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#151 Posted by jay_ray (1565 posts) -

Back when arrow's pointed down and energy drinks were reviewed and not games.

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#152 Edited by Luchalma (502 posts) -

@ntm: In my case, I definitely lurked, and used my brother's account, before making my own. For how long I'm not sure.

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#153 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (660 posts) -

The first GB related thing I remember was my college roommate watching the Second Annual Big Live Live Show Live, but I didn't actually join the site until the day after Christmas, 2011. I think it was Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad, Drew and Patrick back then. In the first few years I listened to a lot of the older podcasts, but there's still a lot I haven't heard. I also watched a ton of Quick Looks and the Chrono Trigger ER in the first few months after joining the site. I'm not super active in the forums and it's difficult to keep up with both podcasts and all the videos, but I still visit the site several times a week and am glad to see it stronger than ever.

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#154 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (369 posts) -

Someone dropped an article in the internal network sharing folder at work about the whole kane and lynch thing and I've been following Jeff ever since.

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#155 Posted by DeadPanJazMan (372 posts) -

WARNING!!!: This comment may severely bum you out!

I had vaguely heard of the site before but hadn't actively seeked it out until the passing of Ryan. So many people had so many good things to say about this guy that it made me upset despite having no actual idea who he was. I figured he must have been such an awesome dude so I decided to go on a binge of watching/listening to old content and realised "Hey, this Ryan Davis was really fucking cool. But you know what, so are all these other guys. I signed up for a premium account a week later and- again, binged on a bunch of old content, and have been following ever since.

The cast was obviously comprised of Vinny, Jeff, Drew and Brad; and it was so awesome how they all pulled together and got through what I know was such a terrible time for them. I also loved the relatively short-lived side-cast; Bombin' the AM!

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#156 Posted by BradBrains (2200 posts) -

Technically been following Jeff since about 1998. Followed Jeff and Ryan from Gamespot. Read the blog but didn't sign up until the first day launch of the site. Kinda always regretted that.

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#157 Posted by Nyberrite (21 posts) -

Since its inception, I would keep tabs to see what Jeff was up to / going to be up to after the gamespot fallout.

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#158 Edited by Ben_H (4089 posts) -

Since Arrow Pointing Down. I posted a few comments on the blog. My account was only not registered on the launch of the site because I was at a place that had no internet access. I had followed them over from Gamespot.

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#159 Edited by BRich (534 posts) -

Started listening to the podcast soon after it was renamed to Giant Bomb, so mid 2008. Woah.

And yea always checked in on gamespot and knew jeffs name from reviews and vaguely his firing story, but didn't listen to many podcasts before 2007/08.

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#160 Posted by forkboy (1646 posts) -

That's tough. I read Gamespot around 98-00 because for some reason it wasn't blocked on my school's internet network, unlike most fun websites, but none of the people really stood out, they weren't names I'd come to and trust, was just something I'd browse instead of learning about CPU cycles. And then I just stopped following the video game media outside of Edge magazine for most of the '00s.

I guess I found Giant Bomb during 2009, my flatmate was listening to the Bombcast or watching Persona 4 Endurance Run & I wanted to know about it. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it was during that Endurance Run, so it was when the team was Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad & Drew.

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#161 Posted by OneLoneClone (139 posts) -

Since beginning. I worked at GameSpot for a couple years (97-00), so naturally was curious what Jeff and Co would do off on their own. Was not disappointed.

Bombcast has always reminded me of daily office conversions/arguments from GameSpot's early days on Clement St in SF.

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#162 Posted by UnintendedBM (85 posts) -

2012 sometime around Christmas, but actively since early 2014 when I subscribed.

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#163 Posted by Esten (163 posts) -

Since the start! Was also a big fan of GameSpot until Jeff's firing.

  • Jeff posted a link to the Arrow Pointing Down-podcast on his personal blog.
  • Jeff and Ryan.
  • I think they were in the process of getting the Sausalito office.