How can I download videos to my iOS device and resume playback from where I left off?

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#1 Posted by Mithel (7 posts) -

I'd like to be able to download Giant Bomb videos to my iPhone 7 for offline viewing, but I haven't found a good method.

I've tried a couple of things:

1.) GBTV app - Works up to a point, but the app only stores your last played position while it is open, so it doesn't really work for me. I like longer videos, but I don't usually watch them in a single sitting.

2.) Free RSS feed + Podcast App - I read on Reddit that some people had success with adding a video RSS feed to their podcast app. I tried that with (the free video RSS feed), but it only shows a single video (Thirteen Deadly Sims Episode 1).

Is there a solution I'm missing? Would 2.) above work if I were using the premium feeds? If yes, could you please mention what podcast app you're using?


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I'm not an iphone expert, but doesn't the photo/video gallery app have a way to play videos. Could you download the video into your saved files on the phone and play it that way?

Again...I'm no iPhone expert.

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There's two things at play here:

- iOS doesn't let you easily download files

- resuming video is an after thought in many video players

iOS 13 will let you download arbitrary files, and VLC will resume from where you left off. If you can't wait for iOS 13 to be released, you can try the public beta (note: it's very much a beta).

You could also download them on a computer then use iTunes to sync to VLC on iOS, that will work today.