How do you guys play your games?

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Posted by kaos_cracker (1003 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: How do you guys play your games? (297 votes)

One game at a time to completion 29%
Switch between several games at a time 56%
Play what you can and then move on and never look back 12%
I don't actually play games 2%

Hey everyone, so I recently was thinking since I'm currently having a choice of what to play issue happening, I was curious how everyone plays their games. I recently purchased several games through some sales, as well as the games that are coming out this holiday, from Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Need for Speed( I know it's bad), Shadow of War, and so on.

So I was curious, how does everyone deal with what to play? I'm trying to decide if I should steamroll and focus on one at a time, or keep switching between them. I feel it is difficult to keep switching, especially with how mechanic heavy some games are now a days.

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I try to play one at a time but usually end up juggling 2 games. Pick the first choice 'cause it seemed like the closest.

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#2 Posted by elmorales94 (373 posts) -


I used to strictly play one at all times, no exceptions. Now I definitely have relaxing/palate cleansing games that I go back to all the time, even if I'm playing something else. I still try to focus on one at a time-- even if I'm playing more than one game, it's never an even split.

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I usually have one "main" game that I focus on, but I'm often playing another game or two that I mainly use for podcasts/videos or as a lazy way to unwind. For example, right now I'm playing through the PC version of Nioh as my "main" game and playing Diablo 3 as I watch GB content.

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A. The first choice. I want to stick with one game so I have the utmost interest in it and understanding of it. Different games kind of require a different interest and it affects the way I'm feeling at the moment. That said, if a game isn't good, then I'm definitely moving on, maybe coming back to it later (which will be this year's COD campaign). I don't think I could go back and forth on one then another on and off. I also generally go through games depending on length, where I'll go the shortest game length to longest, or the release date of a game might override that, and vice versa. If I buy a game late with another that just came out, I'll be going through the game that came out before first (that is, unless the length differences are drastic). Story-focused linear games are played before longer open world games.

If I were you and played those specific games, I'd probably go Call of Duty (unless it's for multiplayer, then it'd be last or in-between if someone wanted to play with), Shadow of War, Need for Speed, then Assassin's Creed. That Need for Speed one is hard because I don't at all plan on playing that and don't really know what it's about. I also don't plan on playing Shadow of War, but I know how that game works. What about Wolfenstein and Mario?

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#5 Posted by Busto1299 (251 posts) -

I mostly tend to switch playing games without much thought, but every now and then a game comes out that dominates my time for a week or two. (MGSV, Persona 5, BF1)

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#6 Posted by ShaggE (9305 posts) -

Several at a time. I'm trying out a different way of playing games than I'm used to, in which the second I have to push myself to get back into a game, I stop and move on until I truly want to play it again. It means I'm finishing fewer games than I used to, but it also means I'm playing a wider variety of games and enjoying them more. I just have to remind myself that the games aren't going anywhere, there's no deadline, I can finish them in a week or a year if I so choose.

It's freeing to just play until I'm satisfied.

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I always focus on one game at a time. It was tough at one point this year when Mass Effect, Horizon, Zelda, and Persona all came out in a very short timeframe, but I feel like focussing all my attention on one big game is a much better experience than switching back and forth.

I did end up playing some of those games a bit after their launch, but it was worth it.

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I used to be strictly one game at a time, but recently I've been juggling games, especially really long ones like gigantic open worlds and JRPGs that I would lose interest in without something else to focus on. I usually cap off at two or three though.

I'll still focus on one game if I really love it.

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#9 Posted by Captain_Insano (3533 posts) -

I used to be one game at a time, but now I switch back and forth. Generally I try to finish titles that can be played to completion (unless I drop off of them, then it is rare that I will return)

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I'm currently working on Mario Odyssey, AC: Origins, Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, and seriously thinking about picking up Pyre and starting on that. Also occasionally playing Crimson Skies and KotOR. And HITMAN. And Wolfenstein 2 Enigma missions.

I have a problem.

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#12 Posted by disco_drew22 (67 posts) -

One at a time with a comfort game in the wings.

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#13 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (421 posts) -

I picked one game at a time to completion. In truth though, it's usually 2 games. However while one will be a game that has a definitive end the other is usually something to play in short bursts that doesn't necessarily have a fixed ending g, for example dead cells or darkest dungeon.

It's the best way to finish a game, especially now that open world 40+ hour games seem to be the most popular style, without burning out.

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#14 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

Just like the old sports adage, l take it one game at a time.

Unlike the old sports adage for me that means i play one game at a time per platform. So I’ll have one game going on console, one on pc, one on handheld and one on mobile. I’ll bounce between whichever device l feel like using.Multiplayer doesn’t count as I’ll play whatever my friends want to

So right now that happens to be

Pc: divinity original sin 2

Console: indigo prophecy

Handheld: bravely default

Mobile: fire emblem heroes

Multiplayer: divinity, overwatch, pubg, rocket league, dota2

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#15 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (388 posts) -

It's a complete mess for me generally, I rarely finish anything, I play about 5 multiplayer games in rotation, kinda annoying but I do enjoy it.

