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So I'm in Hawaii and the nearest gamefly center is in LA. My last two games have taken a solid week (7-8 days) between when I mail it out and when I get a new one. How does this stack up to everyone else?

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Usually about 5 days but then again I don't live in the middle of the god damn pacific ocean.  
That sounds  a lot more trollish than I intend.

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lol.  I'll chalk it up to jealousy.

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It usually takes between 4-6 days from when I mail one back. I live in Mississippi, and most of my games come from Florida. Sometimes I'll get an email saying the game I am getting wasn't available at my closest warehouse and they have to ship it from another one. That adds another day or two to the process. I don't sweat it though, I am so far behind on playing the games that I own, that I need the extra days sometimes.

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Usually about 3-6 days for me. If I send a game beck on Monday, I usually expect a new one to arrive between Thursday-Saturday.

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4-5 days and I live near a distribution city.  Netflix takes 3 days for me.

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If I sent a game back on monday I'd expect to get one back either friday or saturday.

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Worth checking out Gamerang, same kind of service, I believe same price too. I initially tried Gamefly and was disappointed with the turnaround time. Luckily for me, living in the Twin Cities, Gamerang has a distribution center in the cities so 1-2 days at the max.

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Mine varied by certain titles, but it usually took about 1-3 days.  I do live in Pittsburgh and that's where their biggest east coast distribution center is located.  Sometimes it did take longer and I remember being very disappointed especially because NetFlix usually takes like a day.

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it seems to take like two weeks, They usually get my game in a day or two [I'm in Oklahoma, and they receive my game in Texas] but it takes them almost a week to even ship my next game. It's pretty annoying.

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Well I feel a lot better...seems like around the same time as everyone else. I was a little put off because netflix is like 1-2 days turnaround. I'll look into  Gamerang too..thanks for that.

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Usually 2 days, sometimes a little long if they're shipping from anywhere other than Tampa(the normal shipping center for me).