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#51 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Around 3-5hrs - depending on the game.  If i'm working on achievements for old games, I tend to try and get most, if not all, of them in one playthrough.

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#52 Edited by ververdan0226 (1731 posts) -
About 3ish hours a day. Its rare, but occasionally there's a week where I just play nothing and then there's also occasionally the week where I absolutely obsess and do like 5 hours a day. Since its summer, maybe slightly higher than that, but not much. If I get a new game, it can be much higher than 5.
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#53 Posted by MattyFTM (14890 posts) -

Too much.

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#54 Posted by NoDeath (866 posts) -

It depends on how school work is treating me and if I have any good games to play. For example, playing through P4 recently, I broke 10 hours a few times, however as I have two assignments to finish for Monday, I'm not gonna be playing much this weekend.

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#55 Posted by TGB (138 posts) -

I tend to gorge, I don't usually play games most days but when I do it's for around 4-6 hours a pop

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#56 Posted by mikevanpwn (433 posts) -

The last few days I've spent 5-7 hours a day on Empire Total War.  The new DLC got me into it again.

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#57 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

I spend way too much time playing games, when i'm in work/at uni I might spend maybe 2 - 3 hours a day, or an hour and watch a movie.

When i'm on holiday or out of work/not at uni (provided I dont have work to be getting on with) I can sometimes spend 16 hours a day playing games. I try to average something like 1 hour of Street Fighter, and anything else I devote to more SF, or to whatever else i'm playing at the moment, or watching movies/tv shows/browsing the internet.

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#58 Posted by rokkis (76 posts) -

On average I'd say about 1 hour a day, but lately it's been more like 7-8 hours. 

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#59 Posted by Simbyotic (44 posts) -

Depends, if I have a new game I probably spend 5-6 hours a day playing it until I finish it. If I dont have a new game I play some online games like Counter Strike for about 2-3 hours.

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#60 Posted by BlazBleu (113 posts) -

It's summer and I usually play for 4-5 hours everyday.