Elex has got me sucked in though somehow, first time I've stuck to a single game for 10 hours or more this year.

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#16 Posted by GuitarGod (134 posts) -

i play like 3-4 games all the time, i do finish all of them (with the rare exception that i hate a game and just give up on it)

playing one game at a time is good if you have a backlog, but i don't have a backlog, just 3-4 at all times, but a new one when i finish one.

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#17 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

I tend to play one 'big' (lengthy, big budget) game at a time, but sprinkle in other stuff in between. Recently I played through Super Mario Odyssey but I also played a few random games of Picross S and Binding of Isaac during that period. I have all the Neo Geo releases on the Nintendo Switch, and sometimes when I'm feeling like playing something low key I will aimlessly switch (ha!) between them, playing a few rounds of Waku Waku 7 and Zed Blade just to unwind a little bit and enjoy that mid-90s goodness that scratches a very specific itch.

I sometimes do try to play multiple big games at the same time but it almost always means I will end up not finishing one of them. If I'm playing a big game and I start another one it means that the first one wasn't holding my attention, and that's a bad sign.

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I usually stick with one game until I'm done / had my fill of it. I have a couple of "off games" that I dabble here and there. Overwatch, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, and some random tower defense games are some good past examples. Shorter games I usually play until I'm done (I just finished Tacoma, over the course of two 90 hour minute sessions), and longer games I press onward, without getting distracted too much (When I played through Persona 5 and Metal Gear Solid V, I wasn't doing too much else).

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#19 Posted by Hayt (1693 posts) -

One at a time per platform is my system. So normally I have something going on PC as my main focus but also my ps4 stuff to chip away at.

I definitely have started more than 1 thing but i dont jump between them or I'll never finish any.

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#20 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

Shorter games I usually play until I'm done (I just finished Tacoma, over the course of two 90 hour sessions)

We have very different definitions of what is a "short" game. Also, dude, if it took you 180 hours to finish Tacoma you are either very thorough or not very good at walking simulators. That's well over a solid week of gametime!

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#21 Posted by clagnaught (2141 posts) -

@clagnaught said:

Shorter games I usually play until I'm done (I just finished Tacoma, over the course of two 90 hour sessions)

We have very different definitions of what is a "short" game. Also, dude, if it took you 180 hours to finish Tacoma you are either very thorough or not very good at walking simulators. That's well over a solid week of gametime!

I sometimes have typos you would not believe. *90 minute sessions :)

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#22 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

@clagnaught: I figured. I just liked the idea of someone playing 2 90 hour sessions of Tacoma. Even in my worst Everquest days I never went over 36 or so.

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#23 Posted by glots (4387 posts) -

Depends. This year I’ve mostly tried sticking to a single game ’till at least completing the story. It’s been difficult at times, considering how many good games have come out.

Origins has been the first game since Horizon that I’ve managed to focus on almost exclusively. I almost did start Frozen Wilds last week, but then I figured that I really shouldn’t tackle two open-world games at once, especially with different mechanics.

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#24 Posted by spamfromthecan (129 posts) -

Only one at a time. If I stop playing something and start something else, I will most likely never touch the game I stopped playing again. I find it hard to pick something back up after being away from it for a while. And then start to feel compelled to start over. And then get frustrated I wasted all that time with it before to just start over. And then resent the idea of even playing it.

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#25 Edited by DinosaurCanada (938 posts) -

I don't have the patience or attention span to only focus on one new game at a time, and I think I would tire of games way too quickly if I did that. At least this way I finish most of the games I buy, albeit slowly. Plus there's always a number of things I go back to and usually just decide to load up the majority of the time anyway.

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#26 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2973 posts) -

This is unhelpful, but when I have multiple games I haven't played I often switch between them until one catches my attention for long enough that I play it exclusively for a while. Really captivating games(for me that's games like Breath of the Wild, Bloodborne or Persona 5) I play exclusively from the get go. If I'm playing games that have a harder time keeping me engaged(like Nier Automata or Horizon Zero Dawn), then I switch between them until the story grabs me enough in one of them that I keep going with only that until it's done.

I also have a multiplayer game or two that I'll always play on the side in bursts.

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#27 Posted by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

As many games as I can pay attention to. When playing, I mute the game, start a podcast, then skip almost all story beats when playing.

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#28 Posted by Shindig (4964 posts) -

I switch between the top two options.

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I play most games one at a time, but usually have a "never ending" game on the go too.

Right now, for example, I'm finally getting round to Saints Row IV and I'm playing Tropico 5 on and off too.

After Black Friday I'll be playing Wolfenstein, then Assassins Creed. While thats going on I'll continue playing Tropico and when I've had my fill I'll go back to Fifa 18.

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#30 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

I bounce around a ton. I try to limit it to 1 "main" game that I'll try to focus on (typically something with a story), and a handful of "whatever games" that are just for gameplay (2-3), and then a few smaller sidegames (1-5).

