-hearted stuff. Like Luigi's Mansion, and Costume Quest.

Arkham Origins is a cool idea for a Christmas game! I'm actually in the middle of replaying the whole Arkham series now. And I had completely forgotten about it taking place on Christmas Eve.

Psychonauts, and Borderlands seem like they would make great summer games as well.

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It doesn't happen every year, but I like to play through Super Castlevania IV during the month of October.

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I'm about to start that tradition with Symphony of The Night.

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I've been playing Red Dead Redemption again. This is my 4th playthrough and for whatever reason my previous playthroughs were in the months of May, April, June, and now March. So I feel the need to play through Red Dead in Spring it seems, I do not know why though and I've never noticed until now. Replaying games does not happen often with me and I'm wondering if my Mass Effect playthroughs have a similar pattern.

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I can't really speak to anything, and it's less holiday and more seasonal. What I can say is that for a lot of my fondest gaming moments, I can remember the weather and smells of my surroundings, and replaying the beloved games can (maybe) affect my current appreciation of them, if only slightly. I'm not sure if anyone else has ever done this, but I (although rarely) might smell something and it reminds me of a smell that I remember smelling whenever I played a game, and I'd think about the game due to the smell. The same goes for the weather outside, and to less of an extent, the way I feel in terms temperature. I know The Last of Us though, is a good game all year around, most likely because the game takes place over the course of a year.

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Super Mario Bros every Christmas and Thanksgiving. Still have the Super Nintendo set up at the folks' place and its basically the only set of games everyone in the family can still play together.

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For the past couple of summers, I've always scheduled a day where my girlfriend and our mutual friends all come over to play Mario Party 2 on the Wii. It's always loud, always hectic, and we always have a great time ^_^

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Winter bow master

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Around every Christmas, I feel like I should be playing Parasite Eve and taking a snowy walk through the city.

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The Christmas Nights demo disc, of course.

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I try to play horror games around Halloween. It never really works out, though. I kinda get busy around that time.