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is your oldest pending submission.  I'm just getting a little curious about how far behind the 24 hours they are running.  Must be ass loads of submissions to pour through.  My oldest is about 26 hours.

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one of mine just hit 24.

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Mine is about 22 hours. They will get to them eventually.

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28 hours.

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Over 24 hours.

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They have been hampered down by  a ton of submissions.  They have said they want to accept/reject submissions within 24 hours of been pending, but they have said that that is probably not going to happen for a little while.  Your submissions will be looked over soon enough.

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Mine is approaching 28 now...they're just backed up with the launch I'm sure, but it's kinda harsh seeing other people's submissions take effect (like a new character page) about 20 hours after you submitted yours

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They probably got a ton of submissions in a really short time, and they don't have moderators to help go through them yet.

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23 hours i believe.

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I know they are backed up ... that wasn't really the question.  Just trying to gauge how far back the oldest go  ;)  I'm sure it's a daunting task.

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yeah 28 hours now but like kane said they need time

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Mine is just about one day. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I got 2 points right now!

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29 hours for me, although I can understand just how much they have to go through, more than 10 submissions by around 10,000 members must be horrifying to deal with,

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I think around 2 hours :-)

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30 hours right now

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Don't worry, everyone. They will get around to everyone's submissions. There has been a flood of things coming in, so it's more work then they can handle.

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probably hit 24 hours not long ago, but I'm sure they'll get it running smoothly soon

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I have faith in you guys...my first/oldest just hit 33 (none of mine have been accepted yet)

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Most likely 20 hours.

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Strange ... so I guess things are not getting approved in order of submission.  I have a few approvals (which I am stoked about) that were approved after pending for only like 6 hours where as I have others that have been in queue for well over 40.   Strange indeed.

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42 hours...

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1 day 22 hours.

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Mine is about 1 day and 8 or more hours.

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Somewhere over 24 hours. I've only got 2 approved so far, out of like 35

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My oldest is only now approaching 24 hours, but I've had several approved as well. Judging from this thread, I guess I should feel lucky I've had any of mine moderated yet.

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around 23 hours, what scared me is my first my long one hasn't been looked at but my two small edits where.

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mine is 12 hours.

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#28 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (469 posts) -

about 20 hours.

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45 minutes ago I think.

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2 days

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BlackWaterCO said:
"2 days"
Yea i have like 3 subs that are 2 days also.
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2 days and 4 hours.

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Two day.....

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I've got a couple that are over 2 days now :( I just wish the community could help accept submissions

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They must be swamped. Still fixing bugs on the website and now they tons of submissions to go through as well.

I guess it goes to show how dedicated all of their fans really are.

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48 hours but it doesn't bother as my other ones are getting look at

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Well my oldest is now 3 days old. But at least some of my other subs have been getting approved. Seems kinda weird that they dont look at the subs in the order that they come in.