I tend to just play the "whatever games" though cause I can play those with podcasts/videos, and it kinda bums me out because getting around to the other stuff starts to feel like work, since I gotta turn all that other stuff off and pay attention to only one thing. Which should be fine! But instead whenever I decide to sit down and play some games I just end up bumming around with an MMO or fighting game.

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#31 Posted by Darson (557 posts) -

I intend for the first, but unfortunately end up in an endless loop of the second.

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#32 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

Probably switch between 2 games, maximum 3. Right now I'm playing AC: Origins and Divinity Original Sin 2. OS2 has a handy and detailed journal so if I don't play for a few days I will still remember what I did and didn't. I always try to finish my games unless I decide in the process that a game is crap, then I just drop it.

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#33 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

I play a ton of stuff at once. I also don't force myself to finish them anymore if they stop being fun. Right now I'm playing AC Origins, Fire Emblem Warriors, NBA 2k,Fortnite BR, Wolfenstein New Order and Dead Rising 4. I also just beat Mario Odyssey with about 200 moons and I think I'm completely done with that game forever.

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#34 Posted by Ravelle (3319 posts) -

It really depends on the game.

Games I'm really into I pretty much finish in a couple of sittings, linear story driven games like Wolfenstein/Southpark etc. But I have a lot of games that aren't heavily focused and switch frequently between them.

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#35 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

Usually one on the go on PC for when I have some real sit down and play time and various distractions on my phone or tablet for free time at work or when I'm on the crapper.

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#36 Edited by FrodoBaggins (2105 posts) -

One at a time with perhaps a multiplayer online or smaller indie game on the go also.

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#37 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

Whatever I feel like at the time. It's pretty much just a mess of unfinished games and replaying old favorites or spamming multiplayer games. I'm currently replaying Nioh today on PC. Even though I finished NG+ once already on Ps4... And the game is like a billion hours long.

That said though, I finished a ton of games this year compared to normal years. So much good shit that really kept me hooked!

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#38 Posted by MeierTheRed (5977 posts) -

I try to play one at a time but usually end up juggling 2 games. Pick the first choice 'cause it seemed like the closest.

Did the exact same thing.

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#39 Posted by FacelessVixen (2668 posts) -

One at a time, until I get bored.

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#40 Posted by ATastySlurpee (685 posts) -

Honestly, I try to limit it to 1 at a time, but I can sometimes juggle 2 if one is an open world game and the other is a sports game or a FPS. No way I can play 2 of the same type at the same time. That's insane. I'm currently playing the Horizon Frozen Wilds and I want to play AC Origins, but I have to finish HFW first.

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#41 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Generally I play one game at a time. Playing Mario right now. I'm not counting the Picross I play on my commute. I'll probably give Mario a short break to play Battlefront's campaign, then go back to get as many moons as I can.

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@bigsocrates: They really pad out the 3rd act with a lot of orc fortress grinding.

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#43 Posted by Casepb (753 posts) -

I play quite a few games at once I guess you could say. I also get new games before I beat ones I'm currently playing and end up forgetting about the older game. I did that with FF XV, but I will go back one day and try to finish it.

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#44 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

Currently loving and playing Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein 2, Shadow of War, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Samus Returns. Yup, alternating between all of these.

I'm disgusting

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#45 Posted by Capum15 (6011 posts) -

I'll swap between some just for a break, but usually one game will have the most time dedicated to it. Like, when I played Odyssey, I also hopped into Heat Signature and Destiny once in a while. Then I started The New Colossus, finished Odyssey (well, got credits, started post-game), and now am focusing more on Wolfenstein, but also took a small break to play through Halo Wars 2's "Operation: Spearbreaker" which was a short thing. So multiple, but a stronger focus on one game than the others.

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#46 Posted by benpack (3756 posts) -

One time I tried playing Infamous and Prototype at the same time. That was hard.

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#47 Posted by krummi (121 posts) -

One or two at a time at most. Usually a story driven game (Divinity 2 at the moment) and some mindless thing on the side to clear head (WoW is good for this).

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#48 Posted by Fezrock (732 posts) -

Anywhere from to 2-5 at a time. I usually only play one story-heavy game at a time, but I'll play multiple mechanics-focused or grindy-podcast games.

Right now I'm playing Tyranny as my story game, Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XIV as podcast games, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 as my goofy-fun-coop-with-my-girlfriend game.

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#49 Posted by oldenglishc (1547 posts) -

Usually with no pants and a chest full of Funyuns crumbs.

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#50 Posted by TurtleFish (239 posts) -

I usually have one "jump in/jump out" game (e.g. something you can engage with for 15 minutes and feel like you accomplished something, with zero spin up time), and then one serious game (e.g. something that takes me 5-10 minutes to remember what I was doing, need an hour to get to the next story beat checkpoint), if time/work/life allow.

I really do think it's a function of how much spare time you have. I'm lucky if I can carve out 30 minutes a day during the week, and maybe an hour or two on the weekends, so, it's really hard to context switch among a lot of game titles, especially if they require attention.