Hottest Mess Waiting Room 2019

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#51 Posted by hermes (2620 posts) -

I feel like the crunch and layoffs should be in a different category. I think it diminish the gravity of the situation when the staff has to compare it with things like "no man sky was kind of boring" or "fallout 76 is broken". I also get that the categories are more for laughs, and even hottest mess have an air of banality to them, so it is more entertaining to talk about the latest Pitchfork debacle than about the soul crushing stories of the lives of people that make the games that we love.

It felt a little weird when the discussion last year was "What was a hottest mess? Telltale closing its doors and leaving hundreds without social security (including people that had just moved in), or Bethesda not delivering vanity items to premium buyers?". So I am proposing crunches, layoffs and other incidents that affect the real life of people outside of gaming to be placed on a special category, be talked about, say something like "and the winner is... no one. Because no one wins in these situations" and rule them out of the hottest mess.

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#52 Posted by meteora3255 (681 posts) -

Mario Maker 2: For as great as that game is, Nintendo still hasn't figured out to handle searching for and surfacing levels. This game didn't even launch with the equivalent of the bookmark site they eventually added to MM1.

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#53 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1377 posts) -

@hermes: Yeah, this was exactly my feeling about it during the discussions last year.

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#54 Posted by Darkaileron (201 posts) -

Pitchford. Fuck him.

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#55 Posted by niko_of_death (233 posts) -

It's too bad the crew doesn't follow esports very closesly, because that entire industry is the definition of a hot mess (and getting hotter by the year). From all of Riot's issues both in their actual esports practices, as well as all their corporate issues that seemingly everyone is willing to turn a blind eye to because you gotta get some money from that esports thing, to Activision pumping up the bubble with industrial strength to ensure it collapses as soon as possible, to the countless scam tournaments, and 1000 other things I can't think of off the top of my head because there's too much trash in the industry to keep track of.

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#56 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7613 posts) -

Bethesda is in a very early and sizable lead on this.

My guess is that as the fall rolls around we will see some big games arrive that will be 2019 hot messes and/or more employment woes.

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Randy Pitchford should definitely win, HOWEVER, he is a magician, and experience dictates that you should DEFINITELY not mess with magicians. Nominate at your own risk, lol.

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