How do I download GB videos on my phone?

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Hey duders, I recently had to move in w my parents for the next couple of months and they somehow don't have WiFi at their house. My cell reception is crap there and I can't stream a video without it buffering every 5 seconds. I'm sure there's a way to dl GB content, but for the life of me I can't figure out how.

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If you use Android, the Giant Bomb Video Buddy works pretty well.

If you use iOS, I got nothing, but someone else might have a suggestion.

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I would recommend Video Bomb over video buddy if you use android, video buddy hasn't gotten an update since 2016. Maybe you'll like it too @facelessvixen

You can also use the download menu on the video pages and most browser on android should let you save the video from there.

If you're on iPhone then you could import the premium video RSS feeds into iTunes I think? and sync your subscriptions that way and from there download any video as a video podcast. Find those rss feeds here: or via the icon in the very lower right of the website next to the youtube icon. You might also be able to get that premium RSS Feed directly into the iOS podcast app.

These feeds should also work with most podcasts apps on android.

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GBTV is what you want if you're using iOS.